I BET YOU! (A BASN Black Paper, continued)

I BET YOU! (A BASN Black Paper, continued)

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief

BASN Newsroom


PHILADELPHIA (www.basnnewsroom.com) Over two years ago, rows of betting machines were lying dormant in parts of Central and Southern New Jersey. After much arm twisting, the road to legal sports betting outside of Las Vegas was finally plowed.

Aside from Delaware, this was a leaky dike running out of fingers to plug holes. After former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (the chubby l’il rascal) opened the door to this in 2012, signing legislation for allowing Vegas – style betting…

Every pro sports league and their amateur sports Mamas said, “Hayelllllllllllllllllllllll to the No!” – and ganged up to stop Jersey. After the Supreme Court review, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), originally set in motion in 1992, died an unnatural death, being deemed unconstitutional.



While legislation was reintroduced in 2017, given the climate of this current corporate landscape, the map has now become a translation of ‘states rights’ in the approach to have or have not – when it comes to sports betting; essentially each state will run its own book.

When Delaware became the second state to promote Vegas- style sports gaming in June of 2018, they pulled in $300,000 the first day. New Jersey followed and over the recent World Cup, spiced up the coffers with over $16.4 million that week. Mississippi jumped in on August 1; their proximity to Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana a car ride away from action.


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Now with college football teaser sheets being printed as we speak, the race is on for states to get their shit together before the pros are ready to do business. As of this writing 26 states have put some effort to create their own books.

New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia are racing to beat the clock before the NFL season begins. Rhode Island will make a Weekend in New England an inevitability for gamblers, with Connecticut putting in legislation to set up shop as well.

So eight states are at the post; and slates for games with fantasy football in the mix will look more like Daily Racing Form sheets when it comes to betting by a game to game basis…with a whole buncha Shnooks




spoutin’ stuff they don’t know to suckers waiting to tithe their wallets to them.

Chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, whose tag line is “Wings, Beer, Sports” – is looking to provide one stop shopping at all their locations; goal line to goal line on the map in all 50 states. While licensing will vary due to that particular state’s law – get ready to fry up a shitload ‘o wings!


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Which is exactly what they’re hoping for – don’t expect any 1-800-GAMBLER signs up as you’re scanning multiple screens; and let’s understand this – this ain’t weed. where the worst side effect may be a case of The Munchies (if it’s not poisoned). When New York state Off-Track Betting is in effect, their catch phrase is “Bet with your head – not over it” – wise words indeed. Frankly, in terms of the economy, weed (and snack cakes) are a surer bet.

Gambling addiction is an itch that rarely gets scratched. The Mouse (ESPN), Fox Sports and any others may not be bracing for a scandal; but as the cash flows and the pots get bigger, the greater the likelihood…

With two weeks before the pros (NFL), the chambers in Michigan will be more likely pushing in their respective state Congress to get sports betting before Flint gets clean water…

Minnesota will get sports betting before Philando Castile’s daughter gets proper therapy from seeing her father murdered in cold blood.


Early To Bet (38) copy


But, as our Techie “Q” says…stay tuned.


always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2018 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved








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