By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – In – Chief


PHILADELPHIA ( One thing about White Supremacy: you can have every advantage afforded you, yet still be a royal fuck – up and a loser.

“Picked off ‘third base,'” so to speak (our former President is a great example)

Are You Lonely For Me, Baby?

(sung by Freddie Scott)

Yes I am
(Are you lonely for me baby)
Comin’ home, baby
(Are you lonely for me baby)Ohh, there’s a last train, to Jacksonville
I’m gonna get on it, baby, you know I will…

Will you try, c’mon and try

To forget all the pain I’ve brought you?

Trying to forget someone whose only redeeming quality outside of being a complete asshole would be a huge undertaking. In the National Football League, changing paradigms speak to new agendas. Coming in as the new head coach of The Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer comes in out of the college football ghettos to present himself as pro football’s newest version of “Carrrooolliiiiiiiiinnnnee” – but his methodology is far from ‘mighty fine.’

While head coach at the University of Florida, he stumped and schemed for his ballyhooed White Hope, quarterback Tim Tebow, pimping off the talent (and short – changing former starter Chris Leak, jerking him off the field after Leak would drive the ‘Gators inside the opponents’ 10 – yard line so Tebow can play Glory Ball…

In an incident where a young reporter from The Orlando Sentinel questioned a receiver (who, no doubt, appreciated that the new Gator QB could possibly do a better job of throwing everything in the route tree) tried to Go – Rilla the reporter – and threatened him (and the paper) with expulsion from camp. He supposedly apologized for the incident the next day, but only skated on that bullshit because he made the school a lotta money and was working a winning program.

Try that bullshit on the NFL site! I know you’d like to think yo’ shit don’t stink, but it most definitely does! You will go from Boss Hogg to Pig Shit inna Noo Yawk Minnit with crap like that – this ain’t the NCAA!

Go on and cry, go ahead and cry, baby
I know that I’m the one who taught you
To be lonely baby, lonely and blue
I’m lonely, baby, hey I’m lonely for you…
(Are you lonely for me baby)

This ain’t disco, where the producers were the stars – here the players make the game; and you can’t bully them with threatening to take their spots because you told them to drink piss with Bosco in it – and they said no!

College coaches who come into the pros full of themselves because they ran a plantation usually get run fairly quickly (Nick Saban); or they bitch up and run like a solitary rat (Bobby Petrino), returning back to their control tower du jour if given the opportunity.

It’s another aspect of White supremacy is to have them believe they have a natural right to skate in anything they do when the script don’t fit. Tebow, who was big, and could run, could’ve been an H-back or tight end; but his Whiteness screamed to the world that he was ordained to be a quarterback – the Fates, however, didn’t say whether or not he’d be a good one…

Which brings to some yahoo named Chris Doyle, a punk in the guise of a strength / conditioning coach who thought he was gonna get another free ride to further abuse and belittle Black athletes like he had during his tenure at The University of Iowa for the past two decades.

Doyle, busted by the Fritz Pollard Alliance for continuous Dick Dastardly Acts, tendered his resignation, after some media heat set fire to dat azz:

According to the SEC site Saturday Down South, Meyer, in a statement, said:

“Chris Doyle came to us this evening to submit his resignation and we have accepted. Chris did not want to be a distraction to what we are building in Jacksonville. We are responsible for all aspects of our program and, in retrospect, should have given greater consideration to how his appointment may have affected all involved. We wish him the best as he moves forward in his career.”

‘Affected all involved?’ Who the sugar frosted fuck do you think you’re trying to fool? When asked why he would pick this asshole in the first place, Meyer could only say, “I’ve known him 20 years” (so that makes it okay by ‘Redneck Rules?’ Fuck outta here!

Ohh, it’s my last buck, to Jacksonville
Are you my sweet baby, are you still?
Tell your friend it’s the end
I will never again desert you

Jaguars owner Sahid Khan has opened his piggy bank to take his dreams far beyond Duuuuuuuuuuval County, and obviously feels the combination of Meyer and overall first pick Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence will do more than sell a couple tee shirts; but it won’t stifle the poisonous control aspects of toxic titty – suckers like Meyer who give less than a fuck about “the bizness of ‘spot’s ennataiment'”

Let’s be real, though – Jacksonville’s pedigree, with or without Meyer is pathetic. Going from a fairly solid team to a hot mess. In 2008. Matt “White Lines” Jones, a converted White quarterback out of the University of Arkansas, was busted for possession of cocaine. This arrest came on the heels of a couple previous incidents where suspensions were immediately doled out.

Jones, in spite of being caught with six grams of cocaine (tested and verified), did no time.

After some heat, particularly in the form of then Miami Dolphins linebacker/rush end Joey Porter, Commissioner Roger Goodell gets G – checked into rescinding a $20,000 fine against Porter – for stating the obvious about the blatant hypocrisy doing damage in the Jaguars locker room. Jones would, eventually, receive a three game suspension – fewer than other players under similar circumstances.

Now THAT – is ‘team obliteration!’ Seeing this asshole Jones traipse about – like he was above it all.

We know Meyer will get his honeymoon phase – question is, will Rice be Nice in Duval, or will having to deal with real men in a locker room on a daily basis expose his skatin’ ass?

He will laugh, I can hear him laughin’ baby
He’ll say that I was wrong to hurt you
Oh, I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry and blue
Hey I’m lonely, baby, and I’m lonely for you

Hold on, baby
(Are you lonely for me…

Stay tuned.

always outnumbered…never outgunned.

Copyright (C) 2021 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.

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