By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter




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OAKLAND, CA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): The NCAA current scholarship program is not cutting the mustard and change is in the air. These young men sign a yearly contract and then become a SLAVE to that university.


The American public knows – or should know – where the NCAA is headed, creating the four or five big super conferences and everybody else will have to go home. The recent movement of teams in and out of their conferences is not an accident.


Small schools like Southern Illinois University at Carbondale will disappear from the four major sports programs because they cannot compete on the field with the big boys like the University of Illinois or The University of Michigan let alone Notre Dame, Kansas, or Duke.


For those who do not know these athlete-students have to sign a contract with the University at the beginning of the year and that contract is for only one year – NOT FOUR as everybody thinks. The school can terminate that contract for any reason at anytime leaving the student to pay all of the university bills.





When will African American students and their families get it? Division I schools are not beneficial to you or your family.


The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) hardly ever do that to any STUDENT-ATHLETE but the sports media never gives the black schools credit for education the athlete not using the athlete.


We are not telling our story so young Black students are leaving their history behind to become SLAVES to division one schools. Why? Because they crave the national spotlight, hoping the desired effect will thrust them forward in a potential pro career? I thought going to college was about getting an education, not to become a star on the basketball court. Don’t tell USC that and please don’t inform UCLA or Duke that their responsibility is to educate young men and women not pimp off of them.


Here are just some of the other issues the NCAA needs to correct:
1.) Last year a Louisville Cardinal Basketball player Kevin Ware broke his leg on national television in a Semi Final NCAA tournament game. The young man went to the hospital and had operation to repair his broken leg. Mr. Ware returned to campus to finish out the winter semester… Louisville University did not give him the starting job the next spring and was told to red shirt.


These are the questions that need to be asked a) is insurance in place to cover injuries like this. b) How difficult is it for the Student Athlete to benefit from this insurance c) do the universities drag their feet when the athletes need to pay the bills e) how does this financial effect the families of these students when they are receiving bills they cannot pay.





In a article about the legality of students being employees of the university, Jake Simpson writes:
“But the day-to-day activities of the Northwestern football players and other college athletes on a nearly year-round basis—and the contracts scholarship athletes sign before the school accepts them—show that athletes do in fact serve an employee function while they’re in school, and objectors to the NLRB’s decision have yet to mount a convincing counterargument.”


Kevin Ware will quietly transfer to another school in the South Eastern Conference (SEC) so he can be close to his family. The NCAA moves on with its profit over lives policy. Oh – the NCAA waived the one year rule where a player has to sit out a year before playing for his new school. Head basketball coaches don’t have to sit out a year.


1a. The (SEC) made 314.7 Million dollars last year “GANGSTA”,


2.) A head basketball or football coach can transfer to any college he / she wishes and receives a million dollar contract…That said head coach can sign shoe contracts, shirt contracts, and other commercials while the player cannot accept A THANG.


Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke has a 9 million dollar contract – REALLY?


The list is long Syracuse Jim Boeheim 1.9 million, Kevin Stallings of Vanderbilt 1.9 million, Tom Izzo Michigan State University 3.9 million, John Calipari University of Kentucky 5.4 Million, Louisville’s Rick Pitino 5.0 million, Bill Self University of Kansas 5.0 Million, and Bill Donovan University of Florida 3.7 million the list is endless, and yes it includes African American head coaches like Georgetown’s John Thompson Jr. 2.2 million, Mike Anderson University of Arkansas 2.2 million, and Anthony Grant 1.8 million . Let’s add this up 35.9 million dollars a year THAT’S JUST BASKETBALL; and it’s less than a quarter of the basketball coaches today.


I’m not even listing football because there is not enough room on the page. The NCAA needs to get this under control but it never will. The NCAA sites that for head coaches it’s a free enterprise system then why are they not paying the STUDENT- ATHLETE?


The media does not tell you this. Again the student-athlete gets nothing but a scholarship with averages about $11, 000-22,000 a year. That’s a great deal when the university makes 2.5 million per week in the football season or a NCAA playoff game.


Here is the kicker if Gary Norris Gray gives 1 million dollars to said player at the University of Timbuktu that player and team could get suspended. Now if Gary Norris Gray gives that same million to any of the coaches listed above its o.k. REALLY?


3) Don’t get me started with the one and done basketball player which the University of Kentucky’s John Calipari made into an art. Half of these young men are not ready to play in the NBA. The University of Kentucky keeps doing this and the NCAA has no morals to check the Wildcat basketball program. The NBA is also a co-conspirator because they accept these young men knowing that they are too green for the league…

willie lynch




These young immature men go to school the first semester and then don’t go to class the rest of the year because they don’t have too. Until these changes occur, the system is broken.


