Death From Another

Death From Another

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) — Is Ben Roethlisberger is a bitch-ass nigger?


Urban humorist Katt Williams makes the accurate assessment in his collective societal analysis when he says, “there are two kinds of niggers – real niggers and bitch-ass niggers; and the bitch-ass niggers are ruinin’ it for the real niggers.”

If I am to properly glean Mr. Williams’ observation, he is saying those human beings trying to get it right are forever compromised by those whose right they feel it is to simply – get.

Roethlisberger, by his own actions (and reaction to those actions), seems to fall in this self-entitled, self-serving, asinine gerbil-brained genus that really puts the SAP in homo sapiens.

With the knowledge of all the bullshit leading up to no charges in a second alleged sexual assault being filed against this putrid punk (in less than a year), the errors in this travesty wouldn’t even make a credible episode of CSI: Milledgeville…


When you consider the following:


The videotape which could have provided a timeline showing what happened and who entered/exited that bathroom, how long they were there, who stood by the door and who was prevented from getting to the young woman who was violated was never collected by the Milledgeville police.

The tape was reportedly “taped over” instead of being immediately confiscated as evidence. Hey, I ain’t no cop; but that’s just common sense talking.

The bathroom was an official “crime scene” given what allegedly took place; so why was the bathroom scrubbed clean with Clorox? To remove incriminating fingerprints and fluid stains, perhaps?

While The Mouse ran interference for their frat boy Rat Boy, these issues were never brought up to the public to any great extent by their “legal advisors.”

And throughout all this, mainstream media and Sheriff Roger Goodell went out of their way to prove Roethlisberger “innocent until proven horny.”


“Breath from Another”

Written by Jenny-Bea Englishman & Martin McKinney

(Sung by Ms. Englishman, aka the fabulous Esthero)


Feet in the water is not cold enough – you’re not woman enough Inside your daughter is not warm enough – and you’re not woman enough, no; Don’t compromise what’s gold For the soul you never sold For the soul you never sold, no, no… So I follow you down this road Well, you try but you can’t let go So hold on to years ago, ohh…

Cold as a lover – don’t you wanna stay? Breath from another – and I’ll have my wayInside your daughter You can never hold what you can’t let go ’cause he wants it so; She’d sell her own mother Just to make a dime before closing time When he tells her so; Don’t compromise what’s gold For the soul you never sold For the soul you never sold, no, no So I follow you down this road Will you drive? Well, you can’t let go So long, two years ago…


And in the midst of this fallout the resignation of former Milledgeville Police Sgt. Jerry Blash, whose own words betrayed the “protect and serve” image of those who are supposed to uphold the law.

According to the April 17 edition of the New York Daily News, this is what Blash said to an off-duty police officer who was a member of Roethlisberger’s “posse” that the real victim in question was actually poor Little Ben; because the girl was too blitzed to know anything.

“We have a problem – this drunken bitch, drunk off her ass is accusing Ben of rape. This pissed me off. Women can do this – it’s bullshit, but we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do a report. This is B.S. – she’s making shit up!”


She said she wanted me to hit it But I said I wasn’t with it Eyes red – thighs spread – better come get it While it’s hot the goods I got – never mind my bad credit Told me how she was soaking wet and I’m the one who wet it Can’t lie I sweat it, but I knew that if I ran through that It’s up the creek I’m headed Body was there without nor sight nor vision still embedded But I knew for fucking sure that in the morning I’d regret it Had to debt it – I jetted… He got me hooked ’til I was shooking in the middle of the game Teary eyes, touch my thighs, future high you’ll be my game Could have kept it but I left it embedded instead of it dissecting me Free spirit I feared it but steer it to clear it the stress in me Possessing me – the chemistry – mother want me in the ministry Where misery influenced me corruption claiming custody And I knew this time – that I had to feel the pain It was needed so I’ll see what cause deception in the game; Don’t compromise what’s gold For the soul you never sold For the soul you never sold, no, no no;

So I follow you down this road Will you drive? Well, you can’t let go So hold on to years ago, oh… I’ll try to understand When you’re down on your knees in front of A Man I’ll try to understand, ohh…

Don’t compromise what’s gold

For the soul you never sold

For the soul you never sold, girl…


When bitch-ass niggers do what they do, they steal the soul and distort reality for those innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders rubbernecking along this highway of life; because while mistakes are made by human beings, obnoxious, sociopathic behavior endorsed and encouraged by those in authority pimp slaps humanity dead across the chops.

So, as we take it back it to the top of the table, what’s the answer to the question?


In my humble opinion, You Damn Skippy!

always outnumbered – never outgunned…




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