By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief


PHILADELPHIA (www.basnnewsroom.com) As the game clock hit zeroes across the board at London’s Wembley Stadium, the Oakland Raiders had gone down to defeat at the hands of Gen. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks to the tune of a 27 – 3 ass whuppin’…

The following week, a third – string quarterback decimated the once vaunted Raider defense to the tune of a 34 – 3 shellacking by San Francisco…

San Diego charged up and down the Sliver and Black the following week, 20 – 6…

After a last second field goal helped beat a desperate Arizona Cardinals squad, Oakland traveled to Baltimore, where Lamar Jackson and the Ravens made turkeys out of the Raiders, 34 – 17!

Now with their archest of rivals in Kansas City having finished gashing them by Most Valuable Player candidate QB Patrick “Game Of” Mahomes, Raider Nation, bearing a 2-10 yoke, must feel as if they’ve been had.

Hoodwinked. Bamboozled, led astray; oh, East Bay, Oakland -I say and say again…ya FUCKED UP.

In hiring Jon Gruden to dictate the Raiders’ fate to Las Vegas and beyond for the next decade, the franchise which once hung as their pedigree the words “Pride and Poise” – has deteriorated to one of “LIES…and NOISE.”

From a corporate standpoint, Gruden’s hiring amounts to the team employing an “efficiency expert” – whose Job One is to cut as much fat as upper management deems necessary; and apparently, the efforts of the current general manager are being scripted by Gruden.

Reggie McKenzie found several significant players for a Raider team that went 12-4 and looked like a long term force to be reckoned with just a couple years ago.

Since Gruden’s hire, 21 of 25 players found by McKenzie (including All-Pros P Marquette King, WR Amari Cooper, LB Khalil Mack and QB Derek Carr) are either gone or in jeopardy…

McKenzie will likely be gone after this season if Chucky has his way. Gaining three first – round picks don’t mean shit if you don’t have a clue in selecting talent; and Gruden hasn’t shown he really has a handle on that aspect of the business…

Now, we’ve seen lives altered in the corporate world altered due to in-house politics, or folks being let go because the new regime wants “their people in” – but rarely do you see competence compromised in a situation where the most incompetent makes the most noise, does the least work, and does the most damage?

As Gruden showed his closet redneck in how he dealt with King and Mack, the further exposure of his so – called ‘expertise’ in finding quarterback talent leaves much to be desired.

Name me one QB groomed and presented as an NFL – quality starter that can be credited specifically to Gruden. I can’t find one – next he talks all this bullshit through the bogus quarterback school set up by The Mouse prior to the past player drafts of recent years. What about Shaun King? he was a playoff QB in his rookie year thanks to Tony Dungy in Tampa Bay, but you didn’t do dick with him, and his career petered away.

Given what your brother did to Robert Griffin III’s career, we see that redneck seems to run in the family (“personality conflict” no doubt)

If this is the kind of chaos you intend to bring with you to Las Vegas, you can bet on this being a losing proposition for Raider fans – in or out of the desert.

to be continued…

always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2018 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.

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