By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter


OAKLAND — Major league sports just cannot get this right. On Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day, all three professional teams played with Native American connections. The Cleveland Indians, The Atlanta Braves, and the Washington Football Club all played on Monday, October 8th.

Some Americans would state that this would be honoring our Native American Brothers and Sisters others would turn a deaf ear and find it an insult to their ancestors to have this name, this mascot, and this chant playing.

In the morning, the Indians with Chief Wahoo lost to the Houston Astros 11-3. In the afternoon, the Atlanta Braves lost with that annoying chant to the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-2. Both ended the MLB playoffs for 2018.



Later on that night, the Washington Football Club lost with their racist R-word name against the New Orleans Saints 43-19.

Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous Peoples Day in some states, controversially commemorates Christopher Columbus; this same day recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day which has been adopted in its stead to celebrate the culture of those native peoples. The Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and the Washington Football Club continue to put forth their racist name, stupid logo, and lazy redundant chant.


The Cleveland organization could have worn jerseys and caps without Chief Wahoo as they have done at some events during the season out of respect for our Native American Brothers and Sisters, they did not and they got swept by the defending World Champion Houston Astros three games to none with an 11-3 butt kicking.


The Atlanta Braves organization could have informed the crowd to not yell that Tomahawk chant out of respect to our Native American Sisters and Brothers, they did not and the Los Angeles Dodgers showed them the playoff door with a 6-2 victory and a 3-1 series win.



The Washington Football Club and their organization are just clueless as the New Orleans Saints beat up on Washington as it became a Drew Brees party in the Superdome. Brees broke the passing records with a three-touchdown night and a 43-19 victory.



The American Sports Press ignored it except for a Vietnamese- American writer TuAnh Dam from Los Angeles wrote about it the next day on Yahoo Sports. She too noticed that the Braves, Indians, and Washington Football Club all lost on Indigenous People’s Day. The liberal Bay Area dropped the ball along with The world wild sports leader ESPN with Scott Van Pelt.

The question needs to be asked, America how far have we come?

militant angeleno

Happy Indigenous People’s Day – The Ancestors have spoken again, are we listening?

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