The MOON 14

The Moon 14

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor





Warren Moon

PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): Joseph Goebbels, propaganda man for the Third Reich once uttered (paraphrasing), “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.”The Muthafuckin’ Mouse continued their tradition of faux realities and revisionist history with the presentation of “The Brady 6″ – a love letter to the National Football League’s resident poster boy and his ascension to stardom.

Because Brady was only a “Baby Daddy” (ask Bridget Moynahan) instead of a pervert (Ben Roethlisberger) or some short dick man has been like Brett Favre who thinks “Meet the Press” with a massage therapist should be more like “Press the Meat”, the NFL and Mouse Minions through ESPN (as partners in crime) package this horseshit as programming.

Granted, Brady is bona fide as a player; but it’s the desire to deify via the theorem of if it’s all white (it’s all right) which fuels the so-called “Year of the Quarterback” drivel that the Mouse will subject us to for the remainder of the year.

While Brady sheds a tear because he had to wait until Round Six to have his name called, you’ll have to excuse me while I choke.

Frankly, my heart bleeds Red Kool – Aid for Brady – and his Bunch. What in the wide world of pork chops…and applesauce would make anyone believe he was scarred for life because of his frustration in not hearing his name called when he thought it should have been?

As we flash Black to 1978, the propaganda regarding whether Black men could perform at the most important position in sports was alive and well.

Fresh off a Rose Bowl Most Valuable Player performance and victory, University of Washington Senior QB Warren Moon had his future “assessed” by pro scouts; no doubt those in the business who made little Tommy cry in his video.

And Moon was told to play another position. Why?

Because the NFL does not want a dearth of Black QBs infecting the lily-white sensibilities of the white owners; leadership equals thinking – thinking equals human characteristics…

And in the NFL, Black does not equal…human.

So once the 1978 Draft was completed, 12 rounds and 336 players later, Warren Moon never heard his name called on Draft Day; but 14 other quarterbacks did.

Ironically, the first QB selected was Grambling’s Doug Williams, selected at number 17 by the 0 – 26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Don’t get it twisted, though – in spite of Williams leading the Bucs literally from worst to first, his success was handcuffed by the team’s owner, Hugh Culverhouse; Williams would eventually leave for the USFL because of the lack of respect shown him in terms of commensurate pay at his position.

Here are Williams’ career numbers, including his USFL statistics with the Oklahoma Outlaws/Arizona Wranglers:

Played in 126 games, started 117 games (54 – 63 as a starter, regular season, 4-3 playoffs); 136 TDs, 131 INTs, 51.2 completion %, 69.7 rating, 23, 755 yards passing, 884 yards rushing – and there’s that Super Bowl MVP thing as well…

Assessment: Weigh how Tampa Bay did after Williams left: no playoffs, no leadership – no nothing. He will never make the Hall of Fame, but his winning the Super Bowl (kicking John Elway’s melanin – challenged ass) served as a warning to the League owners – they cannot have another Black QB going to Disney World on their ass! Oops – that begs the question – did Doug Williams get his Disney commercial? If he did, disregard this part of the segment. If not, it’s time to sing:



O – U – S – O – B…

Grambling’s legendary coach Eddie Robinson had asked the League for years about what was needed for one of his QBs to make it at the next level; and Robinson made sure that Williams, like Shack Harris before him, was a textbook drop-back passer. If Harris or Williams had shown anything akin to superior foot speed, they would’ve been told to move to other positions as well.

In a later interview, Harris would confirm that contention in discussing the stifled career of another Grambling QB, Matthew Reed).

Moon, like Williams, was a mobile drop-back passer with the ability to make all the throws. But looking for an excuse other than Moon was the wrong color for the wrong position is quite difficult to glean.

Now since figures don’t lie, let’s break down every other passer selected in the Draft who were supposed to be better than Moon.

Here are the other QBs taken instead of Warren Moon (in the order they were selected):

50.Matt Cavanaugh, Pittsburgh (selected by the New England Patriots):

Started 19 games in 11 years (8-11 as a starter); 28 TDs, 30 INTs, 52.7 completion %, 71.7 rating, 4,332 yards – 112 games total.

Assessment: made a career of being a QB coach – vastly overrated.

51.Guy Benjamin, Stanford (selected by the Miami Dolphins):

Never started or won a game in 3 years; 3 TDs, 3 INTs, 57.4 completion %, 73.1 rating, throwing for a whopping 439 yards over 19 games.

Assessment: I’ll bet they said he looked great in his uniform, but likely didn’t get asked if his momma was a Ho…

68.Mark Miller, Bowling Green University (selected by the Cleveland Browns):

Never started or won a game in two seasons: one TD, 5 INTs, 31.9 completion %, 17.7 rating and 243 yards passing. Oh – and 61 yards rushing in 10 games.

Assessment: 243 Muthafuckin’ yards??? I’ve seen Moon throw for that more times in a half than this scrub has played in his entire career!

73.Gifford Nielsen, Brigham Young (selected by the Houston Oilers):

Played in 55 games, started 14 (3-11 as a starter); 20 TDs, 22 INTs, 54.8%, 70.0 rating, 3,255 yards passing and 89 yards rushing over 6 years.

