By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.- Race relations in the United States have not improved since Donald J. Trump entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in fact racism has gotten worse since number 45 took over Washington, D.C.

In two and a half years Mr. Donald J. Trump has not made a single speech about addressing the growing racial tension in this country. Returning to the days of the late 1960’s, a very difficult time for African Americans.

Racially insensitive comments can now be heard in the streets of America everyday without the person speaking them feeling guilty. Racial jokes at office parties and the over use of the N-word are flooding America’s airwaves. What has become scary and sad is that this behavior has become acceptable and tolerated.

The ultimate goal of this great nation should be to end discrimination and bigotry where it exists and to listen when people are talking about America’s racial problems. One may not agree but you have to acknowledge their existence. This never ending conflict begins because individuals do not want to believe events that happened, denying that existence.

The only solution out of this mess is education for everybody like the old Negro College Fund commercial of the 1970’s stated many times “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” It seems like the United States is trying to do just that, waste millions of gifted American children by lowering school standards.


We are a great nation that can be better if we just initiate these small issues.

  1. Eliminate the Three-Fifths Compromise from the constitution
  2. Eliminate the third stanza from our National Anthem
  3. Change the flags of those six states that still have the Confederate flag imbedding in their state flags.
  4. A public and national apology from the United States government to African-Americans for the institution of slavery.
  5. Education for all of those who want to go to college no matter what their social status maybe.
  6.  Reparations for over 200 years of free labor during slavery.
  7. Equal job interviews based on the quality of skills not their sir name or family lineage.
  8.  Racial sensitivity training for all employers, all public figures, city, state, and federal.
  9. Reach out to other communities to exchange information and cultures. Create diversity on their own
  10. Putting supremacist and KKK-Ku Klux Klan members on the FBI list as a terrorist group.
  11. Outing police officers that are members of these supremacist groups.
  12. Putting police officers in jail for shooting, killing, or injuring Black citizens without just cause

These twelve steps would put this country back on the right track of racial healing. Question, The United States of America do you have to fortitude and the will to accomplish this?

This is the end of a Letter To America-From A Black Man.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email glcgray@gmail.com

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod


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