By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter

OAKLAND When we were young we were told that the best man plays and would get to start each game in middle school, high school, and college. Somehow and somewhere the rules and goals changed in professional sports i.e. the National Football League.

The League is currently trying to sell the United States on another batch of rookie quarterbacks, seven white, two Black.

These new quarterbacks are slated to be this year’s new sensations, the new Tom Brady, the new Aaron Rodgers, and the new Drew Brees, and the new Matt Ryan all wrapped into one.

The league knows that Brady, Rodgers, Brees, and Ryan are getting older and they need replacements, these new young quarterbacks seem to be the quick answer. But the question still remains are they the best man to play the position.

Years ago the league tried to push Tim Tebow….how did that work out?

Mr. Tebow played for the University of Florida and came into most games when the team crossed the 20 yard line. The Gators would score and Tebow would get the credit after the team and Black quarterback Chris Leak moved the Gators into scoring position. Leak won the National Championship and Tebow took over the team.

Number 15 still cannot throw a twenty yard pass and that is the main reason he is not playing in the NFL.

Mr. Tebow could take a knee for God before and after the game but Colin Kaepernick could not take a knee for justice and equality for African-Americans.

The league then tried to push Johnny “Football” Manziel from Texas A&M University; Manziel would also play in the Canadian Football League and fail. Question was that an agenda?

Most African-Americans would state, yes. Manziel walked across the draft stage with his gangster finger popping pimp walking strut.

Let an African American quarterback do that on draft day and I’ll bet you he would be cut the next day… TOO BLACK, TOO GANGSTER but for Manziel it’s alright.

Tebow and Manziel both stunk up the field and years later out of the league. The facts still remains the league played kissy-face with both of these quarterbacks and are doing the same with Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield, as well New York’s Daniel Jones and Sam Darnold.

Will these young men become good quarterbacks? We don’t know but let these men be and let them grow into the job. We don’t see this American adulation of the two Black rookie quarterbacks like Kyle Murray of the Arizona Cardinals, Dwayne Haskins Jr. of the Washington Football Club.

They try to downplay the success of 2nd year quarterback Jacoby Brissett of the Indianapolis Colts. Brissett has taken over for the retired Andrew Luck this year and could guide the team to the playoffs.

The NFL did not and will not treat Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson and  Houston’s Deshaun Watson, in the same manner.

The Arizona Cardinals exiled starting rookie quarterback Kyler Murray to the desert and won’t let rookie Dwayne Haskins even play in Washington, D.C.

This is the legacy of the Black quarterback in the National Football League. These brothers have to be Superman every time on the field while white quarterbacks can be Clark Kent every game and nothing happens.


The Washington Football Club released head coach Jay Gruden after a 0-5 start and Gruden refusing to start rookie Dwayne Haskins. The owner drafted him for a reason, the owner drafted him to move the team in another direction.

This is the arrogance that still exist in the NFL coaching fraternity. Mayfield can start but Haskins cannot, Mayfield can mess up the Cleveland Browns but Haskins cannot mess up the Washington Football Club. The NFL has some explaining to do. 

That being stated BEST MAN PLAYS here is a list of new quarterbacks that may or may not be right for their teams.


  1. Daniel Jones- The Giant rookie took over from Eli Manning but like most rookies Jones is throwing too many interceptions to make up a winning team. Jones was lucky to win his first two games.


  1. Drew Lock – Denver Broncos- Lock will take over from Flacco when he retires. In the meantime Flacco stinks at Mile High Stadium but he is getting paid. Nobody says a word. Remember Mr. Flacco won the Super Bowl in his contract year. Then he took all the money and played like Tiny Tim the next year leading the Baltimore Ravens to last place.



  1. Kyle Allen – Carolina Panthers- will continue to play until Cam Newton returns. The Panthers might miss the playoffs this year without Newton behind center. Allen has handled the job well winning his first two games.



  1. Sam Darnold – New York Jets – out due to illness. The New York Jets could be 0-7 and out of the playoffs before he sets foot into Met Life Stadium.



  1. Baker Mayfield- Cleveland Browns- who is over rated with the league continuing to push this rookie quarterback. He beat the Baltimore Ravens but the Browns still have to prove themselves and many football fans. He has commercials on television and has radio spots to promote the Mayfield train. What other rookie quarterback has this privilege.
  2. Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans- This man is in his third year and most veteran quarterbacks begin to turn the team around in that year. Mariota has a lot of work to do to bring the Titans to the playoffs.
  3. Josh Allen- Buffalo Bills- who lost against Tom Brady and the Pats- AGAIN .. The Buffalo Bills started the season strong but slowly fell back to their old losing ways with the blow out against New England. They might have to reorganize this team once again starting with the starting quarterback position. Still do not understand why they released three veteran quarterbacks last year with two being African- American, one being E.J. Manual



  1. Gardner Minshew- Jacksonville Jags- Minshew has stepped in for former Philadelphia Eagle Nick Foles and has shown some signs of progress. He does not display the strong cockiness of Johnny Football or Mayfield. The hype machine still continues to be in full blast with Minshew-manina no matter what he does on the field. This started on the campus of Washington State University but Gardner has toned it down in Jacksonville. He is headed in the right direction.


There are 32 teams and each team carries at least three quarterbacks each, that adds up to over 90 quarterbacks and most of them are Caucasian, so is this an agenda?  We have to ask General Managers, Vice Presidents, Owners, and Head Coaches.

Yes there are more African-American quarterbacks in the league today, but the racial, political, social, and economic agenda continues if you want to win, BEST MAN PLAYS no-matter who it is….

The league might be finally grasping the lesson of understanding the game with Black mobile quarterbacks, then again maybe not.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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