By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief



PHILADELPHIA (www.basnnewsroom.com) The National Football League presented a virtual player Draft over three days, to much success. Sports – starved fans aching for a crumb of hope that the League calendar will ensure the season starting on time (with the schedule out in about 10 days) stayed glued to the doings of As The Draft Turns

The presentation, in many situations proved predictable; but one particular situation, issues or class and trash converged in a Kodak Moment…



The Tennessee Titans looked to improve their offensive line by selecting Isaiah Wilson, a road grader out of the University of Georgia.

This calls for further clarity…

Back in The Day before The Draft became a road show, many of the athletes expected to be selected on Day One would be invited to Madison Square Garden’s Felt Forum to the Green Room as they awaited selection. Allowing for family and significant others, this area would be highlighted by the cameras as each pick was made.

Due to the Medical concerns of COVID-19, this was replaced by remote cameras at the location of each pick. In Brooklyn, New York, Wilson’s party sat, anticipating the best possible scenario…

When the Titans made the selection, the initial elation was compromised by his girlfriend leaning all over him and hugging him, claiming him like a piece of property; shit, Becky did everything except plant a flag atop his big azz – on camera!

In the same shot, Wilson’s mother is peeling her uneducated azz off of him like Velcro – all in less than 15 seconds as the announcers are going on about Wilson’s college career.

Now so you don’t get shit twisted and try to run down this as a Black male chauvinist trip, our colleague “Sonic” Sherial Jones broke all this down on an episode of the Interest radio show “Soul Tree Radio – in the Raw’s” Saturday ‘Stir Fry'”

“She knows she was fuckin’ wrong,” said Sherial, “but she’s making overt moves with the guy as to say, ‘this is MINE’; like she refused to wait for Mama to get her props…

“I would not be surprised if his Mama didn’t already tell him after her having to go through all that to move her out the picture that he ain’t marrying that bitch – it ain’t happening.

“Why would you (girlfriend) do that? That was a defining moment – on national television – ruined forever. The fact she refused to respect the protocol and disrespect  Mama is the biggest violation of violations.”




No doubt that few seconds of video popped the lid off of a power struggle between the parties involved. True ‘home trainin” indicates you defer to The Queen!

“That’s his Mama, dumb ass!” as our Sherial continued to lace into this beleaguered Becky. “If she had a proper pedigree, it would’ve been about, ‘Baby, I’ll see you later’ – but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo; you had to climb your trifling azz on top of him as his mother’s being denied her moment of triumph.

“Did you wash his ass, feed his ass (maybe ‘fed him some ass’!) – or changed his diaper? You shouldn’t even have been there with your hot mess self! You know there was a big argument after this bullshit – especially now that this has gone viral.”

Clearly some may attempt to play this off as a ‘Mama Don’t Take No Mess’ moment, but it could well be a wake up call for all these tricks trolling for a Brother on the Come-Up. – Moms always said, “It’s not what you do – it’s how you do it.”



We forget it wasn’t that long ago that a defensive lineman named Michael Sam applied for the Draft after completing his senior year at the University of Missouri.

Sam revealed he was gay after his senior year and prepared for the Draft in 2014. Instead of working out and prepping for what was next in the process, Sam became a pawn in said process. Promises of reality show stardom and other angles not having anything to do with football – including family issues aired out on television were not showing favorably on Sam.

The ultimate mic drop happened, however, on the Day Tree of that year’s Draft. As the seventh and final round was winding down, The St. Louis Rams selected Sam with the 249th pick. With a camera dispatched to a location where Sam had been waiting, the announcement came, and Sam kisses his lover as if he’s auditioning for a role in “The Last Kiss” – and instead of a moment of passion; it was a kiss of death to his career; because of what everyone saw.

The NFL is among the most conservative of organizations; these cats put the “OLD” in “Old School” – and don’t let that over 70% employment of Black players in the League have you believe this is a bastion of equal opportunity!

Everything from The UnderDrawz Olympics (aka the Combine) up to the Draft is part of a prolonged interview process designed to determine whether you fit in with how they run their shit at whatever shop you end up in (remember there is a union you are involved with, even if it’s as strong as used toilet paper!) and if your shit is clean, you work, you get paid – and all is well.

These are things supposedly drummed into every new player coming into the League, whether you get first round money or get invited to camp as a free agent. it is about ‘not what you do – but how you do it!” Oh, by the way…




always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (c) 2020 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.




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