The Garden of Good and Evil, Part I

The Garden of Good and Evil, Part I

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASNNEWSROOM) — The diaper the New Years’ Baby wears needs to be changed; because the stink of arrogance from the shit certain elements in this country tries to get away with will take one hell of a Pamper to damper emotions long meant for a hamper.The actions to infractions have a strong resemblance to the sense and sensibilities of a status quo birthing notions of days gone by; and twice told lies…

The University of Connecticut Lady Huskies basketball team put a foot in history’s ass with their accomplishment of 90 consecutive victories, eclipsing the record set by the UCLA Bruins’ Men’s basketball team (88).

As they crept closer and eventually got over the hump, the efforts of these exceptional athletes and players who authored and contributed to said streak were dismissed by mainstream media for the most part; a ten-second footnote on the Muthafuckin’ Mouse (ESPN) as they would squeak into unflattering segues about how their feat almost didn’t count because after all, they were girls…


The team that did defeat UConn, Stanford, was also the last team to defeat them before their amazing run. The Stanford coach, the very capable Tara VanDerveer, got an exceptional double dip in not only ending the streak but gaining her 800th coaching victory in a brilliant career.

During what should have been a most deserved moment to recognize Stanford and their convincing win, Jimmy Dykes, one of the Rats from the Mouse, kept going on some diatribe about what the defeat meant – to the Lady Huskies!

Coach VanDerveer righteously put the little dipshit in check by flat out saying (paraphrasing) “this moment – is about Stanford!”

Of course, Dykes would eventually shake it off; but VanDerveer’s actions again remind us that ignorant person like Dykes are…


And that many Niggers are also…


Meanwhile, in New York City, Mayor Mike Bloomberg leaves his constituents buried under feet of snow and garbage after a recent storm. According to reports, citizens were left stranded and frozen as elevated subway lines were stalled and riders were in the train cars from 6 to 8 eight hours with no heat – and no power.

The City That Never Sleeps – was slipped a “Roofie…” So what was Bloomberg’s response (paraphrasing)? “I have a right to my private time.”


A similar response was evoked by New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie, who thought it was more important to get his kids to Disney World than show some leadership to the voters who helped get him into office…


Another indignity was offered up in the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger aftermath, where two former massage therapists who worked for the New York Jets have now filed a sexual harassment suit against the team and Favre, who brought new meaning to the phrase “fourth down and an inch” with his repugnant attempts to cheat on his wife via video of an alleged putrid, puny phallus as a potential prerequisite of their profession…

Don’t worry…’cause if there’s Hell below…we’re all…gonna go…

Sisters, Brothers, and the Whiteys; Blacks and the Crackers Police & their Backers…

They’re all political actors!

Hurry – people running from their worries…

While the judge and his juries – dictate the Law that’s partly flawed.

Cat Calling!

Love Balling

Fussing & a’Cussin’…

Top Billing Now Is Killing

For Peace No One Is Willing;

Kind Of Make You Get That Feeling…

Everybody Smoke Use The Pill And The Dope Educated Fools From Uneducated Schools; Pimping People Is The Rule Polluted Water In The Pool And Nixon Talking About Don’t Worry…

He Says Don’t Worry He Says Don’t Worry He Says Don’t Worry But They Don’t Know There Can Be No Show And If There’s A Hell Below; We’re All Gonna Go; Everybody’s Praying &Everybody’s Saying

But When Come Time To Do Everybody’s Laying…

Just Talking About Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry Sisters, Brothers &the Whitey Blacks &the Crackers Stone (Stone) Junkie Police &Their Backers

They’re All Political Actors Smoke, The Pill And The Dope, Educated Fools From Uneducated Schools, Pimping People Is The Rule Polluted Water In The Pool And Everybody’s Saying Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry They Say Don’t Worry But They Don’t Know There Can Be No Show If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Gonna Go Lord What We Gonna Do If Everything I Say Is True This Ain’t No Way It Ought To Be 1f Only All The Mass Could See But Everybody Keeps Saying Don’t Worry;

– “Don’t Worry – If There’s a Hell Below {We’re All Gonna Go}” by Curtis Mayfield- lyrics in italics.

…but in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, everyone wants to worry – now.

When Rep. John Lewis was spat on by Tea Party zealots walking into Congress, no one seemed worried.

When Americans – specifically so-called “men of God” openly prayed for the death of the duly- elected President of the United States, no one seemed worried.

When Tea Party idiots and their sympathizers walk around with automatic weapons, screaming that they are exercising their right to bear arms, no one was worried.

When small-minded people develop grand schemes to debunk the birthplace of the duly elected President of the United States, no one seemed worried – as the charade carries on two -plus years after the fact.

When Black farmers were being continually delayed and denied billions awarded to them by the federal government for prejudicial actions proven against them in a court of law, no one appeared the least bit worried.

As it is now close to 900 days since the federal government formally apologized for slavery, no one is worried that the media has buried this story deeper than the proof of who really shot John F. Kennedy…

And before you go there, this premise does reflect itself in the climate around sports.

When former Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver Chris Henry is ridiculed by mainstream media as an animal following his death in an auto accident, no one’s worried about sullying his character or humanity.

But when a Thanksgiving Day piece was done about how body parts of Henry were given to donors, those same parasites clung to their moment of humanity – at Henry’s expense, of course.

When a strong Black man like Allen Iverson is falsely accused of crime and tampering with witnesses while a scum-sucking, jock-sniffing degenerate Nigger like Howard Eskin does not go to jail forever and a day (at the very least lose his job) the surprise that there is no outrage, is – well, no surprise at all.

I guess that’s why nobody’s worried…

When a strong Black man like Terrell Owens is talked about and treated like a criminal in spite of the fact he has never committed any crime, no one is expected to worry – it’s just business as usual for The Mouse; and all the Rats that wanna grow up to be just like them.

Next time: In Part II, the seeds sown by this climate have generated far more heat than any global warming reality.


always outnumbered – never outgunned.


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