The Gentleman’s Agreement… Continues!

The Gentleman’s Agreement Continues!

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor






PHILADELPHIA (BASN – STR/ITR) No doubt the Biogenesis Affair has exposed the blatant hypocrisy Major League Baseball presents in regurgitating its dogma as the Great American Pastime to the public.

As the League went out of their way to set New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez adrift on memory wistful and screwed, we have to go who/what/when/where/why/and sometimes how on these muthafuckas!

WHO the fuck has the real hard – on to eliminate Rodriguez from the equation? Is it The Steinbrenners? Is it Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman? Or is it Commissioner Brat Selig’s punk ass?

WHAT was the motivation behind washing their hands of drug cheater (and Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Ryan Braun), burying his indiscretion and ignoring the full scope of what he did in lying on top of it? How come whenever a white athlete fucks up we don’t hear the endless shit about how he or she’s supposed to be a fuckin’ role model?




WHEN did Brian Cashman become the owner of the New York Daily News? In a column written by a supposed journalist, Cashman, when interviewed re the ongoing pay or play healthy or not A-Rod, was quoted as saying that A-Rod “should shut the fuck up.” No problem (if ya wanna roll like that), but the fact that in any situation where the rhetoric is heating up, a real reporter is going to say, “Is this really on the record? You wanna rethink that? The fact The News ran with that bullshit proves they’re in cahoots with any agenda which would hurt Rodriguez in the court of public opinion – for the sake of kissing Yankee ass (me love you long time!)

WHERE the fuck was all this outrage when Mark McGwire was ridin’ dirty? Where are the Cowhide Cowboys to come and get Rafael Palmiero’s punk ass after he spoke on national television in his “read my lips” moment about never taking PEDs? He fucking lied after being sworn in – can we say perjury?

WHY in the world would Selig think this is in the best interests of baseball? This is in the best interests of a cabal of owners, team officials, general managers (like Cashman), selected “insiders” – designated pussies who chirp the company line (well if you were so insightful you woulda told us all these muthafuckas were arguably ridin’ dirty – and you all knew!) and certain media entities like The Mouse (ESPN) in this “Gentleman’s Agreement” to throw Alex Rodriguez’s ass under the bus?








HOW do we confront this? Well in my best Calhoun Tubbs voice (blues singer character from “In Living Color”) would say, “Wrote a song about it – here it goes…
Soul Tree Radio’s Playlist Against Plutocracy – World Premiere!


“When Thugs Lie” (with apologies to Prince)

Peep, if you will, a meeting…
Of Baseball engaged in a ‘diss.’
The stench of their bullshit sickens you; can you, my brother can you pick up on this:


“Take this affair to the public – as we orchestrate this man’s doom;
All the media’s curious notions
Are all designed to mess with the fan in you…


“How can we all fuck with A – Rod; and leave his ass out in the cold;
Maybe we just start a rumor; then we sit back as he makes no more gold
“Then we assault his integrity – already been compromised.”
Why don’t we scream on this madness?
Because this is what happens
When Thugs Lie…


Piss on his stats and legacy – see how he trembles inside;
They’ve got his inner psyche all fucked up; don’t hesitate to scream “they’re full of lies!”


As they keep fucking with Alex – their attitude is so bold;
The talking heads kiss ass with gusto – leaving a key part of story untold;
Maybe they feel you’re all stupid – ain’t the first time they’ve tried;
Why did Cashman say to ‘quote him?’
‘Cause this is what it sounds like


When They Lie…


Propaganda is outstanding
When you want some minions to mold;


Maybe we should back up Alex
He wasn’t alone in this bullshit, ya know?


When Jose Canseco’s a hero
‘Cause he dropped the ‘who, when, where, why?’


ESPN is so bogus
This is why I speak on


How Thugs Lie!








Lie! Lie! Lie! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!
Don’t Lie…darlin’…don’t lie;
Don’t lie…
Always outnumbered…never outgunned.
Copyright c 2013 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.


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