Saturday Morning Cartoon

Saturday Morning Cartoon 

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor




Mittens and the Plutocrats


PHILADELPHIA, PA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)—What was supposed to be a prime time debate was summed up by the actions and inaction of Mitt Romney to say anything of substance. Here’s one writer’s view – and a reminder to vote.:

A Soul Tree Radio – In The Raw /BASN Exclusive – the lyrics to the latest hit smash (currently charting at #47 on the Cash Money Brothers’ Top 100)


(sung to the theme of “Josie & the Pussycats”)

Mittens & the Plutocrats
Whatta bunch o’ dirty rats;
Rethugs and DemoCraps

Singin’ the same old song
Watch your back your rights are gone…
In a hurry!

He is a dimwit in making plans
Whether on Detroit or in Iran

Flip flops for the rich ones
Makes no difference if he speaks on this or that
This Chicken Hawk is fulla CRAP!

A One Percenter, Y’all…

Mittens & the Plutocrats
Figureheads and Disrespect
Feudal Lords and Fascist Trash

Where is the Five Point Plan (yeah yeah yeah)
Somewhere down in Cayman Land

Mittens and the Plutocrats; Mittens and the Pluto – crrrrrrrrrrrrraaatttttttssss…yeah.

(And the moral is: don’t ever pretend you’re ready for Prime Time – when everyone knows you’re really a Saturday Morning cartoon!)

And before you ask, “is this sport?” You Better Believe THIS is about the Big Game in November (and I don’t mean Thanksgiving)

always outnumbered…never outgunned.



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