Assessment: So let me get this straight – THIS is the guy you thought was better than Warren Moon? Houston, you had a problem – your racist asses wasted a shitload of cash!

104.Pete Woods, Missouri (selected by the Kansas City Chiefs):

(Pro Football – had no information on Woods’ career – ’Nuff said.)

105.Mark Manges, Maryland (selected by the Los Angeles Rams):

(One game on the bench; no wonder the Rams had to get the fuck out of L.A.!)

131.Rob Hertel, USC (selected by the Cincinnati Bengals):

Three games, one pass attempt 25.0 completion %, nine yards passing – another Great White Nope!

142.Mike Rieker, Lehigh (selected by the New Orleans Saints):

(Again, Pro Football had no information on Rieker. Wow – the New Orleans brain trust must’ve been grinning from ear-to-ear after that selection!)

200.Dennis Sproul, Arizona State (selected by the Green Bay Packers):

(Six games, two incomplete passes, two fumbles, 38.5 completion%, 87 yards passing; there’s a Pro Bowler for you!)

228.Keith Myers, Utah State (selected by the Green Bay Packers):

(No information on Myers; as if one scrub wasn’t enough, The Pack wasn’t satisfied with merely being slightly incompetent!)

243.John Hurley, Santa Clara (selected by Washington):

(According to PFR, another would-be star missing in action; hail to the Assholes!)

281.Pat Ryan, Tennessee (selected by the New York Jets):

Played in 145 games, started 19 (11- 8 as a starter); 31 TDs, 35 INTs, 55.4 completion%, 69.2 rating, 4,320 yards passing, 156 yards rushing over a 12-year career.

Assessment: Considering the round Ryan was selected in, the Jets got their money’s worth.

333.Bill Kenney, Northern Colorado (selected by the Miami Dolphins):

Played in 106 games, started 77 (34 – 43 as a starter.) Earned one Pro Bowl selection in 1983; 105 TDs, 86 INTs, 54.7 completion %, 77.0 rating, 17,277 yards passing, 191 yards rushing over nine seasons.

Assessment: Kenney was good, but far from great.

Total Production numbers of the 1978 Draft QBs: 324TDs, 312 INTs, 53,717 yards passing, 1,381 yards rushing, one Pro Bowl selectee (Kenney), one Super Bowl MVP (Williams) over 582 games.

Moon’s NFL Numbers: 208 games played, 203 starts (102-101 as starter, regular season, 3-7 in playoffs); 291 TDs, 233 INTs, 58.4 completion %, 80.9 rating, 49,325 yards passing, 1,736 yards rushing (22 TDs), Pro Bowl selection (9 times)All – Pro (3 times) his #1 retired by 2 teams (Houston & Tennessee) AFC Player of the Year (once)

Every Muthafuckin’ scout and/or draft “expert” who said Moon shouldn’t or couldn’t play QB should have had their monkey asses fired for their incompetence!

Now I wasn’t gonna go there, but since we have bitch – ass Niggers like Nolan Nawrocki talkin’ out of both sides of his mouth, let’s drop Moon’s Canadian Football League numbers on you:

Played in 94 games (9-1 playoffs), 144 TDs, 77 INTs, 57.5 completion %, 21,228 yards passing, Grey Cup MVP (2 times) #1 retired by the Edmonton Eskimos…

Total career stats: 435 TD passes, 310 INTs, 12-10 as a starter (playoffs) 70,463 yards passing – oh and

Winner of five consecutive Grey Cups…

Now let that statement marinate for a bit.

For all the noise, bombast and jock-sucking you wanna do for Tom Brady, who in professional football has ever won five consecutive League championships at quarterback?

Not Bart Starr. Not John Unitas. Not Peyton Manning. Not Ben Roethlispervert. Not John Elway. Not Dan Marino. Not Brett Favre. Not Jim Kelly. Not Dan Fouts. Not Doug Flutie. Not Otto Graham; and most definitely not Tom Brady.

And don’t hand me that horseshit about it being Canadian ball so it doesn’t count – five times in a row is five times in a row.

Ask former Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl QB Vince Ferragamo how tough the CFL was!

Frankly, given the wider field, the shorter time span between plays, 12 men on defense (making calling an audible even more difficult) I have consistently contended you need a superior skill set to quarterback in the CFL – and I know a lot of the NFL poster boys could not ball up there!

But Moon could, and the impact he made during his short stay in Canada is equivalent to what the great Gale Sayers did in the NFL.

So much of an impact that Moon was made a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame; and later named among the greatest 50 CFL Players ever- not bad for someone who shoulda been playing tight end according to the racist bastards in the NFL.

I know Brady will go into the HOF – he’s earned it, and I have no beef with that – the cat can ball.

But if Brady is worthy of a documentary, Moon is worth a mini-series. After all, there’s enough story to fill the road to two Halls of Fame – something Brady will never be able to claim.

So stop crying, Tom – at least you got selected.

Whatever Brady does will never eclipse the achievements of the only undrafted quarterback to ever go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Next Time: if some are good, more is better – Damon Allen was also bypassed in the 1985 Draft. We’ll stack his numbers against those drafted instead of him.

Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

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