By Anthony McClean, Editor – in – Chief Emeritus







BASN BOOK REVIEW: “Imitation and Life”

By Anthony McClean, Editor – in – Chief Emeritus


NEW YORK  (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)– Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked side-by-side with several great and passionate writers. In my humble opinion, one of the most gifted wordsmiths I’ve ever rubbed shoulders with is Michael-Louis Ingram. We have worked together for several years in print, radio, and other media entities.


To categorize him just as a sportswriter would be a disservice to his talent and his profession. He can write about the National Football League just as informatively and passionately as he would about politics, music, film, or affairs of state. In his latest book, Michael touches on all of these issues and then some.


“Imitation and Life: Always Outnumbered – Never Outgunned” gives just a brief example of Mike’s writing versatility and his passion. Mixing several of his columns that previously appeared on the Black Athlete Sports Network, Mike gives a look inside sports and politics that many in mainstream media are either afraid or unwilling to discuss.


Using lines from several contemporary movies (past and present), Mike hands out knockout observations and information that will challenge his readers while making the reader also think. Unlike several writers will try to dazzle you with their “over the top” use of the English language, Mike brings his readers into the conversation with respect and perspective.


In a time when the Black Press has either turned its back on their followers or are someone’s version of Black media, Mike literally and figuratively “tells it like it is”. Yes, there is adult language in his stories, but if one chooses to focus solely on the language, you’re missing the main point.


And most importantly, the reader is the one who will take the biggest loss if they choose to focus on the profanities and not the message. The words and messages that Mike delivers are hard-hitting and uncompromising. If you’re one that worships at the altar of CNN and MSNBC, ESPN and Sports Illustrated, or any other mainstream conglomerate — be prepared to have your beliefs challenged.


Am I a little biased because of my relationship with Michael? Possibly, but don’t let that influence what is being said in this book. As I say several times, you don’t have to agree with one single solitary word that I’ve spent talking about this book. But I challenge you to look past that and give this book a thorough reading.




You may get enlightened.


You may get outraged.


But I promise you will be informed and entertained to the highest degree.


Trust me. You’ll thank me later.


(‘Imitation and Life – ‘Always Outnumbered – Never Outgunned’” is available for purchase on or downloadable via Kindle)


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