‘Journeys’ To The Center of Our Worth

‘Journeys’ to the Center of Our Worth

By Michael – Louis Ingram


(first presented November 29, 2008)


PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)— Regardless of what happened throughout and up to the general election, 2008 will go down in history as The Year We Made Contact with the conscience of this entire ball o’ dirt we call the Earth.But, as is the pedigree of my country ’tis of thee, the blatant reminders, desires, troubles and woes, status and quos of little minds and soulless vessels emanating vexing visions of America and their citizens whose skin color remains anathema to those Real Americans…

It is of thee I sing…


It is the day after Thanksgiving, and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has weathered another storm. But this one was created by those closest to him professionally, and the joke about being benched after the convincing 48 – 20 win over the Phoenix Cardinals should sit in his craw as he files it in the memory banks.


The vindictive subtlety of this left – handed compliment was encapsulated succinctly by ex – football player and ESPN analyst Marcellus Wiley, who in the First Take show said (paraphrasing), “Donovan McNabb took out his drivers’ license, saw his picture and remembered who he was.”


As in the player who used his arms and legs to succeed on the field; the same arms and legs that led the Eagles to four consecutive conference finals and a Super Bowl appearance, wrapped around a 78 – 44 – 1 lifetime record.


But the fact he did this with little or no help during his career didn’t matter to the parasite who sought to diminish everything McNabb had done, in spite of his own coach and front office hanging his Black ass out to dry.


The nattering of this garrulous guttersnipe who spoke against McNabb wasn’t offering anything akin to a “devil’s advocate” argument as much as he was opining a spiteful account of how McNabb wasn’t a great quarterback.


Now it’s clear he was only doing what the E-SPINNERS do; but take in account these underhanded, undulating urchins are the same ones who come on themselves when a Matt Cassel runs for 60 yards; but piss out anger in their attempts to devalue Michael Vick running for over 1000 yards in a season (mostly because no one in Atlanta would or could catch the fucking ball).


In perspective, McNabb got a concentrated dose of what every Black male gets a taste of every day. Just when you think the day is going right, the return to the racial reality of America fast – forwards at the speed of thought…


Overland Park, Kansas: A young man went to “Journey’s” – a shoe store in a local mall. Keith Slater, 22, bought a pair of shoes and then saw an identical pair at a different store for less. As such, he bought the identical shoes from the cheaper store and took back the original more pricey pair to Journey’s.


Later on that night, as he was reviewing the receipt, he noticed that the reason for the return was “Dumb Nigger”. When he took the receipt back to the store, they didn’t even apologize but did admit that said “reason” was in the system.


Apparently, local newscasters attempted to gather more information. Slater’s parents wanted to know more, but as of this writing, nothing further has been forthcoming from Journey’s.


Well, I figure if Journey’s needs some help locating the source of the trouble to enable their public relations people to respond, we at BASN are willing to lend a helping hand:


The copy of the receipt has a code (TRANS) for transaction #3189; two employee codes (EMPL) that could perhaps identify said employee of #355 and #555; a store code of either #1166 or #1186 (probably for the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park); and the customer (CUST) code of DUMB NIGGER.


Hopefully, this will offer some useful information in Journey’s ability to spin this bullshit into a suitable sound bite, complete with outrage and contrition!


I will admit, up to this point, I have never heard of a Journey’s shoe store; but wherever these stores happen to be, I sincerely hope Black Friday didn’t tempt you to spend your green money in any of their stores.


Never mind the lack of an apology; lack of cash sales will humble their bottom line more expeditiously than false words and pained smiles.


Point blank – boycott their ass.

Don’t shop at “Journey’s” – journey elsewhere.


New York City: New York Knickerbockers guard Stephon Marbury continues to ride the pine in his $22 million stare down with Knick management.


While fans are roasting Marbury because he won’t, can’t or refuses to play (pick based on what side you’re on) the real issue nobody wants to bring up is the fact the Anucha Brown Sanders lawsuit revealed in court accounts how a young White girl working in the office had consensual sex with Marbury.


Ultimately, she received a little embarrassment – and a big promotion; while Marbury, who head coach Mike D’Antoni admitted was one of his better players, got a big salary – and a little demotion.


But the huge effort to push this agenda from simmer to boil would not be done if this were a white player we were talking about. Which takes this thought stream to Jacksonville, Florida: and a White player we have been talking about – Jaguars’ wide receiver Matt “White Lines” Jones. Our little melanin – deprived friend has essentially thumbed his nose at the “justice” system within the National Football League and Sheriff Roger Goodell.


Appealing a supposed three game suspension for being allegedly being caught with cocaine, Jones plays on while key players on other teams (specifically the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings) will likely receive four game suspensions at critical times for use of a weight – loss diuretic on the League’s list of banned substances.


That Jones, who, if allegations are correct, knowingly used an illegal substance and did no jail time and received no fine or level of punishment may say more about the underachieving of the Jaguars than anything done on the field.


Let’s not fool ourselves here; you’ve got Black men on a roster — some of them, born and raised in the South and acutely aware of the nuances and favors afforded athletes – if all is positive.


But when one among them struts around in the locker room cloaked in his robe of invincibility, arrogantly proclaiming without word spoken how he is untouchable and above the law when those Black men that are his teammates know if any of them were in a similar situation, their Black asses would be subject to untold scrutiny and character assassination, you cannot expect a sense of compatible team chemistry to translate onto the playing field.


No matter how you shake this out, it is difficult for me to believe Jones can look his teammates in the eye and give the impression everything is all right; because they know this man by his actions devalues every one of his Black teammates and coaches.


And they are again reminded you can’t have any bad days, or slip – ups or get caught with a credit card full of cocaine ready to be lined and dined upon (sniff, sniff).


San Diego, California: When you do your job well enough that it augments others success, that’s teamwork. When you do your job well in spite of incompetence among those in higher positions of authority, it’s commendable.


But when the incompetence above purges the competence below, that’s deplorable. Such an instance occurred with the firing of defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell by the San Diego Chargers.


Last season under Cottrell, the Chargers led the league in interceptions, passing defense and takeaways – for the first time in their 48-year history. But the injury to linebacker Shawne Merriman and the incompetence of head coach Norv Turner – one of the most overrated “talents” in the League — have flipped the script for Cottrell, who in over 20 years as a position coach and coordinator, has coached several of the League’s highly ranked defenses.


The underachieving Chargers, who in spite of their current 4-7 record, have been snake bitten by blown calls and poor coaching decisions; but the downward spiral in San Diego began a couple seasons ago with owner Alex Spanos, general manager A.J. Smith and former head coach Marty Schottenheimer.


The personality clashes among the three of them prompted firing Schottenheimer, who had coached the Chargers to a 13 -3 regular season record.


Accepting Turner as head coach may have made Spanos and Smith feel good, but not Cottrell, who was sacrificed as scapegoat for San Diego’s present failure.


Always touted as a “potential” head coach but never given the opportunity, Cottrell’s skin color and now his age have worked against him. While the NFL has progressed in hiring Black head coaches, men like Cottrell, Jimmy Raye, and other older very qualified Black men continue to be passed over or cut out altogether of the greatest reward for their talent.


As these journeys for sanity and semblance of self manifest themselves in the games people play, let us keep in mind even those who see the glass as half full have enough sense to not drink out of said glass when someone has spit in it.


Oh, and by the way — don’t shop at Journey’s.


NOTE: For more on Journey’s, Link to Video News Story: http://www.kmbc. com/video/ 17768384/ index.html <http://www.kmbc.com/video/ 17768384/index.html>


always outnumbered – never outgunned.




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