Last week the University of Connecticut Huskies defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54, not a single player got a dime for playing six games in three weeks while the NCAA pocketed 84 million dollars. Meanwhile both campuses were in the middle of mid-terms, nobody seemed to care, what happened to the term STUDENT-ATHLETE?


The question should be asked – where is that money going?


The University of California at Berkeley football program made million dollars last year, but not one Golden Bear player got a dime. Berkeley is a smaller football program unlike The University of Michigan who charge $85 per seat at football games which totals over a 100,000 seat stadium, YOU ADD THAT UP.


The Wolverines made almost double the revenue of Cal-Berkeley. Is this fair? Now do you understand why universities and colleges are jumping to different conferences? THE FOUR or FIVE SUPER CONFERENCE are JUST AROUND THE BEND if you don’t see it, you’re foolish.


3) The universities and colleges make the athlete sign a waiver so the school can use their likeness as long as there are enrolled in that school. The NCAA cannot control their own schools because they continue to use that likeness of said player to make money after the student has left. IS THE LEGAL?


The University of Michigan still sells the number 4 jersey that belonged to Chris Webber at 20 dollars apiece. Chris Webber still cannot receive anything from the sales of his jersey and that jersey was worn 20 years ago.
Chris Webber was forced to give back money a University of Michigan booster gave to him during his stay at Ann Arbor – and they “shunned” him for “disgracing the school.”






4) The NCAA signed a contract with EA Sports, CBS, ESPN, ABC, for over 200 million dollars, and now each conference has their own TV contracts for millions. MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY!


THE NCAA, like the NFL, can print their own money based on all the aforementioned – and the fervent desire to keep things status quo.


SO NOW THE NCAA CRIES WOLF, THE SKY IS FALLING because they can’t hoard that money. They are crying crocodile tears. Did the sky fall when they allowed African Americans to play Division One? When they allowed freshmen to play varsity ball – or when they allowed players to redshirt one year? NO!
The NCAA is stating the sky is falling if we pay these athletes.

‘I Go to Bed Starving’: UConn Player’s Startling Interview


I have a bone to pick with CBS Sports Radio reporter John Feinstein who stated on his sports minute April 9th. Feinstein was venting at what Shabazz Napier said at the podium after the championship game which is Feinstein’s civil right, but to sneak in the comment that “Student Athletes go to bed hungry only if they want to”. This statement is not only wrong it shows (Feinstein’s) his insensitivity to the monetary challenged minority athlete. JUST WIN SLAVE – don’t tell me about your problems.


Most universities and colleges do not serve dinner on Sunday nights so what do disadvantaged student-athletes who come from the inner city do? When the parents of these student-athletes cannot send to them because they are just making it themselves, what do you think they’re eating?


Remember athletes cannot receive gifts so they are caught in this hypocritical bind. Student-Athletes who are from overseas have to stay in the dorms alone during winter and spring breaks because it cost too much for them to return home. Where do these young people eat when the campus is closed?


Some universities have solved this problem with basketball, football, and baseball training tables on Sunday nights. HBCU’s make sure the athletes are accommodated with food on the weekend again the SLAVE mentality of the NCAA.


The NCAA made 85 million dollars the past three weeks during March Madness and that makes my stomach turn because it is truly madness when the student pays with his blood, sweat, and tears and the colleges and universities reap the benefits.


Remember folks, only two to five percent of these athletes ever become professional players.


STUDENT-ATHLETE – This year four schools played in this year’s tournament did not pass the national graduation rates average, the same rates that the NCAA punished the University of Conn. last year. Yet these four schools where allowed to play this year. WHY?


THE NCAA IS A NEST OF GANGSTERS AND IS A CARTEL as they continue to pick and choose which institution they want to punish, people are finally waking up to the reality and pushing back, as they should. This shell game has gone on long enough and it needs to stop.


Northwestern University formed a player’s union this spring. There are three more lawsuits pending, so the political wrecking ball is finally swinging against The NCAA.


5) Ed O’Bannon from UCLA is suing the NCAA for using his likeness in an EA Sports video basketball game. O’Bannon did not receive a dime while the NCAA racked in 8.2 million dollar profit. This is after O’Bannon graduated from the Los Angeles school – REALLY?


The NCAA stands there with a straight face and tells you that they can’t pay these student-athletes?




As B.B. King states in his hit record THE THRILL IS GONE! The thrill is gone away…for good.


(Editor’s Note: On the heels of Shabazz Napier’s “Hunger Games” statement, the NCAA has now ruled all Division I schools can give unlimited meals and snacks to its “student – athletes.”)


Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at
©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod



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