President Donald J. Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Ave N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20500

May 30, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Gary Norris Gray; I’m a writer, historian, New York sports fan, disabled, African American, and Native American with Cerebral Palsy since the age of two.

My father came from a poor farm family in North Carolina; he served his country in World War II in the Far Eastern Theater, as a United States Marine in a segregated unit for the very freedom that you, Sir are trying to take away. He has done everything America has asked him to do. My mother is from southern New Jersey. She had to fight not only Caucasians because she was African American-Native American but she had to fight Black people because she was too light.

Both of my parents attended (HBCU’s) Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Both of them were teachers in the New Jersey public school system. Both of them taught justice, truth, and harmony. Sir, you might need to work on these traits.

My mother attended Hampton Institute, now Hampton University in Virginia and my dad went to North Carolina A & T University. Both parents guided me to the path of college in the 1970’s. My goal was to attend Grambling State University in Louisiana another HBCU. It would not happen because that institution was not wheelchair accessible. This was a path that was very difficult for a child with disabilities at that time.

In 1978 I finally crossed the stage with cap and gown at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a degree in history and a double minor in Black American Studies and Political Science.

As a college graduate I’ve always respected individuals in high office even though I might have disagreed with them politically, you, Sir are putting a strain on this long-standing personal policy.

I have written every president since 1964 and have enjoyed receiving letters from the White House. Mr. President most Americans have given you the time and space to establish your programs. It is time to produce some positive images for this great nation.

Your programs Sir are creating a hostile racial environment; example the events in Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California

You Sir, are attacking poor people, people of color, and women. This is being done with your surrogates, your cabinet appointees who know little or nothing about politics and do not care how it affects the common American.

You Sir, are putting many disabled individuals in danger by cutting the safety nets that they depend on to live and by cutting the availability to attend American public schools.

You Sir, are putting American seniors in danger passing the American Health Care Act throwing 24 million people off of the Affordable Care Act.

You Sir, are putting our military families in danger by disclosing sensitive military information.

You Sir, are putting African Americans in danger by becoming cohorts with the new political Alt-Right Movement and known Ku Klux Klan members in your cabinet.

You Sir, have disrespected the former President of the United States, The former Secretary of State, and the former Attorney General.

You Sir, have disrespected gold star parents who gave their only son to this great nation and who represented Iraqi-Americans fighting for the United States.

You Sir, have attacked the American Press Corps for doing their job reporting the news. This is the same press corps which helped allow you get to the White House. 

You Sir, have attacked the leaders of the Christian World and the Moslem World at the same time.

You Sir, have attacked other leaders of the free world who are allies of the United States.

You Sir, have disregarded the health, safety, and welfare of Native Americans in the great northwest with the re-start of the Dakota Access Pipeline which has leaked twice since your presidency.

You Sir, have attacked the very foundation that made America great, immigrants. Without immigration, you would not be here, Sir.

You Sir, are supporting nations that do not have American values or American interest. The values Americans hold dear. Lastly, you have cooperated with a foreign power, a power that is our political enemy.

You Sir, want Americans to pay taxes but then you will not let the American public see how much you have paid or not paid.

Sir many Americans want to know are you a man for the people or a man for your handlers in the background directing your flawed policies in Washington?

It is time for you to be President of the United States not the president of rich people, not president of billionaires. It is time for you and your administration to stop causing controversies, confusion, and diversions and act like the leader of the free world.

Sincerely in complete frustration

Gary Norris Gray

3 thoughts on “MR. PRESIDENT

  1. i stand with u brother i’ve know u since 64 and u have always been a direct honest humble american u put it the way it is in a honest heart thumping respectful way u have a way with words and u did me proud as u always have rap it on bro rap it on peace

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    1. Excellent Mr. Gray! Many people, including myself, are VERY frustrated by all of the strategic injustices that are taking place let alone the history of injustices that have been forced upon vulnerable populations of people. Thank you for posting!


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