The Sports MCs Present:Classic Crock, Part II

Sports MCs – Classic Crock, Part II

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented February 23, 2009) 


Pat White

Pat White


PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM)— We’re back at BASN Radio with “Chat – SMC.” I’m Doc Pinkard, and my tag-team partner today is DJ Hunnycomb of the Sports MCs.

Changing channels for the moment, we’re gonna take a peek at what’s happening in the post – Super Bowl world of football. As we come out of the PT’s (pigskin tremens) the Scouting Combine becomes the pilot light for the Hot Stove debates leading up to April’s Draft; and every football fan’s first sign of spring.

Regardless of whatever talent may rise to the surface, the glamour spot of quarterback remains front and center.

Of the talent set to come out this year, Hunnycomb, which of the crop is legit – and which ones come up bogus?

HC: Well, I preface my comment with this: A long time ago when I worked for a draft publication, it was basically part of the company’s mission statement to not attempt to ruin some young man’s life. By that it was meant if you are pointing out attributes or flaws of Player A versus Player B, it was important you kept those things within the realm of the sport.

Having said this, the current crop of quarterbacks has run the gamut of attention for mention. I thought the Mark Sanchez coming out party being spoiled by his head coach was very interesting.

Doc:That was messed up! Everyone could see there was some flat-out hostility on Carril’s part, especially the way he left the press conference.

HC: Well, if he was really that concerned about Sanchez, I hope it was because he was going to graduate and not cheat USC out of $20 million and a BCS championship game; there was a similar situation with another Pac-10 player I know who got screwed by his former coach because he left early, and I sincerely hope — whether he agrees with his choice to go or not – he does not do the ‘poison tongue’ thing to him behind closed NFL doors.

But as to what I’ve seen so far, the thing I am most angry with is the treatment of West Virginia’s Pat White. The slant to stick him in the pros on a roster as a wide receiver, or ‘Wildcat’ quarterback, which is the new euphemism for ‘Slash’ because he is a great athlete (said with pretty much the same intent as saying ‘Nigger’ as pertains to on the field) has been blatant and insulting.

Here this young man plays in the East-West Shrine Game at quarterback, and earns the MVP. Plays in the Senior Bowl, earns another MVP.

Now, he’s at the Combine and again shows not just his speed and agility, he shows his arm strength and accuracy – but these ESPIN muthafuckas are still working overtime to put him at wide receiver and further devalue the man by saying he wouldn’t be worth anything but a fifth – round selection. It’s as if they’re afraid he could be even better at quarterback in the pros than in college.

Doc:Damn, brother – is this really Fear of a Black Quarterback?

HC: Not just that, Doc – I would say Fear of a Potentially Great Quarterback. I’m sure they’ve already started crawling up his asshole to see if they could find any dirt or anything which would discourage a front office from making that choice.

I remember the flap when White, who was also a baseball star, was asked why he didn’t play baseball for the Mountaineers, screamed on his school for not having any Black coaches or Black players (and that the baseball coach was not the most accommodating cat in the world) they lost their minds and strong – armed the kid into saying the baseball program wasn’t racist – riiiiiggggghhhttt.

And it’s interesting that all this is being done about White. A friend of mine recently said White’s style of play reminded him a lot of some of what he did in college.

Now since my friend was Mr. Damon Allen, the all – time passing leader and rushing leader for quarterbacks in any professional football league (and, excuse me, Damon) the baddest mega -phaga to ever play quarterback in the CFL saying this, I would tend to take that opinion rather seriously.

I mean, this is the brother who Michael Vick should have wanted to be when he grew up saying White has the skills; and I frankly think White’s scaring the shit outta these would-be experts, who have no excuse because of Drew Brees and their shameless pimping and pumping of Chase Daniel.

Although they have not done that to Ball State’s Nate Davis, who should also excel at the next level given he gets the right opportunity, two others Josh Freeman (Kansas State) and Brian Johnson (Utah) have been comparatively invisible men.

Doc:I have to admit I wasn’t aware of Freeman;

HC:That’s what fucked up about this process! Here he is in the Big 12, where quarterbacks and high – powered passing attacks abound, and all year we heard Colt McCoy (Texas) Bradford from Oklahoma, Graham Harrell (Texas Tech), Chase Daniel (Missouri) Todd Reesing (Kansas) and no one said boo about this brother from K – State! Now they’re mumbling ‘he might have a pro future’ through gritted teeth as it seems Harrell may be a ‘system quarterback;’ the size issues of Reesing and Daniel will be spun with bullshit like “they’re natural leaders” because too white and too short will never get in the way of being too qualified to hold a clipboard on the sidelines…

Since this brother is 6-foot-6 and can throw a pair of wet drawers so far that they will land dry, he will get some attention. Hopefully he’ll be a good fit for whoever takes the shot.

As to Brian Johnson, you would’ve thought a senior pivot, playing like a true field marshal in dissecting big bad SEC Alabama on national television and completing a 13 – 0 undefeated season, was worthy of ink; but no one has said shit.

Doc:Well, that’s a couple of bones to chew on, Boss – so while we get ready to chew on a couple more, we’ll play this one for all the Brothers who walk out the door, knowing what they’ve gotta deal with every day.

As my man Larry Graham used to say in that cool baritone, ‘Can You Handle It?’

(Lyrics to “Underdog” Written by Sylvester Stewart, performed by Sly & the Family Stone)

Hey dig

I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake

But they won’t let you forget

That you’re the underdog and you’ve got to be twice as good

Yeah, yeah;

Even if you’re never right, they get uptight when you got too bright

Cause you might start thinking too much, yeah

Yeah yeah…

I know how it feels when you know you’re real

But every other time you get up you get a raw deal, yeah

Say I’m the underdog

The underdog

Say I’m the underdog

The underdog

I know how it feels to get demoted; when it comes time you get promoted

But you might be movin’ too fast, yeah

Yeah yeah

If you ever loved somebody of a different set

I bet that set didn’t let you forget — that it just don’t go like that (yeah yeah)

I know how it feels for people to stop turn around and stare

Signify a l’il bit of low life, don’t rate me yeah (yeah yeah)

I don’t mind…I’m the underdog

No I can handle it

I’m the underdog

I’m the underdog, yeah

The underdog

Said I know how it feels to be played upon

To be at the party, but you’re really all alone

They just underestimate me yeah yeah

I know how it feels when you’re feelin’ down

And you wanna come up but you realize you’re in the wrong part of town, yeah yeah

I know how it feels to have to go along with people you don’t even know

Simply because there happens to be a whole lot more of them yeah yeah

Say I’m the underdog

I’m the underdog

I don’t mind, ’cause I can handle it


It’s gonna be alright

I’m the Underdaaawwwwwwggg…

We’ll be back with more after this…

always outnumbered – never outgunned.


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