Lost In (Cap) Space!

By Patrick Freeman, Buffalo Criterion


BUFFALO — Many of the most ardent supporters of the McDermott/Beane regime are starting to question the rationale/thinking of these individuals who
were given the keys to this organization. Multiple blowouts during this season of so-called growth show many strategic blunders that have not paid off.


Let’s review some of these so you will not feed into the propaganda being released by the fake news blog Bills 4 Life. This piece of electronic “information” put out that Doug Whaley’s tenure was a disaster and created one of the worse salary cap problems in the league and that Brandon Beane informed ownership it would take two years to clean it up.

These are straightforward lies that have been put out to protect this current regime’s many blunders. Let’s start with the won-lost record under Doug Whaley which started in 2014:
2014- Buffalo Bills Won 9- Lost 7 Head Coach Doug Marrone
2015- Won 8- Lost 8  Head Coach Rex Ryan
2016- Won 7- Lost 9  Head Coach Rex Ryan/ Interim Anthony Lynn
The fact of the matter that Buddy Nix hired Doug Marrone and ownership hired Rex Ryan.

When Doug Whaley was given the title of General Manager, he was not given the responsibility of being head of football operations for the Buffalo Bills…


Jason Croom Fumble vs Bears


Now let’s take a look at the salary cap under Doug Whaley that has been the source of more misinformation. It was said that he caused the salary cap issue which the
the current regime has in operation these figures are according to Spotrac:

Let’s begin with 2014:
Buffalo Bills salary Cap 2014- League Cap $150,584,740
Buffalo Bills Cap#- $ 147,684,870
Dead Cap- $27,015,831
Est. cap space $2,899,870
Buffalo Bills salary cap 2015- League Cap $146,073,884
Buffalo Bills Cap#- $138,342,172
Dead Cap space- $13,643,764
Est. cap space- $7,731,712
Buffalo Bills salary Cap 2016- League Cap$ 157,375,731
Buffalo Bills Cap#- $152,340,574
Est. cap space- $5,035,157
Buffalo Bills Salary Cap 2017- League Cap $166,989,897
Buffalo Bills Cap#- $156,321,308
Dead cap space- $28,929,576
Est. cap space- $10,668,589
Buffalo Bills Salary Cap- League Cap- $188,783,459
Buffalo Bills Cap#- $179,168,375
Dead Cap Space- $57,927,785
Est. Cap space- $9.615, 084
If you look at the figures provided, it will show in each year under Doug Whaley’s management, the cap is presented in conjunction with one Jim Overdorf, who is still with the Buffalo Bills.

The current salary cap issue was created by Sean McDermott/ Brandon Beane’s purging of the roster they inherited by either trading or releasing these players who had guarantees in their contracts.

They also spent unwisely during free agency spending $10 million on Star Lotulei, Trent Murphy, ($8 million), and Vontae Davis’ 5.5 million!


Logan Thomas, Roquan Smith



The on-field product is not the only disaster that must be analyzed. You must also talk about the purging of good talent that created the largest dead cap space in the league this year. This is why national anchors are laughing at the operational model of the Buffalo Bills.


Nathan Peterman vs Bears



In conclusion, those of you who once again are waiting for next year when we can sign a lot of free agent talent, keep in mind that the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets have more cap space than we do.

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Pat Freeman aka “The Mighty O’Ba” is Sports Director for Mix 1080 and 96.5 Power FM

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