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PHILADELPHIA (www, As soon as it was revealed that former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid had successfully proven their collusion case in court and were awarded for the NFL’s bullshit, muthafuckas come crawling out of the woodwork screaming how Kaepernick is a sellout because he accepted the money!

I’ll be brief on this one…

Just as in grammar we know the vowels used are A,E,I,O,U – and sometimes Y, in journalism my premise has always been to ask the questions WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY, I also use “and sometimes ‘How'” – because it can be a bridge for deeper schools of thought within the subject matter. If nothing else, the ‘how’ question may spur better critical thinking…

With that said, it’s a fair enough premise to ask the question:

HOW the FUCK is Kaepernick a sellout? How do you equate not being able to earn a living in your chosen field where you were previously considered eminently qualified as “selling out?”


all lives matter



Did you help pay his bills? Were you there when he donated his money and time to various causes while persona non grata by the League and his union? Did you seek to really understand why they went after him the way they did? Miss me with that bullshit!

The more this issue of selling out gets bandied about, everyone seems to be missing the point:

I have seen and heard insight from various sources on this in and out of cyberspace and their collective wisdom notwithstanding, this still comes down to all this being a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ thing…

If Colin Kaepernick says nothing, does nothing and just goes about playing football and making money, no one has shit to say. For what the images he saw of Black men and women being killed by the police, I would wager making a decision as he did – did not include the words “I think I’ll sell out by protesting” in the thought process…

Kaepernick showed a genuine sense of simpatico to the plight of people. Even if he went as far as he did, he could’ve just spoke once and let it lay. His desire to follow through on this, especially as the stakes were raised and the phones weren’t ringing for his services, seems more borne out of purpose than an agenda. I surely could be wrong, but if he shuts the fuck up, there’s no story!

So all the parasites come out with ‘sellout’ while on the lookout for their own agendas…



So because he did what he felt was the right thing to do, he took the hit and negotiated through a sea of bullshit; and let’s keep this 100 – the NFL would never part with no paper if there wasn’t information which would’ve been detrimental to their goals – and which would’ve come out at trial…

This brings Kaep down to a new set of choices: among those, coming back to the NFL. If he does, however, pick up on this:



This video clip shows Kaepernick in a game against the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick was a full step out of bounds before Packer linebacker Clay Matthews launched himself at Kaepernick with a nasty neck tackle that should’ve gotten him DQ’d from the game!

While a personal foul was called, Kaep’s teammate Staley comes over to stand up for his QB – and the refs penalize him! So no homicide, no foul. It wasn’t until days later that the League fined Matthews a measly $10 G’s; only after muthafuckas wouldn’t stop talking about it. Can you imagine if any Black defensive player had done the same thing to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan or Drew Brees? That brother’s Black ass would be in a jail cell!

Matthews seemed to want to follow through in getting Kaep after he ran for a buck-eighty on the Packers ass in the playoffs the year before…

Which brings us to the Turf Law of the Jungle – on change of possession, keep your head on a swivel; because anyone can hit you from anywhere, and justify it as part of the flow of the game…

Don’t pretend this doesn’t happen. Bounties announced or not exist. the New Orleans Saints were fined and personnel suspended because of ‘hits’ on certain players – I’m just sayin’…’cause they will likely be on his ass all season!

Upon reentering The League, this is a very real possibility.

Ultimately, as the johnny-come-assholes who were working against him to maintain their seat at Massa’s table, they now say “Kaepernick won” – as if came from the mountain top! As previously stated, they’re all fulla shit.

How about a simple “thank you, Colin and Eric,” – and let it go from there?


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2019 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.



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