Unbelievable Arrogance!

Unbelievable Arrogance!

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented October 3, 2008)


“I am going into this for the sole purpose of proving that a White man is better than a Negro.”

– A formal statement by former heavyweight boxing champion Jim Jeffries, who came out of retirement in 1909 to fight Jack Johnson in the “Battle of the Century”– and ‘save the White race.’



Unless you “bought the pay-per-view” back then, you never saw the outcome of the “Fight of the Century” — but you know from the societal reaction who won the fight.

And it is that reaction which prompted this latest column.

It was on Independence Day in 1910 when Jeffries would meet Johnson in Reno, Nevada — and, apparently, got his ass whupped so badly by Johnson, members of Congress were making motions to ban sale of the fight because the desired outcome had not manifested itself alive in living Colored…

The same Congress which later created legislation tailor made to dehumanize Johnson and turn him into a fugitive — for marrying his white wife; and screwing white women.

The Mann Act (or White Slavery act) was the beginning of the end for the champion, who fled the U.S., returned, was arrested and spent almost a year in Leavenworth federal prison…

For transporting (white) women across state lines for immoral purposes; and now nearly a century later, Congress wants to pardon Johnson for being an uppity nigger.

According to an article in the Associated Press, Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, should be granted a presidential pardon for a racially motivated conviction designed to destroy his boxing career.

A resolution in the House of Representatives passed by an oral recommendation and not by proclamation, stated Johnson paved the way for black athletes to participate and succeed in integrated professional sports and that he was “wronged by a racially motivated conviction prompted by his success in the boxing ring and his relationships with white women.”

The resolution further urged President Bush to grant Johnson, who, like Bush was a native Texan, a posthumous pardon. Johnson, who was born in Galveston, died in 1946.

“He was a victim of the times and we need to set the record straight — clear his name — and recognize him for his groundbreaking contribution to the sport of boxing,” said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., author of the resolution.

Apparently, as this measure moves to the Senate, everyone’s favorite “maverick,” Republican presidential nominee John McCain, has a companion resolution waiting.

But Rep. King is wrong in his description of Johnson being a victim of the times; because those “times” he refers to haven’t really changed.

So now the Senate can admit their ancestors and former colleagues had a hand in fucking over someone’s life, and since his Black ass can’t threaten them anymore by the sheer force of his presence, they feel compelled to pardon him?

Pardon him for what? For being unfortunate enough to be considered a Nigger in a time where moral apple carts were toppled because of plantation myths manifesting into bestial reality?

For being unable to castrate and hang his Black ass like all the other Niggers you lynched because he claimed your White prize?

Because all the images of the black buck savaging the gilded White lily were no longer sequestered behind closed doors?

Because mano a mano, no White man was man enough or bad enough to “put that Nigger in his place” — so why not bring the weight of the entire government on his Black ass; and crush his spirit and those of any others looking to Johnson’s example of living his life as he saw fit?

How many more “victims of the times” like Michael Vick and Adam Jones continue to suffer beyond redress because of the holier-than-thou invertebrates that crawl into press boxes and radio booths; that scribble their drivel in columns in newspapers and blogs, disguised as human beings?

How many more days (as of right now, 63 and counting) will go by as the apology for slavery by Congress continues without public exposure as every liberal — leaning and mainstream media source continues to not say a muthafuckin’ thing about it?

I guess it’s okay to resolve your guilt and free up just one Nigger — especially since his Black ass is already dead; but to attempt to liberate millions of thought processes through honest discourse on race — and let’s not forget those reparations — must remain someone else’s problem as the suggestion to “get over it” is another discussion for another time.

Or until the Condescending News Network, the Bitch Ass Entertainment Travesty or Must Supplement Negroes By Cable find a way to make more money from it.

Because they won’t worry about finding a way to apologize to all the Black families who suffered collateral damage from what was done to Johnson.

And any legal statute which could allow any redress is long past the expiry date…

Just as the scumbags who lynched and killed Emmet Till bragged about it and was then paid by Look Magazine to talk about it after their acquittal, this Johnson effort is an attempt to close a barn door long after Bossy was turned into hamburger.

There were just as many, if not more Black men lynched in New York State during Johnson’s reign as heavyweight champion as anywhere in the segregated South or any other part of the country.

An apology is worth nothing if it lacks sincerity; and this latest gambit only seeks to serve the mealy-mouthed myrmidons who merely mumble at the mention of humanity; whose mouths are so sore from phallic foraging at the Black man’s expense, they can no longer spit or swallow…

I wonder if a similar apology will be offered if Barack Obama loses the election to McCain and his cronies for all the dirty deeds done — as well as those to come — as Election Day looms closer.

Or, as previously stated, I am going into this for the sole purpose of…

always outnumbered – never outgunned.



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