So…Is TYROD TAYLOR Your Starting QB…NOW?

Is Tyrod Taylor Your Starting QB NOW?

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief

BASN Newsroom


PHILADELPHIA ( It all started with quiet purpose.


In the midst of chaos and boycott of the current season on the part of many fans and casual viewers of the National Football League, Tyrod Taylor, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, went about his business, working through a head coach with a bug up his ass when it came to play calling, limited and unproven talent at wide receiver (because said talent was traded away or left in free agency) in leading his team to a 5-2 start.




As the Bills continue to stay under the radar, reasons for their success vary from their great defense to the running of LeSean McCoy; credit everywhere except to the man running the show on offense…

Bills then go from 5-2 to 5-4, and management decides to tank the season by going with their designated ‘quarterback of the future’ in Nathan Peterman, who gave no indication in practice or in presentation he was a better option than Taylor.




All Peterman was was taller…whiter…and easier on the eyes of Buffalo’s upper management, ownership and fan base. A Week 11 showdown with San Diego would be the showcase – and Peterman’s coming out party…

Well, his non – playing ass “came out” all right. Peterman threw more interceptions in that game (5) than Taylor has thrown the entire season (4). Taylor’s 14-4 touchdown/interception ratio ranks among the highest and most efficient for a season; and his 51-18 lifetime stats represent almost a 3-1 TD/INT breakdown of one of the most important statistics in football; but the sabermetrics assholes would have you believe Taylor’s ability to work with what little he has amounts to nothing of value.


tyrod-taylor (1)

While quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and Alex Smith are lauded for their mobility, Taylor’s mobile skills are pooh-poohed because of his skin color; desiring him to ‘stay in the pocket’ – so he can get his Black ass clocked – with far less a chance to have ‘roughing the passer’ called on an opposing defense because he is of a darker hue.

Don’t believe me? Ask Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. Gen. Wilson was beaten like a runaway slave (when they could catch him) and still gave Seattle a puncher’s chance in spite of a piss – poor offensive line; and a missed field goal stopped him from being a double digit winning QB for his sixth consecutive season…




As to Newton? He’s had his Black ass beaten down to The White Meat every year since he came into the League – and subjected to more racial vitriol than few at the position before him! Watch any Carolina Panthers’ game or highlights and you can hear these rat fucks who call themselves impartial announcers delight at Newton’s getting beat down; or say nothing when he is subjected to extracurricular mayhem after a play.


CHIEFSPANTHERS2 111316 DRE 2140f[1]


That, however, did not stop Gen. Newton from an MVP season and possible revenge when he gets his hands on New Orleans in the playoffs; I sense Cam may be coming out of his Cam-Churian Candidate mode to drop an ass whuppin’ or two on his playoff foes. but I digress…

I state the following to remind everyone as to why Field General Tyrod Taylor has long made his bones:

He could have taken the easy way out and agreed to be a receiver; his pre-Draft actions were chronicled by the fucking NFL Network and Jon Gruden’s no teaching ass (ask Shawn King about that one!) and lost hundreds of thousands in bonus bucks to stay at the position he felt most qualified to succeed in-and learned far more about quarterbacking at the next level from home boy Michael Vick than Chucky…




Baltimore knew enough about Taylor to keep only two QBs during their Super Bowl run because of Taylor’s play-making ability, skill in reading defenses…and his photographic memory.




His first full season as a starter in Buffalo (after beating out their high round draft choice) was marred by Rex Ryan trotting out Matt Cassel as the Bills’ starting QB for the first play – then inserting Taylor back at QB from receiver simply because no matter what Taylor did (Buffalo won) Cassel would get credit for the victory. Rex, you’re a scumbag!

Taylor’s opposing pivot in the upcoming Wild Card game, Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles, is  21-40 as a starter; New Orleans’ Drew Brees’ for all the huff n puff is only 142-106 as a starter (6-5 playoffs) – and four sub .500 seasons over the past six seasons…

Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota (20-22 as a starter) L.A. Rams’ QB Jared Goff (11-11) are just as unproven, if not more so; but never subjected to the critique Taylor has been.

Only Alex Smith (88-62-1, 2-4 playoffs) Newton (62-45-1, 3-3 playoffs) and Matt Ryan’s overrated ass (95-63, but 3-5 in playoffs including the Super Bowl choke) make for the QBs on display with winning records in the Wild Card round. From a conference standpoint, only Smith has a better record than Gen. Taylor (22-20) as a starter – in spite of his front office!

Most importantly, the reason we champion Taylor is not primarily because of the color of his skin; rather it is because of the oldest adage in football when it comes to assessing talent:





Tape. Don’t. Lie!


Back when it mattered to see whether Player A was better than Player B, the NFL hadn’t tipped its hand as to being “Spoht’s Ennertainment” (as my Soul Tree Radio colleague Fred ‘The Professor’ Whitted likes to say) as the WWE freely admits to being.

Taylor’s skills were on display for everyone to see; his refusal to convert to something less than what he feels he is, coupled with a physical stature which won’t allow him to be Super Negro (a solid 6′ 220″), scouts refused to take into consideration his heart and ‘intangibles’, unlike some lesser skilled, melanin-deprived athletes at similar positions.

In spite of trading away arguably their best defensive player in run stuffing Marcel Dareus (who Buffalo is still paying the salary of, dumb fucks)  Gen. Taylor has negotiated the Buffalo Bills into a winning strategy.




Patrick Freeman, Sports Director for 96.5 Power FM and “The Mix” 1080 AM and on-air talent as “The Mighty O’Ba” has covered the Bills for several years, and admits he has never seen such a blatant effort to minimize Taylor’s contribution to the present. “Firstly, let me restate – the Buffalo Bills are still paying Dareus because they never thought they would be in playoff contention; since that trade the Bills are allowing over 50 more yards on the ground per game.




“That said, Bills management seems to be working overtime to downplay everything Taylor has done. He could’ve blown up the locker room given how he was treated after the Peterman debacle, but he chose to be chill in his efforts because someone else in the media would’ve attempted to drag his character through the mud for being an Angry Negro; that, and the fact he has been a first class professional since he arrived here. So, frankly, I expected nothing less.”

We’ve seen this before – when a White QB wins, it’s because of him, and someone else’s fault when they lose. When a Field General wins, it’s due to something else, but his fault when they lose. This is par for the course in a League where the hero must not be a Black quarterback.




Rather than be thankful and eat a little crow (I recommend a nice Merlot) that Taylor helped save your season, you send a pathetic bail out note to a city that doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about you – and offer them Hot Wings as a way of saying ‘thank you’ – for your incompetence!

The Bills have also forgotten one other important facet – team sports are about match ups; my contention is the Bills, even without McCoy, have the match up advantage – at the most strategic position. Now if the anal retentive offensive coordinator and head coach can present a game plan maximizing Taylor’s skills, they should win.




No matter what this Sunday, Gen. Taylor will go into battle with the point made and proven before he gets under center.


always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2018 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.

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