By Gary Norris Gray, Staff Reporter 

The United States of America is in a complete state of crisis. We have a medical, economic, social, racial, and political disaster. We have a leader that cannot or will not listen to any of his administrative staff.

This President fires staff immediately when they do not agree with him. We have a leader that has complete contempt for science and American scientists; we have a leader that sows the seeds of mass confusion and deception.

We have a leader that thrives on the emotions of hate and bigotry.

This should not be happening and it has to changed on November 3, 2020 beware Republican Party. Last week this administration became a personal issue. Coming down with a common cold and losing the ability to speak. It became personal because the first thoughts were Covid-19 and my death.

As a disabled African American, Native American Indian, with Cerebral Palsy this invisible threat became real which this administration in Washington does not take seriously. This leader does not care.

When the future President of the United States puts his hand on the Bible in January he/she swears to defend this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. He has failed.

When he/she puts his hand on that Bible he/she is suppose to represent and protect ALL Americans. He has failed.

When he/she puts his hand on the Bible he/she is suppose to pushes aside all of his personal and family gains. He has failed.

This President has failed on all three counts and now he has lost the confidence of the American people and has thrown this country into a massive medical emergency and racial chaos with the continuing spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This virus the President contracted last month. He takes a joyride around the hospital and leaves in three days while others suffer weeks and months with Covid-19.

This virus continues to kill Americans each day at a staggering rate. The United States now leads the world in positive cases. He does not care. Stating “It is what it is.” O.K., tell that to a child that has lost both of his parents to Covid-19, tell disabled folk with Cerebral Palsy and limited lung capacity to survive a Covid-19 attack.

The Republican Party’s strong suit was national foreign security policy, strong international law, and the powerful American military structure. That title is being lost with this president. Why? Because this president loves to be the lone wolf in a forest of hungry bears. Beware Mr. President the bears are going to eat you.

The GOP, the Republican Party has sold their soul for a few more Benjamins, veto power in the House, and the Supreme Court majority. I hope it was worth it.

This Party is showing the world that they are unfit to lead this nation out of this disaster. Unfit to work with Democrats and other world leaders on world issues and to fix global conflicts. The Republican Party gave up the mantel, “Leader of the Free World.”

The clock is ticking, the clock running out because most of those elected officials are unfit to lead this nation by following man that has no interest in you, the Republican Party, or the American people. The GOP still placed this man in the White House that is the most dangerous threat to American democracy since the American Civil War.

In fact this man invites threat by his unwillingness to disavow the Boogaloo Bois, the Proud Boys, Right Wing Power Military Militia Groups or the Ku Klux Klan publicly. Instead he goes after Antifa and the Left.

Instead he goes after African American leaders of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Four years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia the (GOP) did little or nothing. Stating clearly, “Move on nothing to see here, nothing here to see.”

But there was plenty to see a young woman lost her life, plenty to see with young men caring flags of defeated (Confederate and Nazi) nations. Plenty to see with these young white men carried Tiki Torches in the dark of night.

This year he told the Proud Boys to “Stand Back and Stand By” it became their new fighting slogan as he continues to flirt with white Supremacist groups.

The GOP stood there and watched while this man got cozy with President Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Xi Jinping of Mainland China or the PRC- The Peoples Republic of China and other autocrats.

The GOP stood there and watched while the Russians and Chinese messed with the 2016 American presidential elections with disinformation. The very foundation of American democracy was being challenged is this not a form of treason? 

This man invites threats by letting militia try to kidnap a sitting governor. The Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer the target. Another paramilitary group had discussions of kidnapping the governor of Virginia.

He invites this by waging war on California and New York, states that have suffered great loses of life and property. He invites this by not following the rules and breaking the law repeatedly in public without consequences.

Michael German, a fellow of the Brennan Center for Justice who worked in the 1990s as an undercover FBI agent infiltrating white supremacist and militia groups, has studied how Trump’s racist appeals and implicit encouragement of violence have played with far-right militants. “Now they feel sanctioned. They think, ‘my violence is no longer criminal, it’s allowed, it’s what the president wants us to do’,” he said.

This man continues to use the tactics of division instead of unification, creating racial strife in our land. Mr. Trump continues to attack elected African American women whenever he can calling these educated ladies, monsters and wicked.

The President better be very careful with Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris because his actions and words could bite him in the butt.

Republican Party, why are you all scared of this man a man that has torn down parts of your basic political principles? The GOP went after Barack H. Obama with gusto and glee 12 years ago. Members of your party wanted to make President Obama a one term president. How did that work out? Where is that gusto and glee now?

When this person at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue breaks the Hatch Act its o.k., not once but twice and let fellow leading judicial committee chairman Lindsey Graham break that same law. Not a word, Not a peep, you can hear crickets.

For those who don’t know what the Hatch Act is An act to prevent pernicious political activities while on state government grounds as a state or federal employee. This act was named after Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico in 1939. It was amended in 2012 to include the President and Vice President.

The GOP is currently following a leader that does not believe in science. Does not believe in mask, does not believe in the six feet separation of space or world climate change.

All of this as more refrigerator trucks start moving to hospitals across the land to remove the bodies of the coming second Covid-19 wave.

Republican Party what are you scared of? Because administrators that have left the White House rarely have any good words for this setting president in fact most of them switch sides even to the point of supporting the opposing candidate. GOP you have got a problem.

The misdeeds by omission were intentional. You let this man do whatever he wants whenever he wanted. This was the complete desire by the party members to maintain that good standing in the Trump World and to avoid the wraith and fury of Donald J. Trump.

The human traits of decency, honesty, and constitution integrity are gone. They just do not care the monetary advantage is too great. The Republican Party did not even try to stop this man’s misdeeds; they did not say slow down or don’t do it Mr. President.

Here is the key at some point and time what this man is doing will severely damage the party’s standing in American eyes because after four years or eight years he will be gone and Republican officials will be left holding the dirty bag he left behind.

The Republican Party may never recover like the Whig Party of the 1800’s with the issue of the expansion of slavery in the new territories. The Whigs prevented the nomination of its own incumbent President Millard Fillmore in 1852.

The Whig Party completely collapsed after the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 in which most of its Northern Whig membership joined the Republican Party. The Southern Whigs joined the American Party. My fellow Americans it could happen again.

The tide is slowly turning with the record of voters the past two weeks. Republicans know that there are more registered Democrats then Republican and that’s why the GOP has always been in favor of voter suppression.

This vote is a referendum on the Republican Party and the President of the United States. The Party and the President has failed our great nation. The Party keeps betting the whole barrel on Donald J. Trump. The Republican Party is losing, losing all of its political capitol just as the Democrats lost that capitol in 1969 under President Johnson.  

Remember 1968-1969? The Democratic Party lost most of its southern wing. (DIXIECRATS) These Democrats became the new Republicans with Richard Milhous Nixon, the new leader. It is happening all over again in reverse in 2020.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor News Radio Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email glcgray@gmail.com

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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