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There’s an old saying that ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ – however I prefer the more obscure translation, “every picture tells a story, don’t it?” knowing what led up to Devante Smith – Pelly’s picture at the conclusion of this past Stanley Cup Playoffs:





Even in The North, they understand that “Payback’s a Bitch, eh?”

It is the most delicious of ironies that we are at this point, but let’s not be coy about this -we at BASN Newsroom told you this was coming…


As an entertainment option, hockey has grown. The on-ice product (especially the postseason efforts) make for excellent fare here in the Lower 48; which must be the goal because Canada’s game is firmly ensconced in the culture.

The growing pains, however, exist in both places, and we foretold the bumps which would become part of this if the promotion of the game refused to be one of inclusion.




Black stars whose personas exude anything other than the stoic “Score like you’ve done it before” are scraped up and dumped like so much Zamboni ice; and the thought of a center, winger, defenceman or goalie doing otherwise seems abhorrent if they’re the wrong color…

On a past edition of the BASN Newsroom – affiliated podcast, Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw!!, a Canadian guest isolated the symptom: “The Brothers have no one who will speak up for them up here – some feel ostracized and left out when something funky does happen.”

That ‘something funky’ happened to Smith – Pelly in Chicago on February 18 of this year.  While in the Penalty Box, some fans near the box teased him with chants of “Basketball! Basketball!!

While they didn’t call him the N-word, the point was made: you don’t belong on the ice. Wonder if they thought the same when Dustin Byfuglien was a Blackhawk, bouncing Chris Pronger’s ass around as he helped them win a Cup?

Smith – Pelly was ready to come out and whup some ass, and it was an incident which banned the heckling fans and brought a rushed apology from the League.


The playoffs proved to be Smith – Pelly’s revenge, as his effective two – way play and timely scoring (seven goals) were crucial in the Washington Capitals’ shaking a big ass Go-Rilla off their back and gaining Lord Stanley’s Cup!





Smith – Pelly and defenceman Madison Bowey are the latest Goal Brothers to have their names etched on the Cup, and if the NHL is smart, they will embrace, as San Jose Sharks forward Joel Ward espouses:

“Hockey is for everyone.” And for those not cool with that, all I have to say is:

‘BASKETBALL’ that, bitches.

Next time: Goal Brothers Roll Call – and some of the big questions coming into the new season.


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Goal Ingram 1 (Smith – Pelly, Bowey) 2:42, first period;


Subban (enjoying the game), 7:06; Ward (making sense), 14:02



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