Pressing Profanities

Pressing Profanities

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor






 PHILADELPHIA (BASN – STR/ITR): In spite of Super Bowl XLVIII’s unlikely result (to some – this writer has consistently touted Russell Wilson’s football acumen all year) the sports world has recently tossed out so much bullshit that it has to be addressed en masse:


(Item: NBA and The Mouse attempting to shove a marketing ploy down Kevin Durant’s throat).


Durant, guard/forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has been lighting it up since he came into the League. With the early – season injury to guard Russell Westbrook, Durant has turned up the scoring heat to gain strong Most Valuable Player consideration.


The problem, however, lies within the corps of the NBA’s media machine. When Durant went on a tear, scoring at least 30 in a dozen consecutive games (including a couple of last – second game winners), a new nickname was being pushed – “The Slim Reaper.”





Not since George Gervin’s handle of “The Iceman” has a potential sports sobriquet been such a fit; but there’s a problem – Mr. Durant doesn’t like it. When asked, Durant said, “I’d rather be connected to something pertaining to light than darkness.”  While Durant has had no problem with being called “Durantula” and “KD” (Durant may not know ‘KD’ is the nickname in Canada for Kraft Dinner – the macaroni and cheese mix; he might get some marketing bucks on that bad boy — and we hope he does!)


The profanity here is that they’re going to do this acknowledging that his feelings don’t really matter. Clearly, this is a sensitive brother whose spirituality rankles at the prospect of being linked with (albeit indirectly) a shadowy figure who represents aspects of darkness.


Durant gave one million dollars of his own money to help hurricane victims in the Oklahoma City area a few months back – and was “rewarded’ to some extent by that stupid bitch from The Mouse, Jemele Hill, who stated that Durant “wasn’t Gangsta enough” on a television program; after the Richard Sherman “thug” nonsense, this resonates even more resoundingly that this trick would say this kinda bullshit and not be held accountable for it!



Of course, when she said something disparaging about Jews, she got spanked for it – but saying something asinine about the Black Guy was o.k.


No doubt Durant saw how LeBron James was vilified by these parasites before he won his first ring – and how they silently hope for him to fail so they can attack him again.


These muthafuckas – The Mouse, ESPN – have made it their goal to be the show; not the athletes who actually play the games but the schmoozers willing to suck their jocks until they find a point of vulnerability in which to attack them personally through their ability (or lack of) to handle pressure from the mainstream press.


Proof once again that ESPN is a place where BULLSHIT – is a recyclable resource…




(Item: Arizona looks to legislate and justify discrimination pointed toward the LGBT Community).


On an edition of BASN’s companion radio show, Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw! Our panel was live and in living color on this before the mainstream media realized how much money was potentially at stake.


Last Wednesday, Arizona’s state legislature took the first steps to pass SB 1062 – a bill which, if passed, would allow business owners to not service anyone based on the owner’s religious beliefs – an attempt to do an end-run around straight – up discrimination against those in the LGBT communities.

Now when I first heard this, I simply thought “they can’t be this fuckin’ stupid – again!” But that’s what it sounds alike.


Twenty-two years ago, Arizona was poised to host Super Bowl XXVII but their governor, Evan Mecham and other assholes in the state voted against Martin Luther King’s birthday being a holiday – twice. So then – commissioner Paul Tagliabue (after hearing dissent from the 70 percent Black NFL Players’ Union and other outside factors), took matters into his own hands.


According to a November 7, 1990, piece which ran in the Los Angeles Times, Tagliabue recommended the game be moved from Sun Devil Stadium:


“With the holiday referenda having been rejected Tuesday, I do not believe that playing Super Bowl XXVII in Arizona is in the best interests of the National Football League,” Tagliabue said in a statement issued by his office.


“I will recommend to the NFL clubs that this Super Bowl be played elsewhere. I am confident that they will endorse my recommendation. Arizona can continue its political debate without the Super Bowl as a factor.”

The game was awarded to Arizona last March by NFL owners after a long debate. Los Angeles was the runner-up with San Diego and San Francisco the other contenders.

But both Tagliabue and Norman Braman, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and chairman of the Super Bowl site selection committee, warned that without a King Holiday, the Super Bowl would be in jeopardy.

