Real Profanities, Part I

Real Profanities, Part I

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) — According to Webster’s Dictionary, to be profane is to “treat something sacred with irreverence or contempt; or to debase by an unworthy use.”

Now, most folks usually find profanity to be connected with “those seven words you can’t say on the air;” but I fear an even greater and more profound sense of this feeling has bubbled up from the depths of contempt, resentment, and hypocrisy…


On a recent edition of the BASN/BlogTalkRadio show, “The Batchelor Pad,” Mr. L.A. Batchelor, Mr. Tony McClean and I spoke with play by play announcer Chris Hooks for North Carolina Central University in an on-air interview.

(NOTE: To listen to the show and the interview log on to batchelor or

The purpose, with the college football season upcoming, was to give the area schools – as well as many of the HBCUs – some needed exposure.

The interview seemed to go well and lasted close to a half-hour, before moving on to other sports-related topics.


Later that evening as the show was finishing up came this gem, eventually forwarded to me:

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010, at 1:59 PM, Serba, Kyle E <> wrote:


I apologize that I am not a regular listener to your show. It is ironic that my office coordinates all media relations activities but rarely do we get to witness the broadcasts to see and/or hear the fruits of our labor.


That being said, during the past few instances of NCCU Athletics’ involvement with your broadcasts we have heard language that I and many of our constituents would deem inappropriate. Because of that, we will no longer allow our coaches or athletics staff to serve as guests on your show.


I certainly applaud your efforts to promote under-represented college athletics programs. As an HBCU, I know we are often overlooked by the mass media. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.


Best Wishes,


My first reaction to this was actually thinking about the old Cameo song, “Talkin’ Out the Side of Your Neck” – a standard among many HBCU bands.


Because the insipid manner there to treat the intentions of the show with that kind of contempt eats at the surface of an even larger problem; Mr. Serba, who had been a guest (multiple times, I might add) on the show, knew about our format.


The show, which indulges in real talk (sans FCC restraints) has been in existence for almost two years – and Serba likely tossed out his brickbat and left-handed aside in an effort to cover his ass while attempting to kiss some ass – at the same time.


So the duplicity in feigning ignorance while out-and-out lying about his knowledge of the show’s format further insults our credibility in the same patronizing fashion that whites do when they are put up against the wall on subjects which matter to Black folks; those things some whites would rather they forget – or just simply not give a fuck about.

Mr. Batchelor would reply to Serba’s caustic e-mail:

Well, Kyle, I respect your opinion and decision and I guess you haven’t heard the show often although you’ve have been on before personally. Yes, we have real talk and we do champion causes like N.C. Central who do get overlooked and do have quality kids and athletics but it is your decision.


Ironically, some HBCU’S will appear on ESPN at midnight on Sunday morning pre-taped and HBCU’s would jump at it, in fact, would pay them for it but when you hear profanity on our show, it’s looked upon as an insult to the integrity of your institution.


Would it be ok if we use profanity describing some of the great things Central does -would that make it ok? The real profanity Kyle honestly is how ESPN and other main street media outlets portray Black institutions and players but that’s overlooked because of their Brand rather than the quality of their work. Again I respect your decision but as Central will continue, so will the Batchelor Pad.

Best wishes to you as well, L.A.

Let’s delve into Mr. Batchelor’s bones of contention:

He confirms Serba’s previous appearances; and I can state that if pejoratives were used now, they were most certainly used then.


The truth that many HBCUs will bend over backward to accommodate The Mouse and the Rats who scurry on their behalf for comparative crumbs rather than offer opportunities to organizations like BASN and others to help them spread the word about the positive aspects of the HBCU experience – in real time – is not lost on this writer.


In our next installment, we will further delineate on how this lack of character can have an effect on other HBCU schools – and the accomplishments of their alums.


Next Time: Cowardice & Ignorance.

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