XXXX Marks The Spot!

XXXX Marks The Spot!

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): The cash pie continues to be divvied up among NFL team owners and players in negotiation during the lockout.


It is fortuitous timing then that the Forbes Magazine list of the world’s most valuable sports franchises is out for consumption.


As has been constant over the past few years, every NFL franchise has made the list; not bad for a league operating without a team in its second or third largest media market (Los Angeles).


While you check out the numbers, we are only highlighting the NFL teams; but it is interesting to see who is where on the dollar tip.


Having scanned through this a few times myself, I can hear my friend and colleague Tony McClean’s words, saying “If a player is getting X dollars to sign, you better believe the owner is making XXXX dollars off of him!”


You may agree after peeping this.


All NFL teams in boldface…


1. Manchester United (UK) – $1.86 Billion (Glazer family also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)


2.Dallas Cowboys – $1.81 billion (Jerry Jones has 15,000 club seats sold @ $340 a pop – $5.1 million every home date. Damn!)


3. New York Yankees- $1.7 Billion.


4.Washington NFL Club – $1.55 Billion (Daniel Snyder spent roughly $800 million to buy the team; not a bad return on the investment!)


5. Real Madrid (Espana) – $1.45 Billion


6.New England Patriots – $1.37 Billion (That’s a lotta macaroni & cheese, Robert!)


7. Arsenal (UK) – $1.19 Billion


8.New York Giants – $1.18 Billion (most likely to move up due to the Super Bowl coming in 2014.)


9.Houston Texans – $1.17 Billion (Robert McNair spent $700 million to get a franchise to replace the Oilers.)


10.New York Jets – $1.14 Billion (Could Woody Johnson get a home game at the 2014 Super Bowl? Let’s hear a cheer – C! A! S! H! CASH! CASH! CASH!)


11.Philadelphia Eagles – $1.12 Billion (Jeffrey Lurie provided the business model for several NFL clubs with his penny – pinching style and pimping out of superior talent providing Donovan McNabb with minimal offensive support before jettisoning him.)


12.Baltimore Ravens – $1.07 Billion (Have sold out every home game in their existence; keeping MLB Ray Lewis was key in establishing a separate identity for the club from B-More’s beloved Colts.)


13. Ferrari Racing (Italy) $1.07 Billion.


14.Chicago Bears – $1.07 Billion (One of the original franchises; when you have this kinda cheddar, Bear Weather is always – “$Rain!$”)


15.Denver Broncos – $1.05 Billion (Whether the team decides to keep Tim Tebow to make money as opposed to win games determines if they go up the charts.)


16.Indianapolis Colts – $1.04 Billion (Jim Irsay gets the SB this year; can Peyton Manning & Co. get the ultimate home field advantage?)


17.Carolina Panthers – $1.04 Billion (Will selection of Cam Newton at QB mean more than just asses in the seats for Jerry Richardson?)


18.Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $1.03 Billion (Malcolm Glazer is set – point blank.)


19. Bayern Munich (Deutschland)- $1.03 Billion


20.Green Bay Packers – $1.02 Billion (Packers could have been the template for any negotiations because of their public ownership.)


21.Cleveland Browns – $1.02 Billion (Randy Lerner gettin’ his share of kibble in the Dawg Pound.)


22.Miami Dolphins – $1.01 Billion (While Stephen Ross seems to be a smart cat the Williams Sisters and Jennifer Lopez seem to be a lot smarter!)


23.Pittsburgh Steelers – $996 million (Steelers lead the NFL in {the} Black when it comes to merchandise; they are solid Gold.)


24.Tennessee Titans – $994 million (Small market my ass!)


25.Seattle Seahawks – $989 million (Seahawks a QB away from the Billionaire’s Club.)


26. FC Barcelona (Espana) – $975 million.


27.Kansas City Chiefs – $965 million (The recently renovated Arrowhead Stadium is one of the strongest home fields in the NFL when it comes to fan support.)


28.New Orleans Saints – $955 million (Just like a used car, the value would have significantly dropped had Thomas Benson driven the Saints out of their Nawlins ‘showroom’ and into San Antonio or Oklahoma City.)


29.San Francisco 49ers – $925 million (Just how much has this once model franchise dropped in worth due to mismanagement?)


30.Arizona Cardinals – $919 million (Just how much does this once horrible franchise benefit from Bidwell getting competent front office help?)


31. Boston Red Sox – $912 million.


32.San Diego Chargers – $907 million (While Los Angeles is just up the turnpike, remember that all the NFL teams have gotten fat without L.A. in the mix!)


33.Cincinnati Bengals – $905 million (Bengals don’t seem to be the “Bungles” when it comes to goin’ to the pay window.)


34. AC Milan (Italy) – $838 million.


35.Atlanta Falcons – $831 million (I’d say Arthur Blank’s checkbook is pretty healthy…)


36.Detroit Lions – $817 million (Remember – this is the NFL franchise that lost every game a couple seasons ago, yet they’re more valuable than more successful teams! There’s no money – like old money!)


37. McLaren Racing (UK) – $815 million.


38. Los Angeles Dodgers – $800 million.


39.Buffalo Bills – $799 million (Your market’s not small – when you’re gettin’ it all – right, Ralph?)


40.St. Louis Rams – $779 million (I see Stan Kroenke’s doing all right, too!)


41.Minnesota Vikings – $774 million (Ziggy Wilf might say “if you build it {new stadium} I might leave anyway for some California gold!)


42. Chicago Cubs – $773 million.


43.Oakland Raiders – $758 million (Surprised Emperor Davis is this low, but they do need a new stadium!)


44. New York Mets – $747 million.


45.Jacksonville Jaguars – $725 million (Jags wouldn’t even be here if Weaver hadn’t screamed on the shaky expansion plans with the St. Louis group!)


46. Chelsea (UK)- $658 million.


47. New York Knicks – $655 million.


48. Los Angeles Lakers – $643 million.


49. Juventus (Italy) – $628 million.


50. Philadelphia Phillies – $609 million.

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