By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.- The United States of America gave the answer on November 8, 2016. It gave the answer loud and clear with the 45th President of the United States.

four faces of trumpDONALD J. TRUMP

This article was written two years ago and not much has changed. In fact, it has gotten worst.

As we begin the year 2015 the United States of America has to look at itself and know that they/we can be better. This country is struggling with racial injustice and inequality. Yes, it is 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement, but this country continues to struggle with its past and it cannot go forward without rectifying the past. This country is gripping with the deaths of too many young African American males, with racial strife in police forces and injustice in the criminal court system.

At the end of this article, there are questions we all need to answer.



The United States cannot go forward without removing the 3/5 of a person law in the constitution and make the Voters Rights Act, a Voters Rights Bill. Any future President could veto the act and all African Americans would not be able to vote. IT CAN STILL HAPPEN MY FELLOW AMERICANS with a stroke of a pen. With that same stroke of a presidential pen, all Black people could become 3/5 of a person again.

This country has to face the growing issue of the racial divide in our nation. When President Obama stepped into the White House in 2008 the Grand Canyon started to appear. Mr. Obama was the first president to garner 98% of the Black vote and people should remember he could not have won without white support. Mr. Obama is the first American President of color and he has paid for it. America wanted change, but Congress refused to go along for the ride.

The country reverted back to its old self and lost control when it came to racial issues. Attorney General Eric Holder could not have said it any better six years ago“Americans are cowards when it comes to race”. Mr. Holder is right. America (white) wants to discuss race under their terms and their conditions. IT DOES NOT WORK because they are not the ones being oppressed or discriminated against. The guilt gene has finally begun to kick in and some Americans don’t like it.

The United States of America should have a National Conference on Race Relations while the multi-ethnic President resides at 1600 Penna. Ave. This conference must be led by minority leaders.

White Male anger has been a response to Black Male progress and is a “CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER”. when a congressman can call the President of The United States a liar at his first speech to the country as the President. This is very troubling and when a young senator two years later gets caught on tape catching himself using the N’-Word referring to the president. There has to be consequences for such actions because it gives the signal that it is permissible and can be done over again and again. It sends the signal that respect no longer exists. Neither one of these individuals were admonished for their public outbursts.

This kind of public bashing of a sitting president has not happened since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933. FDR immediately called the sergeant of arms to escort that senator out of the chambers. The clash with President Obama happened almost eighty years later. President Obama stopped, looked at the individual and then continued his speech. He could have done the same thing as FDR  because he had the legal right but calm prevailed. If he had called the Sargent of Arms he would have been called that ANGRY NEGRO.



It’s not because he is a Democrat, not because he is a middle of the road liberal, it is because he is of darker hue that this president cannot garner the respect of the House and Senate of the United States.

Racism is running rampant in the halls of national legislation in Washington D.C.

This attitude continues in New York City when the mayor of the city orders his police force to cease the stop and frisk order. Weeks later at the funerals of both slain officers that same police force turned its back on the mayor as he began to speak at the funerals.

Again because of the racial makeup of this man’s family, the police force does not want to follow this man’s orders.


Law enforcement officers stand, with some turning their backs, as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks on a monitor outside the funeral for NYPD officer Wenjian Liu in the Brooklyn borough of New York

The Tea Party with its racist elements would never have existed in public in the 1960′s. We should be asking how an all white political party was formed in the 2000′s, how the entire Black Panther Party was wiped out in eight years and why the ever growing members of the Klu Klux Klan cannot be found in over 250 years.

Another example is the continuing attempt to destroy a culture with drug intervention. FACT:-Black people did not bring drugs into this country. If you think so then explain how African Americans accomplished this without the owning a boat, train, or plane?  How did they do this under the noses of the DEA-DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY and THE FBI-FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION? Also, consider unequal justice in the sentencing of individuals with possession of these drugs.

Example five years for rock cocaine and five months for powder cocaine. Rock cocaine was predominately used in the inner cities while powder cocaine users lived in the suburbs.


This country (Yeng-Yang) mental state would drive anyone crazy when it comes to the subject of race. American (Whites) sit out in the sun to get brown skin, they sing and dance to African American music, they wear African American clothes and the try to speak like brothers and sisters and they love SOUL FOOD but they can’t stand Black people. FIGURE IT OUT!!!!

As long as African Americans play sports, sing, cook, clean, work in meaningless jobs and make America laugh it’s cool.

This is the only country on the planet that almost destroyed a culture (Native Americans).


When the Pilgrims landed in 1492 it was the beginning of the end for Native Americans. In 2015 First Nation Americans continue to struggle to survive and to fight for respect and honor in their communities. The issue of the Washington Football Club refusing to change its name is a microcosm of the arrogance of denying racial problems. If America cannot do the simple stuff like change the name of a professional football team or the logo of a professional baseball team, how will this country deal with the hard racial issues like poverty, hunger, homelessness, and unemployment?

It is the only country that kidnapped millions of Africans to create slave labor-FREE LABOR (African Americans).

This is the only minority in the United States that was stripped of their native language, native dress, native culture, native food and most important native religion when they stepped on American soil.

Then, today, America tries to marginalize another culture (Latino-Hispanic Americans).

Men, women, and children leaving their homelands in South America for a so called better life in the United States, only to be told that they are not wanted.

This country continues to see itself in black and white. The current earthshaking events in Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, New York, and Ohio reminds us that justice is not equal.

When a District Attorney, a city prosecutor work together with their local police force it is very difficult to press charges against police officers in any city.

