Gary Norris Gray, BASN Newsroom-Staff Reporter 

The office of the president of the United States of America is given to the individual that the American people believe that can lead the country in WAR and PEACE.

An individual that inspires innovation, a person that transcends a vision for the future. An individual that can heal the wounds of a fractured state or a fractured nation. An individual that can unite. The president is supposed to act like he/she has been there before and understand the rules that coincide with this powerful office. He/she must give courtesies and act gracefully when in the office. He/she must act like a gentleman or a lady and choose his/her words carefully in state affairs and world conflicts.

Number 45 has done none of the above. It fact this man keeps throwing gasoline on a burning fire.

The United States of American has entered the seventh month of the Presidency of number 45. It has gone from bad to worst with each passing weekend. On Monday, July 3rd, 45 released a tweet of the 2007 WWE-Wrestle Mania tape of him taking down Vince McMahon but this time he put the CNN logo over McMahon’s face. Is number 45 sending a message that violence against the media is o.k?

Somebody needs to inform this man to stop using his Twitter account. It is not presidential.

He has repeatedly shown the lack of respect for female citizens of this great nation. Stating that he can touch any part of their bodies he wishes that includes their private parts, This president continues to attack any news media that defy his reality. He has doubled-down his attacks on intelligent female reporters and uses BLOOD images throughout these attacks. He has a fixation on women and their body functions and that is SEXIST.

This president has attacked the disabled community by trying to take away all of the educational and monetary lifelines that give the disabled the possibilities to live on their own.

This president has ignored the Gay and Lesbian communities completely the last six months. Last weekend was Pride Week and nothing was heard from the White House. Our Gay and Lesbian, Transgender brothers and sisters don’t exist in 45’s world.

This president has yet to apologize to the Central Park Jogger Case after he stated they should all be executed for the crime they did not commit. The evidence from the New York Police Department proved the five teenage black males were not guilty. Yet Mr. 45 did not weigh the evidence, he just made bombastic statements to get publicity and stir up anger against young African American males. He is still engaging in this kind of behavior adding Latino and Middle Eastern residents to his list.

This president has yet to apologize to former President Barack Obama by calling him a Muslim and that he was born in Kenya, the birthplace of Obama’s father. He waited until October 2016 to finally admit the former president was born in Hawaii.

This president is creating and defining a whole new group of haters outside of the GOP and that has created a whole new divide in the United States which has unleashed violent results.

This president has done the unthinkable, dividing the Right wing of the United States which many stated that was impossible to do.

This president has destroyed and downgraded the office and thrown away all of the special entities that this office endows.

He has one of the foulest mouths, in recent memory. His attacks on female reporters are hurtful, shameful, and foolish because some of these same females voted for this man last November.

He thinks winning the office at 1600 was a game show that he can say YOU’RE FIRED at any moment. This is no longer a liberal or conservative issue. This is no longer a black-white issue. It is now an issue about the safety, justice, and truth of this nation. This is an issue of can this nation survive this attack on civil liberties?

America has real issues to deal with like health care, disabled rights, foreign policies, the travel ban and refugees. This country needs a person who can deal with these issues with compassion and thought and this man will not do.


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Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE: – The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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