Attack The Radical

Attack The Radical

By Michael-Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented October 10, 2008)


‘In the states there’s a problem with race Because of ignorant past burned fires From evolution We’ve been killing each other I figure man should have it down to a science…’

From the song “No Good (Attack the Radical)” and the album “Vulgar Display of Power”

Lyrics by PANTERA (Vinnie Abbott, “Dime Bag” Darrell Abbott, Rex Brown & Philip Anselmo)



PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)— Deep in the heart of Connecticut, the news — is all bad.


The Extreme Spinners of Punishing Negroes is at it again; and their sleazy, suspect and selective pursuit of the truth has now gone far beyond the Shut the Fuck Up stage.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas, the news is even worse.

I would say given the “journalistic” credibility of the ESPIN crew, Pantera, the original “Cowboys From Hell” are better qualified to speak on the situation regarding another current (Dallas) Cowboy’s hell…

As objectively as possible, cornerback Adam Jones may well be “ignorant past burned fires,” – but to crank him up as a perpetual target for ridicule without total receipt of all the facts and jump on his ass because of some mandate from some office bobble head is not news – it’s persecution.

When we weigh a person like Jacksonville Jaguars’ wide receiver Matt “White Lines” Jones getting the DeLorean treatment from not only law enforcement, but the League commissioner in not being penalized, not being suspended, and not being mentioned with any amount of passion or frequency as an Adam Jones; leaving the question of the double standard flush in the face of fans and some media in this business, we have to speak on this.

So how does ESPIN address it? With Stephen A. Smith screaming one of the most asinine statements any reporter could ever make on their First Take show. (Paraphrasing) “For all of you who are saying, ‘Well, what about Matt Jones? What about the white guy?’ Adam Jones knew he was under the microscope. Get over it.”

You know, I understand you wanna collect that check – there’s no hating on that part; but when you wanna dismiss a white man playing in league where the overwhelming majority of players are Black committing an infraction but dismissing it because he never did it before, or because another stereotype is a more suitable target for scorn; (or worse, because of his skin color) is about as dumb – ass as you can get.

If Matt were Black, his melanin – enhanced ass would’ve been suspended, regardless of what number time it had been; and his Black ass would either be in jail or presented in living Colored through the ESPIN universe as another one of “those people” who have a natural gift for athletics – and a natural predilection for crime.

You sure said it loudly enough about Chris Henry; and even if it was justified, why is not justifiable to include your “homeboy” Matt under the hot lights of scrutiny as well?

Is this the kind of bullshit that’s discussed in production meetings — “No niggers – no news?”

So instead of advocating equal treatment and equal punishment (especially when you are allegedly caught with the goods in the car) you wanna sing for Matt Jones like some cartoon character, “he’s out on bail, and out of jail, and that’s the way it goes – rrrraaahh!”

And as if that sorry spectacle wasn’t enough, the other talking heads continue to stir the pot “because it’s good television” with the quickie poll question, “Who is the biggest distraction to his team?”

Is it

A. Terrell Owens (who lost a loved one last week, but got pissed on because he was a human being dealing with a personal loss)

B. Chad Ocho Cinco (whose Hall of Fame credentials mean nothing because some jealous muthafucka will talk about his blond hair instead of his work ethic because he sees him as some crazy, attention starved Nigger) or

C. Plaxico Burress (who was arguably the MVP of the New York Giants offense last year?)

Well, the answer is “D” — Matt “White Lines” Jones the white football player who has proven that in Roger Goodell’s world, all animals are created equal…but some are more equal than others.

Yes, these cats have their poison program down to a science; and the only thing more predictable than their methodology is their lack of culpability.

Day in day out, these” journalists” immerse themselves in what they do; with about as much joy and anticipation as NAMBLA booking a convention in Thailand…

Twin Idiots

We now turn to our next vulgar display of power – two Howard Stern wannabe dipshits named Chris Baker and Langdon Perry out of KTLK in Minneapolis, Minnesota began a discourse where Perry states on air, “I’m convinced that Magic Johnson faked AIDS”; and his parrot Baker agrees.

Perry then stated Johnson was, “the only cured AIDS guy ever.”

The conversation was picked up by a site called Media Matters for America; Once Johnson got wind of it, he sent the following statement re KTLK:

Today, in response to an item from Media Matters for America documenting KTLK radio hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry agreeing that “Magic faked AIDS,” former basketball star and philanthropist Earvin “Magic” Johnson denounced the comments as callous and insensitive to those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“I am extremely disappointed in KTLK in Minneapolis. I am outraged that Chris Baker and Langdon Perry would minimize such a serious and deadly issue. Millions are dying from HIV/AIDS and the fact that they would make jokes about my status is unbelievable,” Johnson said.

“Chris, Langdon and KTLK should use their power in a more positive light by encouraging people to get tested for this disease instead of making up such ridiculous lies.”

During the October 8 broadcast of KTLK’s The Chris Baker Show, Perry asked: “What about diseases that are eminently treatable and you can live with for a long, long time quite healthily if you just get some basic drugs?” Baker interjected, “like Magic Johnson,” to which Perry replied, “Like Magic with his faked AIDS.”

After Baker asked, “You think Magic faked AIDS for sympathy?” Perry stated, “I’m convinced that Magic faked AIDS.” Baker replied, “Yeah, me too.” Perry added: “It falls apart when you get into motivation. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure he faked AIDS. … Cause he’s the only cured AIDS guy ever.

Now never mind Johnson never had AIDS; let’s not let the muthafuckin’ facts get in the way of a good story…

Johnson revealed he was HIV-positive, which is an entirely different situation, and presents an entirely different set of health maintenance and treatment variables.

So this so-called “joke” on the part of two small dick brains who come to the table unprepared for credibility because maybe some asshole boss at their radio station is just as stupid as they are and wants them to be “controversial” falls like the Dow Jones.

It’s the kind of animus that permeates perniciously through the “humor” which makes you fully aware of what type of prey the media beast desires to feed on.

As in “we’re disappointed Mr. Johnson had enough money and took care of himself well enough to not suffer as others have – why didn’t he shrivel up and die like all the other muthafuckas?”

And these clowns were given a fucking on – air forum in which to do their damage in!

It would’ve been real funny if Johnson sued you muthafuckas to the last penny for your bullshit; laugh that off, why don’t you.

My Girl Carol

It’s one thing to be a victim of a vulgar display of power; and another to fight back.

When one gets screamed on, what level of retaliation is necessary?

That brings me to one of my favorite celebrities, Carol Burnett, a very funny lady who seems to like a joke as much as the next person, but she doesn’t play.

The versatile actress and comedienne was victimized by information placed in the tabloid the National Enquirer, and successfully sued them for libel in the early 1980s to the tune of $1.6 million.

Burnett took the money received in settlement and donated part of it to the journalism departments of the University of California – Berkeley and the University of Hawaii, reportedly stating the lawsuit was about principle, and “getting the story right,” so new journalists coming out of J – school would be reminded about what not to do.

Well, having said all this, while I am glad we had this time together, the fact we have to constantly revisit issues like these is because when Black and white is read by the ESPINs of the world, it’s usually “all over.”

always outnumbered – never outgunned.




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