Excessive Spinning Punishes Negroes

Excessive Spinning Punishes Negroes

By Michael-Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented September 14, 2008)


Smiling faces…sometimes — pretend to be your friend;

Smiling faces…show no traces – of the Evil that lurks within;

(“Smiling Faces Sometimes,” written by Norman Whitfield; originally written for the Temptations; made universally popular by The Undisputed Truth)


PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)— The raw nerve of race in this country remains exposed without sufficient effort to soothe the pain.

Whether this approach be done through mainstream media or a specified one (like sports), the mandate to piously punish and perpetrate perniciously an agenda saturated in code words, double talk and misinformation is fundamentally wrong.

Organizations such as ESPN go out of their way to reinforce said mandate by picking and choosing their targets. Because there are usually enough Black people out there to chide and deride, the dialogue and snappy patter have become the entrée instead of the appetizer.

Who gives a shit about the score? Just as long as we can pop off our little one-liners; and give the impression that we are the reason you turned on the television.

It’s getting so the word “athlete” has replaced “nigger” in how commentators and talking heads use it to describe the efforts of Black people playing sports.

As the ESPN talking heads described a couple of college football games earlier this weekend, they spun more shit than a carload of cow crap in a centrifuge.

Describing an account of the Washington State-Baylor game, one set of bobble heads go on and on about Baylor freshman quarterback Robert Griffin being a “track guy,” as they describe his exploits in leading Baylor to a convincing 45-17 victory.

As they continue to harp about the kid while he’s making plays, they imply that Washington State must be a really bad team because this nigger ain’t supposed to be out here doing this — leading and beating a team from the Pacific-10 Conference by 28 points; and because he is a “track guy”.

Football isn’t supposed to be his main vocation.

Another set of bobble heads clean it up a little later in their description, saying Griffin was a track star and record-setting hurdler; but conveniently ignore the fact this young man led his high school to the super tough Texas 4A state championship; as a quarterback.

If he had been white, it’s not a stretch to imply that statement would have been the first thing out of their mouths. If Tim Tebow had led that offense, there would be no need to go to church on Sunday — because he would’ve been proclaimed as God by those idiots on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the whiter shade pales in comparison; even when they lose. I cite the Brigham Young University-UCLA game on Saturday, where BYU stomped on the Bruins and their fair-haired boy Rick Neuheisel.

Neuheisel, a former Bruin quarterback and alum whose coaching career has put his former employers (U. of Colorado and the University of Washington) in questionable situations because he was “ridin’ dirty” on the ethics/recruitment trip, was lauded for his coaching skills in the opening week upset win; but a comparative whisper of criticism in the account of the ass whuppin’ the Cougars laid on them.

And for everything Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel can do, the bobble heads won’t mention his height; because they’re too immersed in the hype.

But as the season goes on, there will be more mentions of Pat White’s athleticism and lack of ideal height if West Virginia manages a BCS bowl game.

Professional Discourtesy

Even the pro players have been subjected to this virus, now known as DUNCE (Direct Undulating Negativity to Coloreds Expeditiously).

Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Terrell Owens, a player I respect, caught a mild case of this during the Hype Week for the big Eagles-Cowboys Monday Night mash up.

The drama which revolved around Owens and quarterback Donovan McNabb while teammates with the Philadelphia Eagles was worked for every advertising dollar ESPN could siphon; and for all the great things Owens does on the field, this was one time he needed to shut the fuck up.

Knowing the drama was the focus of lead headlines and diatribes for an entire summer should’ve pulled Owens’ coat to the real deal.

Especially since the Cowboys are in position to make a Super Bowl charge to Tampa, you would think T.O. had known better by now.

But Owens knows the quote pimps and buzzword bitches need their feed. He also knows if he doesn’t say anything, they will twist that to imply he has an attitude problem.

Because the real story would have been T.O.; not saying a thing.


Beware – beware… of the handshake that hides a snake (can you dig it, can you dig it? I’m a – tellin’ you)

Beware – beware of the pat on the back – clap – clap; it just might hold you back;


It works better than you think. Remember Olympic speed skater Shani Davis winning the gold medal and pissing off the talking head because his answers were rather matter-of-fact and he wasn’t a grinning idiot?

