Popsicle Brothers’ Report #3

Popsicle Brothers Report 3-2009-10

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor


(first presented October 18, 2009)


Goal: Ingram  3 (unassisted) 10:18.


Evander Kane

PHILADELPHIA (BASN/BASN NEWSROOM) — When we decided to put together the Popsicle Bros. columns, it was done for two reasons: to espouse our love of the great game of ice hockey, and to give recognition to the progress and elevation of talent in the NHL; with special focus on Black talent. Why? 

Because we’re based in the United States, and here, race is as interwoven an issue as ordering a large coffee (double cream, please) at a Tim Horton’s…


I love Canada, loved living there and most Canadians I’ve run into during my time there are good people; but it is time to clarify and verify…


So We Don’t Get It Twisted…


There are still some numb nuts who wanna talk a buncha shit. They’ll say, “What’s with the Brothas stuff? Why can’t you just call ‘em hockey players?


Well, while racism may not be an overt thing in Canada, let’s not pretend it doesn’t exist.


Goal Brother Trevor Daley wasn’t called Nigger in the U.S., his fucking coach, John Vanbiesbrouck, said it to his teammates — in Ontario.


Hockey Night in Canada broadcast team member and former goalie Kevin Weekes didn’t have bananas thrown at him on American soil; that was done in la belle province — Quebec.


Who knows what could’ve happened to Tommy Kane had he been encouraged to play his best sport — hockey — instead of becoming an also-ran NFL/CFL player?


Those weren’t Americans calling him names once he left the Little Burgundy section of Montreal; maybe he becomes as great a player as Yvon Cournoyer or Mario Lemieux.


And the Fosty Brothers, through their documentary, “Black Ice” have made it clear in several instances some Canadians’ inability to handle the truth about how they treated their fellow citizens. Instead of embracing and praising these gentlemen, they get the fuzzy end of the lollipop…


The point is we make these observations because we want these players to succeed; because if they do, hockey succeeds. The neighborhood is changing, and there is a lot more flavor to savor.


Doesn’t make our appreciation for Rick Nash’s scoring touch or Bill Guerin’s ability to raise his game in the playoffs (for whomever he plays for) diminish one iota – because we love the way these guys play hockey!


So if a Mike Grier or Nigel Dawes does some of these same things and we notice it, we’re gonna speak on it — simple as that. If you don’t like the way the column’s written, don’t fucking read it.


The one thing we all agree on is that we love hockey and we’re for speaking up for the game. More Black, brown, yellow, red and white fans — works for us.


But we’re not about the bullshit; race is as real as that puck dropping at Center Ice — believe it!


That said, enjoy the games, and we look forward to the rest of the season and the further exploits of all the Goal Brothas; and their teammates.


always outnumbered – never outgunned.

Copyright (C) 2009  Michael – Louis Ingram PBros all rights reserved.



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