(first presented August 3, 2014)





A BASN Special Report: Spheres of Musicology Part II

By Eric G. Satterwhite


Mind over matter mind creates matter..


Matter of fact, since matter are facts…


Matter manifests my diction – a matter of meta­nonfiction.


Modern humanity populates in an increasing shaft flow of information. The nature of the flow is so diverse that Earth denizens are simply not able to learn/download the Intel to swiftly pass cosmic influences to one’s own consciousness.


Welcome to this gathering as good as the virtue of information stream­­ and its clash on our /mental/physical health – that impact our daily lives.


Music compounds the flow of information (specific to this hieroglyphic) as vast swaths of people utilize music to sound therapy­­ not fully aware of what brunt the chosen noise has upon one’s energy fields.


For example, music can express excess energy duress while alternatively providing relaxing reflex effects. However, whatever may be the reaction of the audience to the music—sound vibrations has firewall free abilities to exert influence on the human psyche…whenever/forever.


Clever ancient artisans have documented that music’s might to develop harmonious sentimentality in humanity­­ in addition to functions of creation/destruction­­ the dominant conjunction in today’s digitized sound junction.


Sound personifies audio ambiance during a live sporting action. Human emotions are literal frequencies expressing sympathetic resonance, that can be ignited by audience/fans cheers/ole’s. The acoustics of support are octaves of emotions that permeate during athletic competition.


While competitors receive/absorb/download spectators’ emotions from vocalized cheers via sympathetic resonance; in the most literal sense. Sporting events vie for one team’s vocalized verbal power contra the opponent’s tense audience cadence.


Duly note sound produces harmonics walk with me ­­when two notes are reverberated together­­ attunement interacts veritable pliable laws of mellifluousness physics.





Furthermore, when the crests of two waves merge the synthesis formulates a crest equal to the sum total (height) of each component wave. When the crest of one wave unzips the trough (low part) of another wave, they cancel each one another. The interval of a fifth note engineers the harmony of the universe.


Furthermore, the melodics of two notes ­­ five notes apart –actualize constructively the sound interference, which creates energy vortexes. Therefore active spectators enthused at sporting events theoretically cheer in musical fifths creating resonance (spurring on their favored athlete/team)…who are literally energized by the force of those additional vibrations.


Flipping the script then flipping the flip­­ the same crowd can alternatively produce sounds in another interval­­ producing wavelengths that decrease energy. Recent theories and experiments of modern physicists chronicle that Earth has an all-encompassing wave nature: penetrating air, solid objects, our bodies, and as interesting our thoughts and feelings.


That being stated sound is a wave, whereas one is able to obtain information from any planetary object simultaneously and as inconspicuously… unconsciously.


Mental manifestations of information are waves of emotion. At all times music (noise/vibrations) is the staunchest factor influencing the psyche of the listener; musical correspondence is capable of leavening a storm of different emotional experiences that have varied emotional experiences long after hearing the initial audio rendition.


Selecting one’s favorite musical genre is largely dependent on the psychological, social, and spiritual maturity of the individual meeting daily domestic needs reflective of one’s emotional and present mental state.


All objects, (whether it’s alive inanimate or natural phenomenon carries information) influences your unique personal vibration. All information received by us affects us to the point that we can be radically/instantaneously altered in our way of thinking and living.


How is this done? Information space which saturates and envelopes people can be divided into varied qualitative fields generated by our understanding of life, interpersonal relationships, moral principles, social attitudes, and perception.


Each reaction of each person’s emotions has a specific niche for manifestations caused by resonance informational content.


All of our known universe consists of hard ­configuration combinations of different qualitative spheres of musicology information (sound resonance). The uniqueness and individuality of each person easily indicate an unimaginably infinite number of resplendent combinations of information fragmentation.


Oh okay now it’s simple – any piece of music can author the transfer of (molding) mental images bearing inherent coherent mind altering permanence in one’s personal mental resonance.


Can you feel me?







Therefore a person is knowingly suited to their preference of music­­ and as salient one recognizes that ALL music reflects the mental state of the author/writer/producer­­ himself/herself as a musical narrative of one’s emotional state.


Let’s ride… music is written in a deep depression, negativism, resentment, or a state of joy, love, bliss, forever imprints these inherent experiences that swiftly transfers this erudition to the listener­ship.


Rhythmic tidings tote sound waves efficient in causing resonator activity in a particular brain region­­ activation of which vanguards the production of hormones­­ dovetailing to a habituated sphere of the physical body.




Mind, body, soul…spirit; collectively you can feel it…


Link to Part I





Eric G. Satterwhite is CEO of the website “THE METAPHYSICS OF HOOPS” 


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