By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter Octavia E. Butler could not have said it better and the United States of America is currently walking down the path of political darkness. In November Americans will be electing officials all over the country. Whether they be right wing or left wing they had better be the right […]

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It’s time: A plea for Dusty B.

By Anthony McClean, Editor-In-Chief Emeritus Dear baseball gods. I know y’all are a bit busy this week getting ready for the usual October festivities. But I’m just asking for a couple of minutes of your time. I’m not one to be asking for public favors, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. It’s about […]

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BASN’s NFL Field Generals Report: First Quarter Review

By Anthony McClean, Editor-In-Chief Emeritus For the second time in the last three seasons since we debuted the Field Generals Report, at least a dozen (13 in fact) black/minority quarterbacks started on Opening Day. Unfortunately, many have already been dealt with injury setbacks, questionable play calling, and the all too familiar double-standard of media scrutiny […]

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By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter Fans are frustrated by intruding politics in their favorite sports bring to light the struggles of African Americans in the United States and Black people around the world. These fans are stating they do not want politics in their sport of choice. The claims of politics became more strident after […]