Kobe Bryant: The Black Mamba

By Eric D. Graham, Staff Reporter

The Most Hated, The Most Motivated

He’s Jordan Updated. I know, it’s been Debated

But, he was born with Killer Instinct

And I don’t care, what you think

Nobody is better than Kobe. If there is, then show me

Cause I am about to SET IT OFF

So, let’s get ready for the Playoffs

And I am sorry, Kevin Durant

But it’s like comparing a Giant to an Ant

And, I can’t lie. I LOVE THIS GUY

Cause, he is the Last Samurai

With a Jujitsu Jumper

Same game; Different number

So don’t HATE number 8

Because he is still great

And I still want to see more

Can I get an encore? Now, it’s 24

And I still get chills when he walks on the floor

Cause he attacks the rim like a Viper

A.K.A, the L.A.Sniper

Clutch Shooter; Poor Loser

No need for College Recruiters

Because he went from High School straight to the Pros

And we all know there ain’t No need for Passin’

Because he is an Assassin

A Big Game Gunslinger

With Five Rings and Nine Fingers

And he is still number One

Because I have seen him drop 81

Against the Raptors.Sorry, Philly Haters

He is a Big-Shot Maker, Future Hall Fame Player

The Greatest Laker

And I must confess, e is the Best in the “WEST”

And Phil Jackson, you can’t teach GREATEST

So, please forgive me,

I’m simply stating the FACTS.But, he did it without SHAQ

Besides, The Black Mamba is BACK!!!

His dunks are still Acrobatic. This is Supreme Mathematics

He is better than Magic

Greater than Kareem, He is a One-Man Team

And he’s WORTHY of all the Praise

Ever since he graduated from the 12th grade

Because, he is smooth as silk

With a jumper sweeter than Jamal Wilkes

And, even New York’s Spike Lee knows KOBE Got’s Game

Just watch the way he glides down the lane

And listen to the way the crowd screams his name

And I am not talking about LeBron James

So, check him out as he dribbles between his legs

Along the baseline, Watch his Hang time

Now press rewind. Because, the more you press rewind

The more you will find

Kobe Bryant, The “Greatest of All Times

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