The Kap Ad: Big Deal Or No Big Deal?

By Eric D. Graham, Staff Reporter

NORTH CAROLINA — Is the new Nike commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick a Big Deal or a Big Deal? Why? Because my brother Dr. Umar Johnson says “What they can NOT stop; they co-op.”

What do I mean by this? By definition co-opting means to divert or use in a role different from the original idea. Therefore, did Nike pay for Colin’s political silence? Did they hi-jack the original reason for us protesting in the first place?

Has our Black outrage against police brutality been transformed into a white capitalist wet dream in order to sell us an emotional commercial about diversity and buying shoes?

Seriously, you can’t have a revolution sponsored by Nike. The marketing team at Nike, truthfully, turned Black Lives Matters to All Lives Matter. And, now, Only Money Matters.

Consider the fact that, on Tuesday, before the release of this commercial, Nike and the NFL extended their partnership for eight years from 2020 to 2028, where all 32 teams will wear the swoosh on game day.



Remember, money is used to neutralize revolutions as well as individuals in order for the status quo to maintain its power. Never forget this

…Because, the new Nike commercial seeks praise and profit-not justice. And, while the financial details of the NFL deal haven’t been released yet, the Nike deal with the NBA was reportedly worth $1 billion for eight years.

So, while Kaepernick might have a good heart, this commercial is simply a stimulus package. Because money with no politics equals another powerless Negro with an afro.

Let’s not forget..there are no mention of Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling or police brutality during this commercial.

This is fantasy football.

Because the game is fixed.



Plus, all of these Nike sweatshops are working with and for the NFL. And, white capitalism doesn’t do anything without it benefitting their self-interest. Fuck, anything and everyone else.

This is a PR stunt. Nikes well-crafted campaign pitch to sell a dream. No different than President Obamas and his Hope and Change Slogans.

So, Just Do It. Game recognizes game. And, you have been played all in your feelings. Why? Because this once grassroots protest has turned into an artificial turf made for TV movie.

Yes, it has been co-opted into another manufactured uprising, where the people care more about the burning of sneakers, the waving of a flying, the singing of an anthem than the lives of innocence Black people murdered at the hands of police.

White Capitalism wins again-highlights on ESPN at 10. (Fouls and Fumbles)



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