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PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM): I don’t know if the tears have stopped flowing in Sao Paulo, Bahia or Rio – but the clock now ticks to 2018 and another worldwide shutdown; with the Gods of Futbol ready to nod their approval.

On the heels of the lethal counterattack which picked apart a Brazilian defense like none ever seen this century (or any Century for that matter) by eventual Cup winner Germany, the politics, economics and lasting moments punctuating this Cup highlighted more real-world problems than elation off of a successful set piece.

In that spirit, we wish to focus on the lasting moments of The Cup as we see them; as we run this off BASN will put an Olympic spin on this and award a bronze, silver and gold medal for what we feel are the most pivotal moments of this past Cup:


Sulley Muntari_4


BRONZE: Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari, fresh off a victory in the Group of Death, goes to one of the poorest areas in nearby Maceio – and hands out money to some of the residents there without fanfare and the intent was from the heart. Was it long – term? Of course not – some families, however, likely ate or lived a little better that one night – plus because of a very gracious act. Muntari’s act of kindness surely did more than FIFA (who makes and takes most of that earned revenue out of the country!)


SILVER: German midfielder Mesut Ozil went above and beyond with his charity. Prior to the Cup competition, Ozil promised to foot the bill for 11 surgeries to children in Brazil. After winning the Cup, Ozil bumped the number up and paid for 23 surgeries; representing one for every member of Germany’s championship side.


Germany Victory Celebration - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil



Ozil, who has long been a supporter of children’s issues, works with the BigShoe Children’s Healthcare charity, which provides for kids in impoverished areas of the world; and stated his efforts were his way of saying thanks for how he was received in Brazil.


GOLD: Algeria’s National Team was predicted by this writer to get through their group if they could generate any offense at all. They did – and as their reward to humanity donated their entire bonus money – about $9 million U.S. – to the Palestinians suffering during the conflict in Gaza.


Striker Islam Slimani, who plays for Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon, simply stated, “They need it more than us.”


Algeria's Slimani celebrates scoring during their international friendly soccer match against Armenia in Sion


Slimani and the Algerians gave Ozil and his German teammates all they could handle and then some as Germany did eventually take them out 2-1 in the knockout phase.
These individual and collective acts of heroism elevated The Cup far above anything FIFA would even consider doing, and the spirit of solidarity from the only Arab team in the Cup toward a sister nation was a beautiful thing to see…

I wonder if all the assholes who make monkey chants and throw bananas because they see nothing else but resentment and misery in their lives took note of these noble acts of humanity – and will now endeavor to show some the next time their respective teams walk onto the pitch.

It has been said that futbol/soccer is “the most democratic sport in the world” – given these gifts of generosity by these great footballers, their efforts may help to make it the most humane sport as well.

Oh, and by the way, – Robbie van Persie’s goal was a true thing of beauty…


(Sempre em desvantagem – Nunca desarmados)
Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

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