Real Profanities, Part III

Real Profanities, Part III

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor





PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) – The quality of being profane is alive and well on and off the sports fields of play.


While some would suggest profanities are nothing more than mere pejoratives to be hurled as projectiles against one’s person, society doesn’t straddle the fence with some of these recent issues – they mow it down with a tractor…


The “Decision”

Once again the Doomsday Clock powered by the misanthropes at the Muthafuckin’ Mouse strikes midnight for Brett Favre, who, according to the Mouse’s infamous “sources” has decided to retire from pro football.


For hours listeners were inundated with tales of “what if?” regarding the “legacy” of Favre – and if the gestures of resignation are genuine…


But with everything said, there was little protest as to Favre’s methodology – a consistent pattern of selfishness endorsed and encouraged by the mainstream media that has spawned a plethora of “decisions”:

Like the decision to tell Aaron Rodgers to fend for himself after Green Bay Packer management told Favre that Rodgers would be the starter. Favre’s response (paraphrasing) “I’m not showing some kid how to take my job!” Smells like Team Spirit to me!


Or the decision to retire which was merely a ploy to get Favre to play for Minnesota because the Packers wouldn’t allow for an intra-division trade (allowing Favre to rise and fall – temporarily – with the New York Jets)…


And the other countless subsequent “decisions” which generate higher advertising revenue for The Mouse because they can create “breaking news” where there is none to break; because the fortunes of Favre – unlike those involving LeBron James, Reggie Bush, Terrell Owens or any other Black athlete currently on the mainstream media hit list (that means you too, Eldrick) will be indulged and told in glowing terms.


And unless that Black person is tap-dancing (like the NASCAR idiot) or channeling their inner Sambo, the words “black” and “positive” shall forever remain antonyms in the mind of The Mouse…


The real profanity is that underhanded, unkind, unctuous urethras like Lane Kiffin, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer & Pete Carroll continue to skate on bullshit and have selective memory moments to justify their morality and methodology while pimpin’ out young Black & Latino athletes – Game Recognizes Game, muthafuckas!


Run From Daylight

The issue of perception versus reality has always been at the forefront of how Black folks and aspects of same are seen in this society. Although we run sports here, Y’all should know how we do; let’s take this to a different stage if you will…


Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson was recently cast as freedom fighter Winnie Mandela for an upcoming movie project. Apparently, Hudson, who was a size 16 before being selected, was ordered to lose weight – and dropped enough pounds to slip into a size 6 dress (Jenny Craig’s nasty-ass food notwithstanding)

But here’s the rub – Ms. Mandela was a lot closer to size 16 than size 6! If Hollywood really gave a shit about accuracy, Ms.

Hudson wouldn’t have had to lose an ounce, and no knock on Sista Jennifer, but someone like Jill Scott would’ve fit like a glove in such a role.


African women are appreciated for their curves, so a skinny 6 is for an agenda not flattering to the majority of Africans or African-Americans. To quote Papa Klump (paraphrasing regarding weight) “She didn’t need to lose all that weight – Oprah was a fox!”


Well, Jill Scott is a fox, too; and so is Ms.Hudson – at size 16.


Then again, what do you expect from an entity like Hollywood who would seek to “distort” history as best as they can by implying Cleopatra was white. Why else would actresses like Claudette Colbert and Elizabeth Taylor want to play a Black woman who was considered to be a timeless beauty?


Now it’s rumored Angelina Jolie wants to be the next to jump on Cleo’s barge.

What’s wrong – no Black beauties need apply?


You’re telling me Sanaa Lathan, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Freda Payne, Pam Grier, Lonette McKee, Denise Nicholas, Nichelle Nicholls, Michael Michele, Tracy Camilla Johns, Kyme, and probably another 500 Sista Gals yet to be heard from couldn’t be Cleo?


In Hollywood’s eye, something that beautiful – just couldn’t be that Black!


The excuse, of course, would be it wouldn’t sell with “an unknown” – but the reality is the same resentment lurking in that press box is alive and well on the casting couch and boardroom.


Shit – you didn’t have a problem finding a Black woman for “Precious” – but I digress…


The great Denzel Washington forged a successful career path as an actor by not just being excellent at his craft, but by making sure his roles, as well-defined as they were did not include intimate scenes with White women co-stars until his star was established.


Washington’s star power and charisma made him a combination of Billy Dee Williams and Sidney Poitier, and his last role in “The Book of Eli” held the number one box office spot for three weeks – with very little fanfare.


It has been rumored that Washington wants to play the role of Hannibal – the Conqueror from Carthage; as does action star Vin Diesel. Well, both fit the bill because – they’re both Black men.


It is one thing to play fast and loose with roles and characters, but wherever history is in effect, the effort should be to make it as accurate as possible.


Hollywood will tell you they’re in it to make money; but they’re making more than money when Black men are portrayed as cowards (Mississippi Burning) cocoanut sing-song Stephen Fetchit caricatures (Star Wars, Vol. 1) cruel, heartless animals (The Color Purple, “Precious”), chauffeurs (Driving Miss Daisy) mammies, pimps, gangsters or cops.


One of the biggest real profanities in that regard is Mr. Washington’s portrayal of Malcolm X fell short of an Oscar, but his role as a rogue cop in “Training Day” got him the Academy Award.


When it comes to presenting images, Hollywood makes sure that a “hero ain’t nothin’ but a samich” – if he happens to be Black – and on celluloid…


Back in the sports world, this becomes more evident as the upcoming college and pro football seasons beckon.


The University of Washington’s Jake Locker is lauded for his mobility, but Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor is criticized for not staying in the pocket – guess which one is Black?


Locker is perceived as a “leader” while Pryor is an “athlete” (read Nigger) to be immediately devalued no matter how well he performs. As the Mandingo, he is supposed to deliver on the field – because what else would he be good for?


Meanwhile, a third-string rookie like Tim Tebow is fast-tracked to be handed a starting QB job with the Denver Broncos while a multiple time Pro Bowl field general like Philadelphia’s Michael Vick sits as a backup to a punk kid who can’t carry his jock.


The helmets on the field, like the hats in the old Westerns used to distinguish hero from villain; but this much is true – on the field or on the set – whoever the hero is, whatever hat he wears, he must be White; whether he did anything heroic or nOT.


always outnumbered – never outgunned.





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