Sinister Syllogisms, Part I

Sinister Syllogisms, Part I

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor



Syllogism: A logical scheme of a formal argument consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion which must logically be true if the premises are true (i.e. “if this, then that”…)


PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) — Maybe it’s my weird side showing itself, but linear thinking and I have not gotten along for a very, very long time.Every time in my life logic reared its ugly head, the results for me were never positive.

I know at some point, if you have lived a reasonable slice of this thing called Life, everyone has crossed paths at least once with someone whose aura put you immediately at ease. You felt welcomed and safe in that space in spite of the fact that person might have been a stranger.

By the same token, I feel we all have had at least one incident where you cross paths and you “feel” an aura; and the hairs on the back of your neck go up like Don King on a good hair day.

Well, I’ve seen several incidents manifest this most recent rash of responses, so without further ado…

Location, Location, Location, Part IBefore this college football season began, only Florida Gators’ head coach Urban Meyer knew who Cameron Newton was.

But as this slate of games heads toward Bowl Season, Newton has gone from the Invisible Man to a marked one.

Newton, as quarterback of the Auburn Tigers, had ascended to the top of the list of Heisman Award hopefuls. This 6-foot-6, 255-pound field general has the undefeated Tigers prowling for a BCS Championship by way of his rocket arm, powerful legs, unflappable demeanor, and leadership; the latter trait proving to be a valuable asset as Newton wades through a shit storm of controversy.

The predictable assemblage of media whores has been screaming in unison for answers from Newton and his parents as to whether or not any or all of the Newton clan had concocted some evil pay-for-play scheme with Mississippi State; to the tune of $180,000.

After the Heisman heist of Reggie Bush’s award (which he earned on the field, by the way), the media beast, keyed and ready for fresh dark meat, went after Newton with similar gusto, spurred on directly or indirectly by noise coming from the University of Florida, where Newton was the backup QB to (cue choir and carol bells) Tim Tebow.

But because Elvis wouldn’t leave the building, Newton did; which seemed to cause the squeaking from their rat of a head coach, Urban Whiner about what Newton did while at Florida (all the time presenting his best “it wasn’t me!” face to the press…)

All of this done, of course with the design that Newton’s fall be harder and faster than his meteoric rise to the Heisman hypocrites awaiting him at the Downtown Athletic Club…and a scenario that could garner images of the Jim Brown snub for Paul Hornung’s melanin-deprived ass over 50 years ago.

Well, in spite of the pressure, Newton and the Tigers just kept winning. Winning from behind, winning in outright routs, running over around and through the opponents in and out of the supposed baddest conference in all of college football – but the questions about his status deliberately remain nebulous at best by the machinations of Mouse (ESPN) and rat alike…

Because of all the questions asked, some key questions remain suspiciously on the lips – but not out the mouth.

Let’s go with what we know:

Newton, in spite of the alleged ducats, did not go to Mississippi State; so… If Newton didn’t go to Mississippi State, then did he go to Auburn because they offered more money?

Or, why is it that no one has asked anyone at Auburn (head coach Gene Chizik or any of the administration) if they paid Newton to come to the school?

Because…If Newton didn’t get money to attend Auburn, Then – there is no fucking story!

Interesting that in a peculiar sidebar to this, former Auburn Tiger basketball star and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley revealed he “borrowed” money to get him through his collegiate career. In a radio interview, Barkley implied the practice that led to his funding was something that had been ongoing while at Auburn.

But rather than having the mainstream sports lines burning full of further desire to find out what Barkley meant, everyone in the mainstream shut the fuck up faster than seconds on sake in a Japanese restaurant!

I find it hard to believe that all these fucking journalists – and the so-called “insiders” stay outside of that reality.

Meanwhile, back at Mississippi State, the “broker” for this alleged transaction needs to out on Front Street, too.

Well, if this broker makes a legal living doing this, then it has to be asked, how can his actions be deemed kosher while the field hand gets the privilege of pickin’ dat Cotton (Bowl) – and get no cotton?

Another sausage link in the chain of those making money from indentured servitude – apparently this practice of “brokerage” is not frowned on by that crime cartel known as the Nigger Clearinghouse for Athletic Abuse (NCAA); while these Dick Dastardly muthafuckas attempt to make Scrapple out of the character of a young man who clearly has game far stronger than whatever is dished out on that gridiron!

As Auburn prepared for another edition of its annual tong war versus archrival Alabama’s Crimson Tide, Newton rallied the Tigers to a 28-27 victory, after being down 21-0 and 24-7.

Newton threw for two touchdowns, ran for another; solidifying his spot as the best player in college football – by far.

And by the way, if this all comes out to be bogus, this witch on Newton, then he and his family should sue the fuck out of everyone who rushed to judgment.

Like the Old Heads used to say: “Now run tell that.”

Location, Location, Location, Part III can’t begin to imagine what Bobby Tolan and his family must be feeling even now.

It was December 31 of 2008 when Tolan’s son, Robbie, was driving back to his parents’ house in Bellaire, Texas – a suburb of Houston. The elder Tolan, a former major league baseball player and longtime resident and his family were violated by the Bellaire Police in an “altercation.”

Yeah, and lives were definitely “altered” by the abuse of power exhibited by the police, who shot the younger Tolan in the chest after he reacted to the Bellaire Police push his mother – as she was coming out of her own house.

This disgusting but not surprising example of racial profiling led to a trial, where the officer (not dressed in a police uniform, according to accounts) decided these Black people couldn’t possibly live in a nice, White neighborhood like Bellaire.

Maybe if it had been some White kid getting shot as a result of profiling the Houston Chronicle would have seen fit to give it significant coverage. As the cop who shot Robbie Tolan was cleared of any charges, a civil suit is pending.

I guess if you happen to be Black and are seen in a supposed “nice” area, then you will be subject to search, seizure – or worse; and if you happen to die in the incident, you become a “tragic accident.”

And of course, living there has nothing to do with why you would have the nerve to want to feel safe in a supposedly safe neighborhood.

What the Bellaire police did was the closest thing to a home invasion; in spite of the fact they knew who was home, it didn’t stop them from abusing power and shooting non-Whites with impunity.

You’d better believe if it had been a White kid and a case of “mistaken license plates,” then the gun would never have been fired – and the family never accosted in such a disrespectful manner.

There goes the neighborhood.

More to come…


always outnumbered – never outgunned.



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