2020 SIAC Tournament Brackets Released

ROCK HILL, S.C. – The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) reveals its 2020 conference championship brackets which feature 13 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams vying for the SIAC crown.

The women’s bracket will kick off tournament competition on Monday morning at the Rock Hill Indoor Sport & Event Center at 11 a.m. as No. 4 Eastern Division seed, Clark Atlanta, is slated to take on the No. 5 Western Division seed, Lane. Following, the No. 4 Western Division seed, Spring Hill, will face off against the No. 5 Eastern Division seed, Paine. 

Monday’s contest will conclude that night with the No. 2 seeded Central State facing off against rival, No. 7 Kentucky State. On Tuesday, the women will compete in a pair of games while the No. 1 seed enjoys a first-round bye and the No. 2 Eastern Division seed enjoys a first and second round bye. The women’s quarterfinals will begin on Wednesday, each contest featuring the top seeds in both divisions.

On Thursday, the quarterfinals will wrap up featuring the No. 2 Eastern Division seed, Savannah State, as they make their debut in their first conference basketball tournament. At the conclusion of Friday’s contest, the winners will compete in the championship game on Saturday, March 7 at 4:00 p.m. in the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center.

The men’s bracket features opening rounds beginning at 1:15 p.m. on Monday as the No. 4 Eastern Division seed, Savannah State, takes on the No. 5 Western Division seed, Spring Hill. Following, the bracket features LeMoyne-Owen, the No. 4 Western Division seed, taking on the No. 5 Eastern Division seed, Benedict.

Opening rounds continue the following day featuring a four-game slate beginning at 10:00 a.m. with a faceoff between the No. 3 (Central State) and No. 6 (Fort Valley State) followed by a matchup between Kentucky State, the No. 7 Western Division seed, and Clark Atlanta, the No. 2 Eastern Division seed.

The remaining games will be played that evening and will feature No. 2 West (Tuskegee), No. 7 East (Paine), No. 3 East (Morehouse), and No. 6 West (Lane). The quarterfinals will open on Wednesday featuring the No. 1 seeds, Miles and Albany State, with continued elimination rounds on Thursday. Two semifinals contests will be held on Friday prior to the championship game scheduled for Saturday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m.

The SIAC Basketball Tournament will take place on March 2 – March 7 in Rock Hill, S.C. and will be streamed live via FloSports.

For information, updates, tickets, and more, keep up with us at http://thesiac.com/tournaments/?id=42&path=mbball

Daily Schedule

Monday, March 2 – Opening Rounds
11:00 AMGame 1Women#4E (Clark Atlanta) vs. #5W (Lane)
1:15 PMGame 2Men#4E (Savannah State) vs. #5W (Spring Hill)
3:30 PMGame 3Women#4W (Spring Hill) vs. #5E (Paine)
5:45 PMGame 4Men#4W (LeMoyne-Owen) vs. #5E (Benedict)
8:00 PMGame 5Women#2W (Central State) vs.#7W (Kentucky State) 
Tuesday, March 3 – Opening Rounds
10:00 AMGame 6Men#3W (Central State) vs. #6E (Fort Valley State)
12:15 PMGame 7Men#7W (Kentucky State) vs. #2E (Clark Atlanta)
2:30 PMGame 8Women#3W (Tuskegee) vs. #6E (Albany State)
4:45 PMGame 9Women#3E (Fort Valley State) vs. #6W (LeMoyne-Owen)
7:00 PMGame 10Men#2W (Tuskegee) vs. #7E (Paine)
9:15 PMGame 11Men#3E (Morehouse) vs. #6W (Lane)
Wednesday, March 4 – Quarterfinal Rounds
1:00 PMGame 12Women#1W (Miles) vs. Winner of Game 1
3:15 PMGame 13Men#1W (Miles) vs. Winner of Game 2
5:30 PMGame 14Women#1E (Benedict) vs. Winner of Game 3
7:45 PMGame 15Men#1E (Albany State) vs. Winner of Game 4
Thursday, March 5 – Quarterfinal Rounds
1:00 PMGame 16WomenWinner of Game 8 vs. #2E (Savannah State)
3:15 PMGame 17MenWinner of Game 6 vs. Winner of Game 7
5:30 PMGame 18WomenWinner of Game 5 vs. Winner of Game 9
7:45 PMGame 19MenWinner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11
Friday, March 6 – Semifinal Round
1:00 PMGame 20WomenWinner of Game 12 vs. Winner of Game 16
3:15 PMGame 21MenWinner of Game 13 vs. Winner of Game 17
5:30 PMGame 22WomenWinner of Game 18 vs. Winner of Game 14
7:45 PMGame 23MenWinner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11
Saturday, March 7 – Championship 
4:00 PMGame 24WomenWinner of Game 20 vs. Winner of Game 22
7:00 PMGame 25MenWinner of Game 21 vs. Winner of Game 23

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