Beyond Hot Dogs: A New Online Food Guide for Sport Fans Who Want More

BERKELEY, Calif. — Interest in plant-based foods has skyrocketed in recent years. According to Baum and Whiteman, an international food and restaurant consulting group, plant-based foods ranked as the top food trend in 2018. And this trend includes a much larger sampling of the population than those who identify as ‘vegan.’ A recent Nielson survey (2017) revealed that in North America, consumers are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets (39% of Americans and 43% of Canadians).

Foodservice establishments are taking heed, including concessionaires and large entertainment venues. Gone are the days when concession stand choices were limited to hot dogs and peanuts. Now, many of these venues are offering everything from plant-based burgers, to nachos with non-dairy cheese, to rice bowls with tofu. But with dozens of food stands to navigate, the question for many visitors is which plant-based foods are offered at a particular venue…and how do I find them?

“VeggieHappy to the rescue! I always consult VeggieHappy’s guide when my wife and I take our two kids to the ballpark. I also use it on my business trips.”
Cody PikeCleveland, OH features individual venue listing pages that highlight plant-based menu options and where to find them. Menu options are organized into three main categories: Snacks & Salads, Burgers & Basics, and Beyond the Basics. Whenever veggie meats are verifiably plant-based (vegan), this is clearly noted. In addition to the menu guide, VeggieHappy’s venue listings include helpful details about the venue as well as optional features like a gallery of images and a featured video. Listings are free and venue representatives can upload and manage them right from the website.



VeggieHappy’s model is a win-win for both visitors and venues. Visitors can easily reference menu information from any device, share venue listings via social media, and post reviews about their own plant-based food experiences. And venues now have a dedicated channel for promoting their plant-based menus to a growing audience.

With baseball season in full swing, VeggieHappy makes its debut with over 50 sports and entertainment venue listings, including the full roster of Major League Baseball parks. The company aims to expand these listings to include other venue categories in the near future – in time for upcoming sports seasons.

About VeggieHappy is the first online guide designed to increase access to plant-based menu options in large sports and entertainment venues. Founded by Johanna McCloy, a writer, actor and plant-based food advocate responsible for getting veggie dogs into Major League Baseball stadiums, and Chris Ardito, a Silicon Valley marketer and branding expert, VeggieHappy is positioned to be a significant player in the expanding plant-based movement. VeggieHappy’s guide provides a free channel for venues to promote their plant-based menu options while providing visitors an easy online reference to these menus. VeggieHappy’s partners include industry leaders in food service management, sports and entertainment, and the plant-based food manufacturing industries.

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