The majority of law officers in the United States are outstanding men and women in blue but there is that one percent of rogue officers that make the others look bad.

These police officers are making glaring and deadly mistakes. The New Year’s night confrontation on the Fruitvale (BART) Bay Area Rapid Transit station is an example. Get the facts right!!. The BART police force did not do this.  They removed the young Black males from the train immediately but not the white males in the confrontation. The train was permitted to leave Fruitvale Station with the other side of the confrontation going on their merry way. This was not the right procedure and Oscar Grant died that night because of a police officer who used his gun as a taser.  He made a terrible mistake.


My Asian friends states that education is the key to success in the United States. That may be true but if the bully at the front door and won’t let you in, then what? The elementary and pre-high school classes are a disaster area for African Americans. These schools are currently under-educating our young people and are causing a permanent underclass. These same schools are eliminating Black history from their school curriculum.

This process starts early in the young African American male life. Many school districts throughout the land are placing Black males in Special Education and Developmentally Disabled Classes never to escape this classification. My mother fought this classification and spoke up and out to the local school board.How many other African American parents are going to do this?

As the commercial states, YOU CAN PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER. When the intelligent young African-American men are not being educated properly and move into society, then what?


Lastly, is Environmental Racism “The Silent Killer” and an issue America does not want to discuss?  Black communities live in health danger zones for example in Oakland, California the state highway commission built the Cypress Freeway in the middle of  West Oakland dividing the community. Sixteen wheelers went flying through the community day and night with diesel smoke pouring out of the back and top of these trucks which created air and noise pollution 24/7. The Cypress Freeway collapsed in October 1989 during the earthquake, never to be rebuilt.

In Richmond, California there is the Chevron Oil and Gas refinery which spews out burnt gas and refined oil fumes 24/7.  Hundreds went to the hospital with breathing problems after a gas leak at the refinery this past summer. The state ordered Chevron to install new equipment at their plant and an early warning system to inform the residents of an impending problem.

In the old south, many African American communities were centered around the city’s train tracks. The noise of the train traveling through the community day and night kept many awake. Some communities have requested that the horns of the trains be at a lower decibel level. In Northern California, Cal Trains and the West Bay Communities have achieved this goal.

In Burlington City, New Jersey they built a community on a former landfill. Nobody knows whats in that landfill.

Cancer rates and sleep disorders have skyrocketed in the African American Communities.

Please answer the following questions truthfully.

There are more unemployed whites than Blacks –         true or false

There are more whites on welfare than Blacks-              true or false

There are more whites in jail than Blacks-                       true or false

There are more white on white crime than Black on Black crime-    true of false

There are more white teenage pregnancies than Black    true or false

There are more white high school drop outs then Black   true or false


These questions are asked because the American news media has a different view of reality than that of the  2010 census numbers. The media led by Fox News has a political, social, and racial agenda

Slanting numbers to plant the image of fear of the Black male and so far it is working.

These networks have created the boogie man, they have created a monster that does not exist.

In 2015, Black men still can’t catch a cab at night. When they walk down the street, people move across the street from them when passing or individuals don’t enter an elevator alone if a Black male is in the elevator.

Black males are guilty until proven innocent.

Black males can get arrested for DWB’s (driving while Black)

Black males are followed in stores no matter how well dressed or well spoken, you’re still a N*****.

In 1974 in Carbondale, Illinois my roommate and I did an experiment in human behavior. We went into the campus book store and recorded the worker’s response. My roommate also was a disabled white male with Cerebral Palsy and used a power chair. Upon entering the store an employee followed me throughout the store while my roommate had full access to the store. He even liberated a girly magazine proving racial bias.

We went back to the store the next day to pay for the magazine and told the manager what happened. He apologized to me and scolded my roommate for taking the magazine. This is what young African American males have to deal with every day and they continue to pay for that bad 1% of bad Black males


O.K., for those who still don’t get it, there will always be that  1% of bad individuals in every group but African Americans get singled out by the media and the press as bad guys.  There are mean Russian and Vietnamese Gangs, Chinese Triads, Korean Mobsters, Japanese Yakuzas, Thai, Chinese, Filipino, and Cambodian human traffickers, and Latino Drug Cartels and the American media ignore these groups. The question should be asked why? The political and social agenda is clear.

Here is the last test of how American racism works.

My social studies class at Southern Illinois University assigned each student to a news agency and newspaper to read their papers. This provoked the students to be aware of the pattern of reporting. This was done for two weeks. This surprised students.

Black crime has front page billing while white crime is buried on page seven or so. It was the first time I noticed the difference in reporting the news. Check it out for two weeks. When an African American commits a crime his (FACE SHOT) mug shot is shown on network news while white males only get their name in the paper and newscast.

Do your homework and investigate these facts. ABC, CBS, and NBC all bought stock in prisons in 1968-1969. We all should be asking why? Then look up the time spent on crime stories from 1967-1968. Then the increase in crime stories the following years. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!

President Richard Milhouse Nixon rode that horse to the White House in 1968. The Republican Party will once again use the mantra LAW AND ORDER to return to the White House in 2015.

So here we are, racism spins its ugly head in America. Black parents are afraid to let their Black male children go out at night fearing he may not come home. If the rogue policeman does not get them, Black gang bangers or white male gangs members may get them or a white supremacist wing nut if not, then drugs and alcohol may snatch them from society.

Young Black males survive this continuous assault on humanity showing the strength of the African American culture.

This is getting old and tiring.


 Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod


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