The Hypocrisy of Contrition

The Hypocrisy of Contrition

By Michael-Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented June 17, 2009)




Matt “White Lines” Jones, who was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars in March of this year, is now a free agent who will not be penalized for violating his drug – rehabilitation program. Jones was busted for a felony – cocaine possession – but did no time because he managed to snag a rehab situation rather than time in jail.

Jones would do a week in jail; for falling off the wagon, but basically, he is free to work a deal with whatever team wants him and without any worshipping at the altar of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell – no contrition necessary (NCN).

New England Patriots lineman Nick Kaczur was arrested in April for illegal possession of Oxycontin, a powerful pain killer drug. I surely could be wrong, but Kaczur has not been suspended by the League or punished by Goodell for the incident per the public conduct clause in his contract – also NCN.

Former New York Yankee Jim Leyritz, who killed a person with his vehicle while driving under the influence in Florida in December of 2007, didn’t have his incident mentioned more than once when it was a ten second spot on the television crawl. Leyritz’s blood alcohol level was reportedly .14, almost twice the state’s legal limit of 08.

It’s fair to say Leyritz has not been a target of the media since this heinous crime; we could also count this as NCN – because of the arrogance Leyritz has in believing his media cronies wouldn’t speak on his misdeeds more than necessary…

Brandon Jones of the Tennessee Titans was busted for carrying an illegal weapon when in Nashville’s airport, 30 days – NCN.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth will do 30 days behind bars as part of a settlement with the family of the man he hit and killed with his car while DUI in Florida earlier this year.

Stallworth, who could have done as much as 15 years in jail for the crime, had it pleaded down through mitigating factors (victim was jaywalking when hit) and family of victim agreed to a monetary settlement.

Once out, Stallworth will likely come under some type of suspension, but in spite of his thoughtless actions in driving while drunk and because he’s not a quarterback, he won’t be important enough to be made an example of by Goodell – we’ll call Stallworth’s case contrition pending (CP).

Plaxico Burress, who could do more time for shooting himself than Stallworth did for killing someone, gets an adjournment and renewed hope he may be able to play football in the NFL this year prior to any sentencing for illegal possession of a hand gun.

Burress, who seems to be in demand by several teams, may be even hotter pending his sit down with Commissioner Goodell – another CP.

And of course, next month, Michael Vick will have served his debt to society and meet with Goodell after 23 months hard time for his direct / indirect actions involving dog fighting.

Vick, who served time in federal prison, must now stand before Goodell as the NFL’s Grand Poobah must deliver the most serious punishment if Vick does not, in his eyes, genuflect enough and show sufficient remorse…also CP.

But out of all these stories, Terrell Owens has been mentioned than all of the aforementioned by a wide margin. Why, you ask?

Because of the agenda set in motion by the spurious scum suckers who spew their bile from the desks of ESPIN.

Terrell Owens, who has never been charged with a crime, never committed a crime, or to the knowledge of this writer, ever run afoul of the law, has been the target of a smear campaign so blatant that it does make one wonder what kind of warped plantation persona lurks underneath the bowels of the so – called leader in sports.

No DUIs, no DUI/homicides; no illegal weapons, no sexual romps with underage girls; no substance abuse, no dirty tests for steroids, no cheating at Scrabble – nothing.

Yet he is treated like a pariah and a public enemy; so much so that he was turned from an area he desired to live in after being given “the Key to the City” after the free agent move to Buffalo.

A poisonous welcome set off by the continuous venom emanating from the pores of a group of bilious bottom – feeders whose bellicosity belies their beastly nature to prey on the weak (minded) and attack the wounded.

For here at ESPIN there is no contrition to be found; you can’t be sorry for what you do…when your intention was to hurt in the first place.

And you wonder why I use the word “muthafucka?”

always outnumbered – never outgunned.





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