BASN Remembers: Who Left Us In 2019

By Anthony McClean, Editor In Chief Emeritus

When BASN Newsroom (aka the Black Athlete Sports Network) began years ago, our basic premise was to celebrate the past, present, and future history of sport’s most innovative and imitated being — the black athlete.

As one decade ends and another year begins, we take a look back at some of the notable black athletes and contributors to sports who passed away over the last 12 months. By no way is this a comprehensive list, however, we still want to pay homage to them and their life on and off the field.

Whether they be Hall of Famers or not, this is our way of giving these pioneers and innovators their final days in the spotlight. Here’s our brief list of folks who won’t soon be forgotten.

Ben Coleman

Lenny Green

Roy Hilton

Kwamie Lassiter

“Jumping” Johnny Wilson

Rocky Lockridge

Frank Robinson

Pedro Morales

Don Newcombe

Eusebio Pedroza

Willie Ellison

Johnny “Lam” Jones

Mike Cofer

Clem Daniels

Cal Ramsey

Reggie Cobb

Eric Patterson

Lewis Lloyd

Pernell Whitaker

Pumpsie Green

Cliff Branch

Cedric Benson

Al Jackson

Sam Davis

Willie Brown

Charles Rogers

Harrison Dillard

Saoul Mamby

Herman Boone

James “Radio” Kennedy

Anthony McClean can be reached via email at

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