The Sports MCs – Classic Crock, Part III

Sports MCs – Classic Crock, Part III

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented February 25, 2009)


(Lyrics to “Idle Hands” written by the great salsero Eddie Palmieri and first performed by a Latin/Soul collective called Harlem River Drive – you can find it on Youtube)

You all know the story — how it all began

It took five days – and then came Man;

Ohh, the land was free; and so were we

No slavery – to lead the poverty

Idle hands…idle hands…idle hands…

Then they rose up fast with their greatest schemes

Just killin’ stealin’ and taxin’ using any means;

To disguise injustice – the so-called progress

And deny our people their right to happiness

Idle hands…idle hands…idle hands…(Umm hmm, yeah)

Now things get worse with every year; you can’t really live (no, no) when you live in fear

Whatever our efforts – always fail; while the whole world sleeps

Idle hands play

Idle hands…idle hands…idle hands…(Ooooh, yeah; Mmmm yeah)

Now do you have the courage?

Do you have the will?

Do you have the guts, now – to see a dream fulfilled?

Do you wonder why – tell me do you give a damn?

Do you know what’s meant by the rights of Man?

Idle hands

Idle hands

Idle hands…


PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN BASN NEWSROOM)— Doc: We are back with Chat – SMC on BASN Radio; Doc Pinky is in the house with my man DJ Hunnycomb of the Sports MCs, and we are awash in Wah – Wah pedals and some pre-marital baritone sax as we go Old School with some timely Latin Soul from the 1970s;I think the last jammie sets the table for our next subject, which has a bit of irony in it. A recent edition of Sunday’s New York Daily News has their house tiger, columnist Mike Lupica writing about “The Sports Stars Who Shame Our City.”

In it, he waxes about guys like Alex Rodriguez, Plaxico Burress and Stephon Marbury among others brought shame to the game. Hunnycomb, I know you got something to say on this…

HC: You Damn Skippy! Before anything, you have to consider the source. How the hell can Lupica qualify his ass for anything when Jose Canseco has proven to be a better journalist than he has been? When you consider his bosses wants his to words to be perceived as those of an ‘insider,’ where the fuck was he when all this steroid bullshit hit the fan?

If you’re a so-called ‘insider’ and you pretend or genuinely say you didn’t know what was going on over the past 30 years, that doesn’t say much for your credibility; if you did know and are feigning disappointment over your fallen heroes, you’re still full of shit because as soon as that reporter (whoever it was) pointed to that bottle of Andro sitting on a shelf in Mark McGwire’s locker, the whole mess was put in plain sight of everyone.

So, you have incompetent at best, complicit at worse because you knew all along; and you can remix this bullshit among every other major daily, their beat writers and the front offices of the MLB teams, the Players Union and MLB’s officials right up to Commissioner Brat Selig, with his bitch-ass.

Doc: What’s interesting is how quickly A-Rod went from hero to ham samich by the press…

HC: Well, that’s part of this debacle, isn’t it? These hypocritical bastards allow Brat Selig to sound off on A-Rod, yet nary one of them attempt to put his drawers to the fire for having all this happen with his apparent consent.

And let’s be honest – Even with what little he did admit to, Rodriguez admitted more than anyone else before him. Jason Giambi never admitted he did steroids, and all these would-be journalist bloodhounds would do is talk about his underwear and his dumb-ass moustache during a hitting streak – real Pulitzer Prize stuff.

Although Andy Petitte was forthright, the local press never went after him with the ferocity they did with Barry Bonds or A-Rod! They are maliciously jumping on his ass because they know how image-conscious he is, and they’re enjoying every bit of it.

Doc: Well, my Giants may have hung themselves out to dry following the Plaxico Burress fiasco. Their actions could cause a chain reaction that may shift the balance of power in the NFC East;

HC : Bro, Plax’s stupidity was on him; he’s paid the price in all future revenue he could earn and these assholes in the press will make sure he never forgets what he did whenever there’s a slow news day.

But my beef is with these muthafuckas is how they allowed Mayor Michael Bloomberg to scream on Burress and huff and puff about how he belongs behind bars; yet this numb-nuts is quiet as a rat pissin’ on cotton when a muthafucka who stole $50 billion dollars chills in a penthouse and dumps on the little people with nary a syllable out of his mouth about muthafuckin’ Bernie Madoff? Where’s the hue and cry from Hizzoner the Mayor? Why isn’t Bloomberg having a public press conference to slow roast a schmuck who stole $50 billion dollars? And where’s the press’s accountability there?

Did Madoff not steal enough from everyone? Is he too rich or too white or too influential for you? Plaxico Burress committed Grand Theft Common Sense, while Madoff committed Grand Theft Gross National Product!

Yet they still want Plaxico’s long, lanky Black ass in a 6 by 6 cell.

Doc: As we dribble on down the road, it looks as if the drama with Stephon Marbury and the Knickerbockers will be coming to an end. Word is Marbury has tentatively agreed to a buyout and trade which should allow for Marbury to move on peacefully while the Knicks continue to restructure their chances for the LeBron James /Dwayne Wade sweepstakes in 2010;

HC: I’m actually happy for Marbury, because they should’ve traded or let him go before the season started. He came ready to work, but neither the team, nor the press had any future plans to perceive him in any positive light as a Knick.

And all this because some White girl – then an intern – gave him a blow job and screwed him. How do we know? That shit came out under oath as part of testimony in the Anuncha Brown Sanders lawsuit versus Isiah Thomas, the Knicks and their village idiot, James Dolan.

The mainstream press dabbled in some idle hands fellatio of their own in burying another law suit New York Ranger cheerleaders had against their organization; and before the spit hit the swallow, they had settled out of court – with very little fanfare.

Now add up all that with BASN scooping every New York paper with a colleague who lives 2500 miles away from the Rotten Apple on the baseball raping of New York City taxpayers by the Yankees and Mets while the news that was shit to print was spread like a butt crack on a bent over plumber and every city paper didn’t say a fucking thing; or at least anything they seemingly didn’t already take from us.

So know, I ask you – who has really shamed our city? The Latino infielder, the Black football player, the Black basketball player, or the bitch-ass muthafuckas who are supposed to be writing about real news instead of punishing people who make dumb mistakes; and conveniently avoid speaking truth to power for fear of losing their place at Massa’s table.

Enjoy those press box accoutrements in the new stadiums, you scumbags; you don’t deserve a seat in any of them.

Doc: And we will be back with more after this…


always outnumbered – never outgunned


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