Buffalo Stance, Part III

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor






Previously on “Buffalo Stance”


The editor for this website wrote a column about the ongoing issues in Buffalo NY and a stadium project which would provide thousands of permanent jobs for many working – class folks in Erie County.


Much of this came about because a private investor is ready to drop a billion dollars into the area to build an entertainment complex in the downtown Outer Harbor area of the city. Although most, if not all the region’s taxpayers would find this to be a Godsend, their elected officials are saying otherwise…


If this sounds like something out of a soap opera, it’s because it is. Heroes and Villains, double – dealing, arrogance – well the next edition of “The Scum and the Taxless” has now unfolded.


A reaction to my last column by someone who may or may not be one “Bob Miller” proved to be quite interesting…


This is Miller’s response to the last column I wrote which exposed Erie County Common Council Leader Mark Poloncarz’s agenda in maintaining the status quo in protecting Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson’s interests at Orchard Park in a crumbling and antiquated football stadium:


Bob Miller – You lost me as a like on this site…I’m very pleased with what Poloncarz has done to date…the date of the letter you have publicized is prior to the new lease agreement which means it is prior to the stadium research group that has been built.

They are reviewing and looking into a new stadium….they have moved away from the Toronto aspect of this by not playing a game there this year – recognizing that the experiment isn’t working and that we were embarrassed by turn out as well as support from “fans” in Toronto.

I’d ask that you back up and review the documentation and the timeline of events and really add perspective to what you want. I don’t care if you are on a board to decide if the stadium is built or refurbished just that we have forward progress…which today we seem to have. I’d also ask you don’t talk in the 3rd person….it’s just not received well. Tuesday 2:06pm


Just a slight problem or two with Miller’s statement:


His ‘response’ is going toward Mr. Pat Freeman, who led the effort to produce the potential stadium project. He is speaking to Mr. Freeman as if he were the author of the article (which he wasn’t) but in this era of cyber – journalism, the creation of contrarians/jackasses (referred to as ‘trolls’) are a very real thing. Their job is to disrupt or deflate any energy toward an opposite view’s gaining steam; but in this case, Miller as a potential troll, needs to stay under the bridge and hope one of The Three Billy Goats Gruff will stop by and buy into this bullshit. Secondly, Mr. Freeman didn’t write the column…


My last column exposed Poloncarz as a toady who has no desire to allow outside money (read ‘that isn’t Wilson’s’) to affect the balance of financial power in the area by implying Erie County citizens will pay higher taxes when again, there is a billion dollars of private funding – that’s tax – free money, y’all – ready to rock and roll for Buffalo and the surrounding area.


When asked about this latest affront to the citizenry, Freeman, a sports director at radio station WUFO 1080AM “The Mix” replied on the Internet radio show Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw:


“How many of you out there for years wondered why things do not get done in Buffalo like other areas of the country? One reason there are too many government entities that are not accountable to its citizens! One of these is the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp, which is made up of appointed members who are not accountable to the people!


“We elected the Mayor, and the Common Council to look after our interest, and if they do not they have to face the will of the voter when their terms are up. Millions of tax dollars go into these authorities with no accountability to the people.


“Now it’s time to give the government back to the people, and the elected officials. Call the common council and tell them not to renew the operators’ agreement with the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.


“The Erie Canal Harbor Corp. has refused to work with your elected leadership that supports the New Downtown Stadium Complex proposal which would create Thousands of Living wage Jobs in the Western New York Area – and I am asking that all concerned citizens to please call the Buffalo Common Council on Monday.”


From the last two columns in this series, it is clear the Erie Canal Harbor Corp. does not wish to work with elected leadership which supports the New Downtown Stadium Complex proposal.


How anyone – especially in these hard times would co – opt the creation of thousands of living wage jobs in the Western New York area – is sickening.


On Monday, an effort was undertaken to have citizens call the Buffalo Common Council – with the intent to ask them not to renew the operating agreement with the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp.


Here is a list of those on the Buffalo Common Council:


Buffalo Common Council Members

Lovejoy District- Richard Fontana (716) 851-5151

David Franczyk- Fillmore District (716) 851-4138

Darius G. Pridgen- Ellicott District (716) 851-4980 (Council President)

Christopher P. Scanlon- (716) 851-5169

Joseph Golumbek Jr.- (716) 851-5116

Michael LoCurto- Delaware District (716) 851-5155

David A. Rivera- Niagara District (716) 851-5125 President Pro Tempore

Rasheed Wyatt- University District (716) 851-5165

Demone Smith- (716) 851-5145 Masten District (716) 851-5145
Majority Leader.


I don’t think you’ll have to wait for Friday afternoon for the climax episode; stay tuned…


Editor’s Note: Just as this column was getting ready to post, word came about the passing of Buffalo Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson, gone today at age 95. According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the League will have to ferret out what contingency plan (if any) the Bills have re succession; if not, the team – new stadium or no – will likely go to the highest bidder…


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright © Michael – Louis Ingram 2014 all rights reserved.

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