Then his teammate, Chad Hedrick, tries to piss on him because he wouldn’t help him get the gold in the relay (How dare this nigger not help me? He should be grateful we allow him to skate!)

Then, after Davis wins an event and another American, Joey Cheek, finishes second, Hedrick says, “I’m happy for Joey.”


Jealousy (jealousy) misery (misery) envy (envy), I tell ya you can’t see behind smiling faces

Smiling faces sometimes – they don’t tell the truth;

Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies…and I’ve got proof;


None of the assholes on ESPN would bring up that little tidbit, though; could be some were thinking the same thing.

Another who should know better, Shaun King, has had a more chronic case of DUNCE since his beginnings as a contributor on the NFL. When Hall of Famer Earl Campbell said the following about Belichick and the Patriots’organization to the San Antonio Express News:

“I think if I was the commissioner, I would fire (Belichick) – and I’d also fix it so he couldn’t coach in the NFL anymore. And those teams that played (and won three Super Bowls), I’d consider that a tie. The other teams would get a ring, too.

“We try to teach our young kids how to be honest and all that; and here we’ve got grown people. Belichick is no better than those guys in baseball taking them steroids.

“If they win the Super Bowl, I think there should be an asterisk by the Patriots’ name. And if they don’t win, I still think there should be an asterisk by their name, because that’s wrong. A lie is a lie.”

When the ESPIN heads asked for his comment, King, a former NFL quarterback, drank the Goofy Grape and aided in the piling on, saying Campbell was wrong and way off base.

Betcha you weren’t thinking about saying that after you got screwed in Tampa, did you, you dumbass. But you chose to cast your lot with these schlong – slurpers, so don’t complain about having to spit or swallow when it comes time to say ‘ahhhh’ later on.

Had it been Tony Dungy who had cheated, the pink slip would have probably been personally handed to him by Roger Goodell (with an exclusive “breaking news” flash on the ESPN toilet paper scroll).

Meanwhile, Adam Jones is still called “Pacman” and Matt Jones’ cocaine jones couldn’t keep him from getting onto the Jacksonville Jaguars’ roster; but no extracurricular negative references about the White jones outta the mouths of the ESPN babes.

But the Black man reviled as Pacman remains as a living testament to pre airtime production meetings and central Colored caricature casting.

And don’t try that “innocent until proven guilty” bullshit, either; you didn’t do that for Michael Irvin or Erik Williams; or Juwan Howard, all who were accused of sexual assault, but were cleared because their principals in both instances lied; and in the Howard case, he wins a six-figure award in a counter defamation suit against his accuser.

Your enemy – can do you no harm (I know); ’cause you know where he’s coming from;

Don’t the handshake and the smile fool you; take my advice, I’m only tryin’ to school you;

Or the Rush Limbaugh nonsense as an ESPIN head; so blatant in its racist content regarding Donovan McNabb and Black quarterbacks that Chris Berman couldn’t ad-lib or nickname his way out of the bullshit – live and in Black and white.

In my humble opinion, the recent Vince Young character assassination and ongoing designs on attempting to destroy Barry Bonds life sit surreptitiously on the ‘to do’ list in the production meetings.

Milk that cash cow until there’s no more shake to go with those fries.

Meanwhile, Mark McGwire celebrated his anniversary of cheating — make that beating — Roger Maris’ single season home record; by not having the Spin heads say a word.

Cheaters like Roger Clemens, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte all get a pass from the motor mouths; but only Pettitte was decent enough to man up and admit and apologize about drugs.

And those same hypocrites disguised as journalists got a hard on for Giambi’s moustache, treating it as if it was a front – page exclusive.

Until the spin is put in check, the modus operandi will stay in effect.

Author’s note: Keep this in mind; until someone in media says something about this, I will continue to track it: it is now 43 days and counting since the U.S. Congress apologized for slavery; and there is still no definitive action or message from mainstream media and its anal acolytes. 

always outnumbered – never outgunned.







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