By Patrick Freeman, Buffalo Criterion

(Editor’s note: This is the final part of a previous piece re duplicity toward NFL fans and blatant disregard for those who put in work to not be subject to disrespect…)

The Mighty O’Ba Sports Report
Jay Z and the Deal Part 2

BUFFALO, NY On June 4, 1967, the historic Athletic Summit took place to meet with Muhammad Ali, who at that time was under absolute attack because of his stance regarding his refusal to be drafted into the military during the Vietnam War.

When we see this picture, many think that this meeting was called to reaffirm some of the greatest athletes in the nation’s support of Muhammad Ali. Some of the attendees no doubt were there for that purpose; but not everyone in the room was supportive of this great champion.

According to the Undefeated writer Jonathan Eig who wrote a corroborated article on June 1, 2017 near the 50th  Anniversary of the Cleveland Summit the organizer had his own agenda.

Jim Brown was the organizer of this meeting and the purpose was to convince Muhammad Ali to take an offer from the government to drop the charges if he would just do boxing exhibitions on military bases for the purpose of uplifting the morale of the troops.

Bob Arum, who had the rights to Muhammad Ali’s closed – circuit fights had cut a deal with Jim Brown, Herbert Muhammad, and John Ali. Each had an interest in Bob Arum’s company Main Bout which would put on Ali’s fights through closed circuit needed him back in boxing to reap those financial benefits.

It was Bob Arum’s lawyer who negotiated the deal with government and then solicited these three to attempt to convince Ali to change his stance. Masonically, we learn the legend of the betrayal of Hiram Abiff by the three ruffians and it seems that Ali was brought into a room with the hopes of not showing moral fortitude necessary for him to defend his argument of faith and humanity that he displayed south, west and east.

It seems that Bob Arum had made Jim Brown, Herbert Muhammad, and John Ali partners in Main Bout so betrayal was the motive of the organizer Jim Brown who has a history of social activism, and community uplift.

Herbert Muhammad was said to be the manager of Ali, but obviously had a conflict of interest. John Ali who was named as an operative conspirator in the book The Judas Factor the plot to kill Malcolm X by Karl Evanzz the third partner in Main Bout.

Luckily Muhammad Ali stood by his sincere conviction and so many of us interpreted that meeting as a show of support when in actuality it was a plot to break the moral compass of the heavyweight champion of the world by greedy individuals who used the notoriety of a Bill Russell, John Wooten, and Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

Fast – forward to today, we have Jay-Z, whose meeting with Roger Goodell  was arranged by New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, who has been pushing for an image reconciliation program to help the damage that NFL owners have been taking since their treatment of Colin Kaepernick, player protests, and their support of the current President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Most recently Jay-Z has been named Hip Hop’s first Billionaire in recent days also while this supposed desire to reconcile (and the negotiations therein) was in process. Jay -Z is now in the position to become the first Afrikan that is from America to have a major stake in an NFL franchise.

This status has been so coveted by many such as  P-Diddy who was quickly told; no way because he said he would form a deal with Kaepernick when the Carolina Panthers were up for sale!

Moral fortitude is something that is in all of us but it can be suppressed by greed, and selfishness. We forget those that could have taken the deal but refused because history would judge this act as treason against the rise of your own people for the crumbs that fall from your Master’s Table!

Patrick Freeman, a/k/a “The Mighty O’Ba,” is the features writer for the Buffalo Criterion;contact him at (716) 468-3190 or e-mail at freemajj@aol.com.


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