NFL 2010 – Black and Fiction, Part V

NFL 2010 – Black and Fiction, Part V

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) – Continuing our breakdown of the 2010 season and its effects on the teams (and those who would lead them) in 25 words or less…

Remember we are listing the QBs for every NFL team; with special footnotes for the Brothas to better understand why the NFL really does not want the Black QB to be a symbol of success.


Statistics include starting won-loss record, touchdown/interception ratio, completion percentage, career passer rating, post-season record and any awards given; all stats courtesy of

Yesterday, we examined the NFC West. Today, we look at the AFC East.

EAST(where “PSL” stands for “Personal Stealing License!”)1. NEW YORK JETS – Because of how you are doing Darrelle Revis dirty, a new chant: J! E! T! S! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!


2. MIAMI DOLPHINS – Dolphins will always be the arch villain of the Jets – the hell with Tom Brady & Belicheat.


3. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – Unless Tully Banta – Cain has double – digit sacks in him, Pats have no pass rush.


4. BUFFALO BILLS – In spite of a potentially super ground attack, Bills’ chances for the postseason will die at the season’s kickoff.



JETS: MARK SANCHEZ (8-7, 12/20, 53.8, 63.0, 2-1) Mark Brunell (78-73, 182/107, 59.5, 83.9, 5-5, 3 Pro Bowls) Kellen Clemens (4-5, 5/11, 51.8, 59.7)

DOLPHINS: CHAD HENNE (7-6, 12/14, 60.7, 75.2) Chad Pennington (43-37, 102/64, 66.1, 90.1) Tyler Thigpen is the other listed backup (Editors’ note: Former West Virginia star Pat White was cut by the Fish on Saturday.)

PATRIOTS: TOM BRADY (97-30, 225/ 99, 63.3, 93.3, 14-4, 5 Pro Bowls) Brian Hoyer & Zac Robinson are the listed backups.

BILLS: TRENT EDWARDS (14-16, 24/25, 61.3, 77.9) Ryan Fitzpatrick (8-14, 21/27, 57.8, 67.7) Brian Brohm and Levi Brown are the listed backups.

Overview: “Hard Knocks” my Black Ass! For every positive step, the Jets and Sanchez took toward becoming a real player in the Super Bowl sweepstakes, they are about as lethal as a 12 – gauge filled with rock salt.


Stinging an opponent won’t be as effective as knockin’ them the fuck out; and without Darrelle Revis, the Jet defense has no knockout capability.


It is a further abuse of the talent sitting in the Jets’ locker room that Brad Smith, like Carolina’s Armanti Edwards and many others before them, line up as a wide receiver or special teams player.


Smith, out of the University of Missouri, set 65 school records – as a quarterback; including being the first quarterback to ever pass for over 8,000 yards and rush over 4,000 yards in a collegiate career.


But the Jets would use Dead Roaches like Kellen Clemens and Erik Ainge – neither of who could carry Smith’s jock – and keep them as clipboard holders because they have “the right look” – what a crock of shit!


Even without playing QB, Smith is already in the record books with the longest kickoff return in team history.


The parallels with Smith and Revis, arguably the best cornerback in the entire league, are clear – treat the Black stars with benign neglect; pat ‘em on the back, but by all means, please don’t pay them what they’re worth; why they don’t know what to do with the money they already have!

The “Dead Roach” concept is alive and well in Buffalo as well; where the Edwards/Fitzpatrick competition is striking fear in the hearts of no one.

Neither of these guys should be starting – for anyone – but the Fred Jackson/Marshawn Lynch/C.J. Spiller tandem at tailback will legitimize the ineptitude under center.

Just as former Bills WR Terrell Owens was blamed because “he only caught 5 TD passes” – Edwards or Fitzpatrick will skate and the running backs will bear the brunt of the criticism; in spite of the fact, the Bills and the League knows – these boys ain’t shit!

To Miami’s credit, the Dolphins know who they are; and the way they run their Wildcat (thanks to the irreplaceable Ronnie Brown) makes them a formidable opponent; and they bug the Jets worse than in-laws.

Tom Brady will give the fantasy freaks their hard- on, but his fate in the postseason (if they get there) will be exactly as it was against Baltimore last year. New England can score 40 a game all year but come Money Time, Brady will be spittin’ turf against an aggressive defense like Baltimore, Oakland (yes I said Oakland – more on that later) and (with a happy, well – paid shutdown corner like Revis) the New York Jets…


NEXT: The AFC South.

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