Shootout at the Fantasy Factory, Part IV

Shootout at the Fantasy Factory, Part IV

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor







PHILADELPHIA (BASN –STR/ITR) As I stated in my previous column, “let the fucked – up calls begin!”


Are we talking Playoffs? More like “Referee – Ball” to me…


No sooner had I begun to lay out the possibilities as the Kansas City Chiefs, having already clinched, was giving the San Diego Chargers more of a game than I’m sure they expected (given everyone knew the Chiefs were not playing their starters); however the Shadow of The Whistler was again providing a cloud over the actions of the players on the field.


With the score tied at 24 after Kansas City missed a game – winning 41-yard field goal by placekicker Ryan Succop to force the game into overtime (as Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin might have outdone Bernie Mac for the number of times the word “muthafucka” was uttered after that miss).


To make matters worse, Succop and KayCee should’ve been awarded a five yard penalty and a do – over because San Diego had overloaded one side of the line with more than six men on the line of scrimmage; a new rule change which would have meant a five – yard penalty and a re – kick for a 36 – yard attempt! Now since two referees saw this stacking on the line right in front of them – and didn’t say shit – no one can pretend they didn’t know…


On a fourth down attempt, San Diego safety Eric Weddle, the “up” man in punt formation, took the snap and lunged forward to gain the first down; in his second effort, Weddle looked to have fumbled, and a Kansas City player recovered. After a few chaotic seconds, the referee indicates, ‘first down, San Diego’ – and I’m stupefied.


Not that bad calls don’t happen given speed of the game, but given the scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers to come from out of the clouds to make the playoffs clearly didn’t sit well with those whose may be scripting a matchup they feel will provide the biggest bang for the buck as we recognize what ex – NFL player and author Bernie Parrish write in his tome, “They Call It a Game.”


Before we elaborate further on the Playoffs themselves, we have to spend a paragraph or so on Tomlin and the politics of dancing – around the twerp I sense someone in Steelers’ management wants to see as the new head coach (Todd Haley – and his non – coaching ass  – yuck!)


With the only way to make the playoffs a domino effect from three teams losing (the Miami Dolphins, who lost to the N.Y. Jets; the Baltimore Ravens, who lost to the Cincinnati Bengals and then Pittsburgh having won their game, 20 – 7 over Cleveland) the chance San Diego would lose to Kansas City – knowing all they had to do after the early game carnage was ‘win and in’ seemed slimmer than slim & none – but after the call, K.C. went into Bitch Mode – and finally gave up the game.


We must, however, must recognize that since the last work stoppage, many NFL fans now realize (maybe grudgingly) The Game provides that same atmosphere of corporate bullshit many working stiffs have endured in their environment. How many have trained someone to do their job, only to be fired from it afterward? How many have seen incompetent people elevated to jobs which would indicate by their ineptitude that whoever hired them was either on Crack – or said person was protected and “groomed” to be moved up no matter what?


The fact some are wearing helmets and shoulder pads – doesn’t change that premise one iota. At least, Tomlin, has his ring knowing he coached Pittsburgh to their Super Bowl Championship – and they can never take that away from him.


The Playoffs:
Here are the match-ups going into Wild Card Weekend (American Football Conference (Denver Broncos #1 and New England Patriots #2 receive byes):


San Diego Chargers (#6 seed) @ Cincinnati Bengals (#3 seed)
Kansas City Chiefs (#5 seed) @ Indianapolis Colts (#4 seed)


National Football Conference (Seattle Seahawks #1 and Carolina Panthers #2 receive byes)


New Orleans Saints (#6 seed) @ Philadelphia Eagles (#3 seed)

San Francisco 49ers (#5 seed) @ Green Bay Packers (#4 seed)


Next Time: We’ll attempt to go into the smoke – filled room and see what kind of excuse the League will serve up to the Chiefs – and maybe the Steelers, too; as well as the next round of games.


Always outnumbered – never outgunned.

Copyright (c) Michael – Louis Ingram 2013; all rights reserved.


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