Baseball’s Glass Ceiling 

By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter







OAKLAND, CA (BASN?BASN NEWSROOM) The Glass Ceiling continues to cloud this sport. Professional baseball is striking out with females and their current hiring practices in upper management.


Kim Ng (say her last name as ‘ang’) might change the playing field of Major League Baseball if she can attain the general manager’s position in San Diego. Why? Because the game has never had a female at the head of the table; as Bob Dylan sings, “Times they are a-changing’”. She was interviewed in April and the decision was originally supposed to be made at the end of July.


Ng grew up in Queens, New York (wonder if she is a Mets fan or a Yankees fan). She played softball at the University of Chicago and became the MVP of the team. She loved to play the game and understood how to win.


After gaining an internship with the Chicago White Sox as a special project analyst. Ms. Ng became a master at player arbitration. Baseball executives have stated that Kim Ng is a great negotiator and she proved that by working for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.





Kim Ng has been called one of the boys but has yet to be treated like one, and she should be running a baseball team today because of her experience and talent. She has worked in the office where she is the only female and handles it well.


She also had to deal with the racial incidents confronting her by a New York Met executive in a board meeting.


In 2003, a Mets’ executive mocked her Chinese background in front of other MLB execs; he was fired, and she was put in the position of becoming a standard-bearer against discrimination. “I was thinking, ‘Listen, boys, this is what I deal with all the time’,” Ng recalls. “I didn’t want it to become a big deal.”


Ms. Ng was the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees – covering two of the largest markets in baseball. If she could do that for ten years, she could definitely handle any GM position. Ng worked with Frank McCourt in Los Angeles and Joe Torre in New York.


She is the candidate who has negotiated contracts and trades, prepared arbitration cases, run a farm system, overseen pro scouting and run advanced analyses. The candidate whose clean and solid reputation is thick with the men who run the game, play the game, scout the game, analyze the game and sell the game.


She is currently working with Joe Torre again in the MLB executive offices as Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations.


The San Diego Padres, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia Phillies are all currently in last place in their respective divisions. They all might need a new direction and Ms. Ng could be that positive start.


Will it be a Glass Ceiling or a Class Ceiling?


Your move, San Diego.


(Author’s Note: at the time of this writing, Ms. Ng’s GM prospects remain in limbo.)


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