“I think it’s tragic for the people who worked so hard to get the game there,” Braman said today. “But I think it would be an affront to our public and our players if the game was played there.”

Arizona voters rejected Tuesday by about 15,000 votes of a million cast a proposal to honor the slain civil rights leader, and some proponents in Arizona held the NFL to blame.

In order for the game to be moved, 21 of the 28 teams would have to vote to take it from Phoenix, although Tagliabue’s recommendation makes that almost a formality.

“I can’t imagine that people won’t go along with the commissioner,” Braman said. “I applaud him for his courageous stand.”


I don’t know about the ‘courage’ part, but it was about business; and after the game was moved to Pasadena’s Rose Bowl, about $300 million in revenue during that week – moved right along with it.


You know what happened – free at la$t, free at la$t, muthafuckas – Mecham signed MLK’s Birthday into law as a national holiday!


I worked that Super Bowl as a journalist, and now 22 Super Bowls later, the Dumb Asses in the Desert have not learned their lesson. After a Super Bowl in the New York metropolitan area that likely earned a billion dollars in revenue (in spite of being a logistical nightmare), Arizona once again reveals its true self.   


Actor/activist George Takei (of ‘Star Trek’ fame), saw the big picture and did not hesitate to set his Phaser on “Liquidate”- on national television. As in if this bill is not destroyed, he is taking his money out of Arizona (where he and his husband have a home) and will pass the word along that his ‘brothers and sisters’ do the same, and the tremendous financial clout LGBT Power has put into their interests – is not to be fucked with.


As it should be – why would you go anywhere or want to buy anything from someone who will not respect you – or what’s in your wallet?


This is way past, “no shoes, no shirt, no service” – and anyone who has any sense knows that; but to a Republican – controlled state House and Senate – if you say the words “Dum Phuc” – they probably think you’re referring to a province in Cambodia!


So a week after we cracked the seal open on this, we’ll see how long it ‘breathes’ before the rednecks in Arizona sip Dat Goofy Grape – and cost their state somewhere between $400 – 800 million in potential revenue from Super Bowl XLIX – going somewhere else…


(Item: NFL attempts to legislate and punish abusive language on the field)


So the National Football League – all filled with piss and vinegar now wants to punish abusive language on the field?


So call someone a Nigger (according to this tossed – about idea)  and it can cost your team 15 yards. Get caught twice? Yer Out (of the game); but here’s the real problem…


If there’s a scrum because of a fumble, and in the pile, someone says, “Git off me, Nigger!” Who are you gonna punish if there are six or seven bodies thrusting about?


Sadly the greatest profanity eludes the mindset of those who see this as “reform” – how the fuck can anyone in the League – from the owners and the Commissioner on down – attempt to enact or enforce such a law when one of your Muthafuckin’ teams’ nicknames is a racial epithet?


I can hear the referee now – “Penalty on Washington RED NIGGERS number 65 for holding that Black Nigger over there – repeat third down.”





(Item: Michael Sam comes out.)


While Michael Sam, would – be NFL prospect, may be comfortable with his sexuality, he may have inadvertently caused a bigger problem in giving perspective employers more latitude in asking illegal questions during the interview process as the NFL Combine in Indianapolis winds down.


ESPN Windbag Screamin’ A. Smith once again puts his foot in mouth about what he do would were he interviewing Sam, screaming that he has the right to ask him anything he wants because Sam opened that door.


While this garrulous guttersnipe grins on in his “look at me, America” moment – he opts to not mention that while he may be theoretically allowed in his mind to ask to any question, many of those questions – would be illegal, you pitiful muthafucka!


There are laws on the books designed to protect such rights, and while the NFL doesn’t owe you a job, they don’t have the right to ask if your Mama’s a whore (no wonder Miami’s situation with the Dolphins was so fucked – up) or what you do, who you see and how you see them. Prospective employers can discriminate at the speed of thought during the question/answer process, and Smith’s punk ass merely threw a match – on a pair of gasoline drawers; with no doubt an NFL higher – up or two nodding in approval.


Just as last year while Manti T’eo foundered in his ‘confusion’, Smith never lets confusion get in the way of running his yap – much to the delight of the Mouse Turds working with him.






That’s just a taste – more to come.


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright © Michael – Louis Ingram 2014 all rights reserved.





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