Gary Norris Gray- Staff Reporter

In the year 2021 the United States of American finds the country fighting with itself and no end in sight. It is Liberal vs. Conservative, it is north vs. south, red states vs. blue states, it is suburb vs. city; it is migrant vs. citizen, and yes, even Black vs. white. The last President of the United States exhibited and encouraged this kind of bad behavior. It has infected America just as the Corona-virus has infected millions. Hate is just like this virus; it keeps growing until somebody or some event puts it in check. Over the past four years people in leadership roles did not want to do that and now we face the consequences.

The physical attacks on Asian-Americans, the verbal and physical attacks of Uber drivers of color, the total disregard for another’s health and safety, all over this nation by not wearing masks or following scientifically proven Covid-19 rules, the continued shootings by law enforcement officers of Black  “alleged suspects,” with little or no consequences. It is beginning to add up and take its toll.    

The January 6th, The U.S. Capitol Attack, was just a warning of the larger political schism. The past month of articles written about this event continue to play word games with this violent incident. Conservative news agencies call these individuals demonstrators, supporters, protesters, and stated that it was an act of patriotism. In reality, it was an act of sedition an attempted coup by rioters, anarchists, and domestic terrorists. If these individuals were people of color they would have been called animals, beasts, hooligans, and malcontents. It was a white nationalist house party on the Capitol steps. Some Americans would have received the news from these conservative stations as gospel truth that this unruly mob fought for their freedom. That is the problem, America will not check itself. America refuses to tell the truth.

America has been taught well by Mother England and the process continues. Former Princess Meghan and Prince Harry unloaded political and racial bombshells on national television this week. This latest interview seems to tell the world very little has changed. The Queen has tried to quell the discussion. It’s not working.

The American racial animus is showing up again. The Los Angeles County Police and Sheriff Departments continue to investigate The Tiger Woods car accident in which nobody was hurt except Woods. It seems to be a clear case, the vehicle either was speeding or Mr. Woods fell asleep at the wheel. Mr. Woods will pay with leg injuries and years of rehabilitation.  While Kansas City Chiefs assistant Offensive Coach, Britt Reid, son of head coach of the Chiefs Andy Reid is still free, with little or no investigations after severely injuring a five year old, who may never walk again. Reid’s car plowed into two cars on the side of the road. What is wrong with this picture? Reid was known to have been drinking that night yet he is still free. WHY? Until we truly treat people equally we are playing games in the United States when it comes to the issue of race. Both men have had past difficulties with drugs but one remains under the klieg lights the other lives his life. This is America.

Young Black folk all over this nation feel like they have a big red target, a bull’s-eye on their backs when they travel into their own communities and more so outside of their communities as Donald J. Trump stoked the fires of racism during the last four years. It is our duty to quell this fire by putting the water of unity on this land.

The George Floyd trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota will be another litmus test on race in the United States and the final verdict could be critical for the mental health of this great nation.

Racism has also taken a foothold in the sports world, and it needs to be stamped out once and for all. This may be our nation’s last chance at peaceful negotiations. Renaming the Washington Football Club, changing street names in different cities and removing Confederate statues are fine but America has to change that strong racist mentality. In the 1960’s taking down signs merging bus stops, bathrooms, lunch counters, and drinking fountains were easy and it did not cost much, now the real work begins. The Confederate Flag needs to be placed in a museum never to fly publicly again, do you hear me University of Mississippi ? The Free Nation of Germany has done this with their Third Reich Nazi War Flag of 1932-1945. It cannot be displayed by a German citizen on German soil without being fined or arrested.

When a basketball coach in the mid-west can call the basketball court a plantation with African American players on the team, something is very wrong. The word “plantation,” does not have any positive connotations for any African American. So the question needs to be asked why did head coach Greg McDermott use this ugly word? The Creighton Blue Jays and McDermott will have to deal with his statement for many years to come. This head coach was reinstated in time for the Big East Basketball Conference Tournament this weekend, sending a message to their African American players to “suck it up and play for your school.” McDermott should not be allowed to coach this team the rest of this year.  Maybe this would force the Creighton basketball coach to reflect on the words he used and how it hurt his African American players on the court. Next question does the NCAA, the university, or McDermott really care?

There is another problem, the team strength coach from the University of Iowa can attain another job in the National Football League after bullying and disparaging former football players, particularly African Americans. The University did nothing until star Black athletes started transferring out of Des Moines and posting the troubling issue online. Then, the coach was fired. The Hawkeyes losing games had more power then bullied Black players. HMMMMM!!!!

The United States continues to run quickly to the defense of Asian-American and Jewish-Americans while dragging its collective feet defending Black people. It is doing it again. These attacks were generated four years ago and it is spilling out all over this great nation

African Americans seem to be the ones to always compromise when it comes to the issue of race. It is time for a change; it is time to share the responsibility. Are you ready America? 

One last question America, do you really care? Your homework, your next assignment- is to make America a better place. Assist your fellow man, woman, or child in any way you can.

 We can be better as Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise would state, “Make It So!”

 Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian, Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston, Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor News Radio Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email

©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod

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