BUFFALO, NY AND PHILADELPHIA, PA ( The headline generated more buzz than the damn game – one of the least watched in Super Bowl era history.



Audio and video showed Kraft engaged in illegal activity during Super Bowl week as he allegedly solicited sexual favor on multiple occasions. As if the solicitation wasn’t enough, the inference that sex trafficking was also part of this equation made for, at the very least, a major embarrassment for the National Football League.

In all honesty, it is a major surprise to no one involved in the Super Bowl process. As this game has grown into an event, the soft underbelly of it reveals a seedy side the moral minions of the NFL don’t want you to know about…




If we said, “Sex, drugs and Super Bowl!” we’d be correct on at least two out of three. Ladies literally from around the world have come…to the site of every Super Bowl over the past few years that it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “fan mile.”

For a good while, this kind of activity managed to stay under the radar, but in one particular Super Bowl, the issue became unavoidable when Eugene Robinson, starting safety for the Atlanta Falcons, was nabbed for solicitation the night before the big game against Denver. Robinson, a finalist for the NFL’s Man of the Year, may have left his performance somewhere else that day as the Falcons got waxed, but I digress…

Having covered over 30 Super Bowls between the two of us, it’s safe to say said episode with Robinson wasn’t a one-time thing; but this indiscretion opens the door to an even deeper perusal into what led us to the aforementioned headline.

On the Internet radio show, “Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw,” Mr. Freeman, who had provided content during Super Bowl week, alerted us to what had transpired Down South – and the motive behind it:

“You have to consider what the real force behind this is,” stated Freeman.”Follow me on this…

“In 2014, the Buffalo Bills were up for sale. Three groups were in the bidding mix for the team. One group, led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi (already an Arena Football League team owner w/ the Philadelphia Soul) put together a bid which totaled $1.035 billion. Donald Trump, who had been waiting in the wings for years, had put together a bid worth over the asking price with help from Deutsche Bank (a fact confirmed by our show colleague, JCETV producer Mr. Patric Fharah) in an attempt to buy the team.”

This information was further buttressed by MSNBC and other news outlets during the public accounts of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, who stated publicly that in the years 2011 through 2013, Trump was putting together his twisted version of The Art of The Deal – inflating his overall assets via Deutsche Bank in an attempt to buy the Bills.

“After Bon Jovi’s group made the bid, Trump had likely prepared to surpass the first bid; then Terry Pegula happened…

“Pegula bids $1.4 billion and secures ownership of the Bills and the Sabres (NHL franchise), literally ‘Trump-ing’ anyone else’s bid by far,” says Freeman. “For all intents and purposes, Pegula’s bid was him ‘taking one for the team’ – many of the owners at that time saw Trump as boorish and supremely annoying to much of the Old Money that ran the League.”

Suitably knocked out of the box after his threat to ‘complete’ with the NFL, the entire USFL was dealt a treacherous blow as the legal action initiated by Trump after the 1985 season went the way of his casinos, the steaks, his airline – and his so-called university…

His results from “winning?” Three dollars and change…and the dissolution of the USFL.





Even in the toxicity of the moment, however, the flame of vendetta – burned bright.

Fast – forwarding beyond the factors which led to the ascension of this asshole to the White House, the pendulum politically has shifted. Beyond the vitriol generated by Trump and the mindless myrmidons mute to common fucking sense, there are those with stroke silently forwarding his Agenda of Chaos.

A significant number of NFL owners have been replaced, some of them in tune with this Tangerine Twatwaffle’s beliefs. As many as eight team owners donated six figures or more to Trump’s campaign war chest…




Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft has gone from the ecstasy of winning several Vince Lombardi trophies to the agony of losing his wife of 48 years, Myra, in 2011.

The team’s success during his ownership wasn’t without controversy. Accusations of cheating (Spy Gate) and administration / enforcement of rules (The ‘Tuck Rule’ game vs. Oakland and the deflation of Tom Brady’s ‘balls’) were sprinkled with fines and suspensions. Throughout it all, Kraft’s affable manner belied the fact the Patriots were the team you loved to hate; and said success gave him major stroke among the owners…

The Down Low debauchery of Super Bowl week notwithstanding, gettin’ some ass wouldn’t seem so seedy if the masses weren’t so greedy; but the nature of America has always been “puritanical by day, freaky – deaky by night!”

Add one lonely billionaire looking for A Taste Of The Pure, and you have the kind of vulnerable environment someone seeking revenge would find most fruitful. Remember – this shit didn’t hit the fan until they had Kraft on tape – at least twice!

So Kraft, according to the Miami Herald, was busted partaking of the Ultimate Favor on multiple occasions at a massage parlor as part of a sex sting operation in Florida. It was later revealed that the owner of the parlor, one Li Yang, was seen partying with Trump at a Super Bowl after party, according to Rolling Stone magazine…

The added fact that the phrase “sex trafficking” was uttered in this affair could mean future negative ramifications down the road for Kraft; and one can only imagine how far down the road more shit may come out.


Editor’s Note: My thanks to my esteemed colleagues Mr.Freeman, Mr. Fharah and the ‘Chefs’ of the Brother Man Network who appear with me twice weekly on the editorial versions of Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw. You can hear Pat Freeman “The Mighty O’Ba” Saturday afternoons 1:30 – 2:30 on WUFO 1080 AM “The Mix” and 96.5 Power FM -serving Buffalo and western New York)


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2019 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.











As a supposed wheeler – dealer, Trump was pretty much dumpster fire. He imploded the growing United States Football League





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